Vance Joseph: I knew I’d take Denver job over other opportunities

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New Broncos head coach Vance Joseph was a candidate for four of the six head-coaching vacancies in the NFL this offseason, but the job he got was always his top choice.

Joseph said this morning on PFT Live that after interviewing with the Broncos, he had planned to interview with the Chargers, Rams and 49ers for their head-coaching vacancies. But John Elway offered Joseph the Broncos job, and with that, Joseph ended his search.

“I was close,” Joseph said of potentially leaving Denver to go to another job interview. “I wasn’t offered the job here in Denver so Wednesday morning when I got dressed to go to the airport, John stopped me, brought me back in the office and offered me the job. I was heading to the airport, heading to San Diego and then after that heading to L.A. and San Fran. So I had some things rolling, but I knew that if John offered me the job I would take it, because in my opinion it was the job that was most ready to win now.”

Once Joseph got the job, he immediately went to work on hiring Mike McCoy as his offensive coordinator.

“The first thing I did was call Mike McCoy, that was the first thing I did,” Joseph said. “I called Mike McCoy because I knew that as a first-time head coach and defensive guy, my offensive coordinator was going to be a big hire. And I wanted Mike. I didn’t want to lose Mike.”

So Joseph got the job he wanted, got the top assistant he wanted, and now gets to work in a place where he thinks he can win and win big right away.

29 responses to “Vance Joseph: I knew I’d take Denver job over other opportunities

  1. in other news

    Vj’s only offer was denver so.. what else is he gonna say??

    so fun to watch this team implode – 5 year rebuild mode is just beginning!

  2. Good start for Joseph to be mouthing those words and protect himself as Elway demands that Denver HCs lick his boots. Qualified Denver HCs who didn’t bow down to Mr. Ed (Dan Reeves, John Fox) got fired.

  3. Well yeah, of course he’d take that job over any others. Not only were the Broncos the most well stocked of the teams looking for a coach but where else can they exceed the salary cap to get what they need?

  4. A lot of other teams’ fans sure do care a lot about bashing a team they claim has “imploded” and is “irrelevant.” That’s how you know you’ve made it!

  5. Who knows what the formula for making a good head coach is.

    Wade Phillips is great as a DC but always is a less then stellar head coach.

    Mike Tomlin only spent one year as a DC before the Steelers job yet it seems to have worked out very well. Yet long term Steelers DC Dick Lebeau was a pretty crappy coach.

    So Vance could end up being a great head coach even though he wasn’t a world beater as a DC.

  6. SteelersStairwayToSeven says:
    Jan 18, 2017 10:15 AM
    Somehow the worst DC in Miami Dolphin history became Belichick Jr, very strange.

    Have to admit that sounded like nonsense and I researched it in order to make an informed comment. I tip my cap, that really was the worst D in terms of yards allowed the Dolphins ever fielded. I would not have guessed it

  7. “The first thing I did was call Mike McCoy, that was the first thing I did,”

    Tell us what was the first thing you did?

    Surprised Elways didn’t go for a more well known name. Didn’t he play a 4-3 in Miami? This team is built for a 3-4.

  8. A. Somehow, according to the posts, Denver lost a game somewhere and is now 8-8 rather than 9-7.. please inform me where this happened
    B. Imploding and a 5 year rebuild… so fixing an O-Line takes 5 years? What was the Raiduhs excuse? 15+ years of rebuilding?? What is your body of study that concludes implosion and 5 years of rebuild? Because you say so?
    C. Somehow the salary cap from almost 20 years ago is still happening now? Even after all contracts now go through the NFL for validation. If they did violate the cap, even as of today, don’t you think at least 1 former player would come forward? Please intelligibly respond as to how they are possibly doing this even as of today. … not because you say so. Unclericosays need not respond…. I’ve never read one insightful thing from Rico

  9. He looks like he could be Geno Smith’s father…

    They got rid of Wade Phillips… Wowzers..

  10. VJ is not running the defense. DC Joe Woods will. Don’t know that name yet? You will. Woods is a rising star and the architect of the No Fly Zone. Woods will be calling the plays on defense.

  11. “I knew that if John offered me the job I would take it, because in my opinion it was the job that was most ready to win now.”

    Let’s examine the facts:

    SF: 2-14, meddling owner, very little NFL talent on roster
    Rams: 4-12, good D, very questionable “franchise QB”
    Chargers: 5-11, aging QB, clueless owner, new city with no fan base
    Denver: 9-7, excellent D, GM with Super Bowl rings

    I believe Joseph’s statement is factually correct.

  12. wahoo21 says:
    Jan 18, 2017 12:36 PM

    this guy talks to much
    when he gets blown out will he continue to talk


    He talks too much??? It was his introductory press conference.

  13. Hahaha I love all of this Broncos hate. Next year, when the Broncos are 13-3, lets see what you all say then. You will probably say “Well… well he took Kubiaks team and made the playoffs”.

    VJ is a rising star and had a very depleted defense in Miami. He has much more talent in Denver than he had in Miami…. Give the guy a shot!

  14. You foolishly dismissed Wade Wilson, DeMarcus Ware is another injury-plagued year older, Talib and Ward are still headhunting and your two main quarterbacks are mediocre at best.
    9-7 at the best in 2017.

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