Eliot Wolf withdraws from 49ers G.M. search

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If the 49ers were down to four finalists for their General Manager position, they’re down to three now.

According to Tom Pelissero of USA Today, Packers executive Eliot Wolf has pulled out of the hunt for San Francisco’s General Manager position.

That usually means he wasn’t going to get it, and Wolf apparently got a new deal in Green Bay out of the deal.

He’s viewed a possible successor to Packers G.M. Ted Thompson, though he was reportedly upset by being blocked from interviewing with the Lions last offseason.

The 49ers have also identified Packers executive Brian Gutekunst and Minnesota assistant G.M. George Paton as finalists, with Arizona vice president of player personnel Terry McDonough still a possibility as well.

Those three could be part of the next round of meetings the 49ers have with incoming coach Kyle Shanahan.

30 responses to “Eliot Wolf withdraws from 49ers G.M. search

  1. Knew this would happen. He has a bright future, and Green and Gold runs through his veins. We are in good hands in the future, we are also extremely fortunate.

  2. He was never going to San Fran. He was never going anywhere. He did this so he could put the Packers on the hot seat and give him the money and job that he wants. He is taking over for Thompson. Great move by Wolf. Green Bay will have a GM that will spend money on free agents and won’t be tight with money.

  3. What the heck…I’ll do it. I will be happy to work with Kyle, as long as his dad doesn’t come around.

  4. of course he’d rather stay with the greatest organization in pro sports and not a dumpster fire like SF. tho SF proly has more upside than MN

  5. Sounds like he dropped out because Packers gave him a new deal, not because he wasn’t going to get the other one. He’s hanging around the hoop for the most coveted GM role out there: the Packers. Even if Green Bay is not a bustling metropolis, just think of the luxury of having full control of football operations without a meddlesome owner and a die hard fan base.

  6. Hey Darin, if he didn’t stand a real chance @49ers then why did the Pack tempt him with a raise? Simple fact is most guys would rather not work for the mess that Jed made if they can.

  7. Pay attention Atlanta. Now that you got your new stadium, you might be next? SF was awesome, top to bottom until they got their stadium built.

  8. Is it even possible to pull out of something that you have just been turned down?

    Whatever, I am just so glad his nepotistic incompetence is returning to Green Bay. And knowing anywhere else he interviews will see right through that.

  9. No one commenting here knows anything about what will become of Eliot Wolf.

    All we know is he is Ron Wolf’s son.

  10. The timing could be brutal for Wolf when he takes over for Thompson. Thompson will hang on until Rodgers is done, then Wolf will be stuck with the QB who follows the legend that followed the legend. Or maybe that QB will be better than both Rodgers and Favre…lol.

  11. Too much monkey business going on with the ‘Niners.

    Eliot is too smart to accept that job without control over the roster and hiring the coach.

  12. Called it when the owner hired the head coach on his own… Eliot is smart enough to see the smoke of the 9er dumpster fire all the way in Green Bay… I really think behind the scenes he has been told he is the heir to Teds empire.

  13. From everything I have read so far, the GM job in SF is not going to be that great of a deal since they are supposedly going to give Shanahan final say in personnel matters. If that’s the case, why bother with a GM. I’m surprised Mr. Silverspoon (Jed Clampett York) doesn’t just forget about the GM so he can save money.

  14. No one commenting here knows anything about what will become of Eliot Wolf.


    Any Packer fan worth his salt knows The Young Wolf is a virtual lock to become GM in Green Bay once Ted Thompson decides to step away.

  15. harrisonhits2 says:
    Jan 19, 2017 1:13 PM
    There’s a real stench coming from the 9ers facility.


    That might be the stench of jealousy coming from Eastern Minnesota. Then again it is that time of year Vikings stories dry up while Packers stories abound. I guess this makes sense.

  16. I don’t think the 49ers were too impressed with Wolf. I think McDonough would be the best pick out of this group.

  17. aarons444 says:
    Jan 19, 2017 2:54 PM

    No one commenting here knows anything about what will become of Eliot Wolf.


    Any Packer fan worth his salt knows The Young Wolf is a virtual lock to become GM in Green Bay once Ted Thompson decides to step away.


    Wrong. Far from a lock. John Dorsey has as good a shot (if not better) than Wolf. John Schneider is still a possibility too, although less likely since he recently signed a new contract with Seattle. The only people that have an inkling of Wolf’s future with the Packers are Wolf, Thompson, Murphy, and perhaps the other members of the executive committee.

    They’re not going to hand the job to Wolf because of his last name.

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