Jim Irsay: Andrew Luck recovering from shoulder surgery

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Colts owner Jim Irsay was back on Twitter Thursday morning, but he still isn’t discussing anything having to do with coach Chuck Pagano or General Manager Ryan Grigson.

His latest post isn’t lacking for newsworthy information, however. Irsay announced on Twitter that quarterback Andrew Luck had surgery on his right shoulder.

Luck made multiple appearances on the injury report during the 2016 season as a result of his shoulder, although the only injury that caused him to miss time was a concussion. He was limited to seven games during the 2015 season and the Colts attributed his absence in two of those games to a shoulder injury. He also missed time with a lacerated kidney that year.

Those injuries speak to the pounding that Luck has taken over the last couple of years and explains the many calls that have been made for the team to improve their offensive line play. That remained a need this offseason even before Thursday’s reminder of Luck’s injury issues.

25 responses to “Jim Irsay: Andrew Luck recovering from shoulder surgery

  1. Drugs, DUI, Fake crowd noise, tanking games, and barely any punishment at all. Let alone all the whining. Needling the footballs ON THE FIELD, deflated footballs. Disgraceful.

  2. Lol. You luck out (literally) and get to draft a second franchise QB, and you can’t get him protection like you did for the first guy. Peyton’s success had a lot to do with his line coupled with his quick release. It seems the Colt front office has forgotten that.

  3. redclaw1314 says:
    Jan 19, 2017 9:28 AM
    colts should worry more about protecting their qb than about about THEIR OWN deflated footballs


  4. What a waste of a career. Luck made a terrible decision attaching himself to Irsay. Unfortunately he will never win anything nor reach his potential as the owner is totally incapable of successfully building a management team.

    Eli Manning can only thank his lucky stars for having a good dad who saved him from a similar fate by forcing the Chargers to trade him to the Giants.

  5. Keeping Ryan Grigson will continue to result in off season surgeries for Andrew Luck. Guy is clueless.

  6. As a diehard patriots fan, beating the colts is music to my ears. However, Andrew luck is a tremendous player and better person. Having met him at the pro bowl practice on base in 2014, he is a solid kid. In regards to the “talent” around him. You can blame Grigson. No excuse for a FRANCHISE QB to take a pounding like that. The AFCCG last year in denver was bad enough, i cant imagine tommy getting throttled week in and week out because of a putrid lineup around him.

  7. Funny how all the other elite QB’s can make the playoffs without elite OL’s and the best receivers in the game.

    If you have to have an all star cast to prop up your QB, then you don’t have an elite QB. You don’t even have a Flacco level of elite QB because he’s won a SB. Then again you suckers think Manning is the goat too LOL!

  8. bmacwillconn says:
    Jan 19, 2017 9:47 AM
    …Eli Manning can only thank his lucky stars for having a good dad who saved him from a similar fate by forcing the Chargers to trade him to the Giants.
    Yay, celebrate cheating the draft and unsporting conduct! Chargers had no choice, given that Eli said he would refuse and go to law school instead. But did the Giants really win? I mean, they clearly did ok but with all that talent – especially on D for the SB years – Giants could have won more because Rivers’ talent is more-consistently good whereas Eli’s hot-spells have always been very inconsistent (more off than on).

  9. The Colts are wasting Luck’s prime years like the did with Manning. How do you land back to back franchise QBs and only have 2 SB trips winning 1 to show for? Contrast that with Denver, they have Manning for 4 seasons, made 2 SB trips and winning 1.

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