Oakland mayor issues statement regarding Raiders relocation

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The Raiders, as expected, have filed for permission to move to Las Vegas. The team’s current home, as expected, has issued a statement cloaked in political cover.

“It’s no surprise that the Raiders have filed for relocation,” Mayor Libby Schaaf said, via Daniel Kaplan of SportsBusiness Journal. “Oakland welcomes the chance to show them and the NFL’s other owners why Oakland is the only home for the Raiders and always will be. Our winning team of the Lott Group, the County and my colleagues on the Oakland City Council has accomplished so much in the last few months. We’ve identified the mechanisms to responsibly finance public infrastructure improvements, we have in the Lott Group a private partner prepared to finance stadium construction, and we have an entitled site for a world-class NFL stadium and new development that enhances fan experience while invigorating East Oakland’s economy.

“But this isn’t all Oakland has to offer. Oakland’s Raiders stadium will be on the most transit-accessible site in the nation, in the sixth largest television market, and in one of the wealthiest and most innovative regions in the world. But above all else, Oakland has something no other city ever will — a die-hard fan base that is loyal and true to the Raiders and wants to see them stay here in Oakland where they were founded. Only Oakland brings the Raiders and the NFL a competitive stadium proposal, along with legacy and loyalty.

“I look forward to the League giving our team a chance to compete.”

The problem is that Raiders owner Mark Davis has no desire to permit a competition to occur. And there currently aren’t, and likely won’t be, enough owners willing to block the move.

Oakland surely knows this. But they need to create the impression that they did all they could to keep the Raiders, even if there’s no way Oakland will ever be able to do enough.

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  1. There’s no way the Lott Group is going to finance a stadium without trying to get a piece of the action. That is, a percentage of ownership in the team. That’s why Davis hasn’t given them the time of day. And that’s also why Adelson in Vegas is bowing out of the deal.

  2. There’s no way the Lott Group is going to finance a stadium without trying to get a piece of the action. That is, a percentage of ownership in the team. That’s why Davis hasn’t given them the time of day. And that’s also why Adelson in Vegas is bowing out of the deal.

  3. I truly feel bad for Oakland.

    The NFL is turning into a circus show before our own eyes.

    All of these taxpayer funded stadiums mean nothing to the corrupt elite with a driven agenda.

  4. I don’t like it when teams hold cities hos to get new stadiums, but the Oakland Coliseum is, by far, the worst stadium in professional sports. Given the city had no desire to play ball with the team before, I don’t fault the Raiders for not even taking a second look.

  5. Hmm, Nevada much much more business friendly. No state income tax. State not swimming in debt. People moving in instead of moving out. No Hollywood wacos dictating policy. I have no idea why a franchise would want to leave California. I think Chargers will also be leaving in two years.

  6. This is so lame. When will a politician be honest. Raider fans would appreciate a politician that came out and said that “we can’t afford to spend taxpayer dollars on a stadium when we have so many other needs and without it no deal is possible because the Raiders can’t do it on their own. The City worked with the Raiders but were unable to come up with a plan that would work. Because of this the only way for the Raiders to get a stadium is to relocate. I wish them great success in their new home. ”

    Now wouldn’t that be refreshing?

  7. That’s like a landlord saying “we’ll put a new roof on the house” after it’s been leaking for 30 years and ” you will get a state of the arts bathroom”. It won’t happen.

  8. Oakland is blowing smoke. Vegas has smoke, mirrors, lights and people that really know how to use them. They also have cash. The league’s ultimate aphrodisiac, oodles of cash

  9. Oakland is dodging a bullet. 10 years from now, after Goodell is finished destroying the league, Vegas is gonna be down around a Billion bucks. Vegas doesn’t lose often, but it does happen.

  10. The Raiders are moving to Las Vegas. $750 million is much greater than zero. Oakland has had at least 15 years to resolve this issue. Libby Schaaf should just shut up and concentrate on the A’s.

    It feel bad for Bay Area fans who supported the team and attended games. But Libby Schaaf’s refusal to chip in for the new stadium led to their departure. Southern NV is a growth market, and the Raiders will finally have a first class NFL stadium.

  11. The Oakland coliseum has been the worst venue for the NFL for 15 years. Can’t say I blame Mark Davis if he can find a city willing to do what Oakland couldn’t. At least now he won’t have to worry about raw sewage backing up into the locker room

  12. Had Oakland stepped up 10 years ago when it would’ve been cheaper and an easier sell to the public. It’s not like O Co has fallen into disrepair recently. It’s been a pile of hot garbage for 20 years. Plus they’ve got dirt in the middle of it for half the season.

  13. I dont blame either side. Oakland shouldn’t have to pay for the stadium. Mark Davis isn’t a billionaire like some of the other owners so funding the stadium himself is risky, especially considering the other owners disdain for the Davis family.

  14. Yeah sorry but F the billionaire owner who is moving the team because the city can not afford to build him a new stadium. This isn’t just done in the NFL either. Read about walmart and how they like to move 5000 yards a way just to get a better deal on their taxes all while beating owed balloon tax payments to the previous town. I’m sorry but America is really starting to suck. The rich people needon’t to go. It’s almost time for pitchforks.

  15. You cut him off for years, told him to shut up when he tried talking to you, treated him like dirt , putting him down, did nothing for him privately, he stayed for the fans sucking it up trying each day to just swallow this awful situation he was in only thinking about the fans…well , one day somebody extremely attractive came along and paid attention to him, told him everything he did was great, showed him that it is okay to smile and enjoy life…It’s over, he grew a pair , the fans recognize what has been going on and just want you to be happy. You can’t change out of the sweatpants nor decide to shave the legs again ,it’s too late. Take care of it while you have it…it’s exactly how a marriage can end.

  16. I don’t get all the hate from Oakland City fans. Everyone knows O Co is a literal toilet bowl. All of you saying you won’t follow the Raiders to LV, then you should have got to it and let your leaders know you want the team to stay. That you agree the city should help build the new stadium. That is, if you want them to stay. You’ve had first dibs and 15 years of time. The team deserves a new stadium, if you as a Oakland city Raiders fan can’t get together and get it done, then how is that the fault of the Raiders. If your gonna hate on the Raiders for going to a new stadium, then you were never a Raiders fan to begin with. I’m a fan of the Raiders not Oakland not LV. Win, Lose, or tie, Raiders till we DIE! For you turned out to be bandwagon fans, well…. you’ve still got the LA Chargers!

  17. The NFL marginalizes it’s fan base every time they do this. As does the NBA.

    They squeeze every dime they can get from Joe Taxcattle. Whether it’s tucked away in hotel taxes or forced on the citizens of a city.

    I’m from Seattle and it was lame to watch the NBA give the Sonics away. Just years before they left, Key Arena got major upgrades. I’m glad Stern packed up shop and went to Oklahoma now that some time has gone by. I don’t even watch the NBA anymore.

    I’m pretty sick of pro sports mooching off us. They force us to pay for stadiums. They charge a newborn for merchandise. Tickets for a family are unaffordable. A one hour football game is loaded with an hour of commercials. Cherry on the cake is the horrible officiating that leads you to wonder if there’s a script to follow.

    Minor league sports are becoming more and more appealing.

  18. She says so much has been done the last few months. She’s had years to get something sorted. The raiders kept having 1 or 2 year extensions hoping to get something sorted. I want the raiders to stay in Oakland but I don’t blame Davis for moving. Oakland only came up with a proposal late late in the day

  19. There are no public funds in Jokeland. Their residents do not have jobs, do not have income, and thus do not pay taxes. Yes, it is that simple.

  20. But above all else, Oakland has something no other city ever will — a die-hard fan base that is loyal and true to the Raiders and wants to see them stay here in Oakland where they were founded.
    LOL at die-hard fan base. Do tarp head fans count?

  21. This is the achilles heel for the league, they have written off 2 fan bases now in their quest to 25 billion in revenue – Pete Rozelle was smart when he put in “no team movement” into the language of the merger. Too bad greed overruled.

  22. Libby Schaff is full of sh*t. Here’s why this message was released:

    Libby to PR staff: “OK, Marc Davis just filed for relocation to Vegas. We need to issue a statement.”
    PR Staff: “What do you want to say?”
    Schaff: “Well, we don’t want to lose all our Raider fan voters, so we’ve got to look like we’re still trying to keep them here.”
    PR Staff: “But we haven’t really done anything. What should we say?”
    Schaff: “Just say that we fully put our trust in The Lott Group, that way, when it fails, we can blame Lott on the failure and not lose any voters!”
    PR Staff: “Brilliant!”

  23. I don’t think the NFL owners will vote for the Vegas move , with Adelson out of the picture and the Banks circling around Davis like sharks, this move seems doomed, the NFL wants the Raiders as close to the border with Mexico because they consider The Raiders a Latino fan base, and with Spanos moving his Charger’s to LA, increasing it’s value, then it would only make sense to move the Raider’s to San Diego closer to Mexico and the market the NFL wants to expand to, that’s why the Raiders are playing it’s second home game in Mexico City this year, you can do the math.

  24. New England>Your Team says:
    Jan 19, 2017 9:24 PM
    I truly feel bad for Oakland.

    The NFL is turning into a circus show before our own eyes.

    All of these taxpayer funded stadiums mean nothing to the corrupt elite with a driven agenda.
    Do you feel badly for Baltimore, Cleveland, St Louis, San Diego, or LA? All of these cities lost their teams. All of the sudden, Oakland now bothers you? As far as Oakland goes, the Warriors are moving to San Francisco and that baseball team will eventually need a home too. Oakland is a medium market with substandard sports arenas and stadiums. This is what happens.

  25. Here is what Libby Schaff did, she choose Baseball over Football as the city of Oaklands sport. The Raiders are the only team to still play on a baseball field. And she knew that this was a large issue, also the stadium should be condemned. But she choose to sign a 10 year deal with the A’s and turn her back on the Raiders. So now Mark Davis has turned his back on her. Sorry Oakland go bitch to Libby Schaaf. And now she is starting a campaign to put all the blame on the Raiders for leaving in the papers. You know the Raiders are not the ONLY team leaving / or left , and its all because of her.

  26. Unlike most of the other owners, Mark Davis IS NOT a billionaire. Therefore, he truly does need help from others to build a new stadium, so why not go to the place that is not only giving him the most, but who is also working best with him on getting the stadium actually done. Libby is just moving papers around hoping to create a distraction long enough that the voters don’t realize that under her watch, both the Warriors & Raiders are leaving, with the A’s waiting in the wind to reap the benefits.

  27. Am I the only person who’s noticing that the main people saying that the Raiders should move and that the city should do something are mostly people from outside of Northern California? Who only see the glitz and glamour of a new stadium and don’t care to realize that if Mark Davis screws over Oakland now that he will screw himself in the long run?

  28. “There’s no way the Lott Group is going to finance a stadium without trying to get a piece of the action.”

    Ronnie Lott was interviewed on ABC Channel 7 in the Bay Are and he said point blank they are not interested in owning a percentage of the Raiders. Also rumors is Lott/Fortress includes ownership interest in commercial developement for Mark Davis

  29. and, hey, SoCal cannot support 4 teams; Toronto can support one+MLB,NBA, NHL, & MLS.

    Build a new stadium in Montreal or Toronto, it will be at capacity.

  30. Adelson said last September that ownership of the Raiders is required for his participation in financing. That’s not going to be allowed by the NFL. Marky Mark can move his team but no one will finance it unless he can get a huge loan from Goldman Sachs. Just Mexico City, Baby!

  31. LOL! The Lott team wants to build a 55,000 seat stadium in Oakland? For the most devoted fan base in the universe?? Wow, just Wow? Why so little, Little Nation? Ahead is 80, Mlhigh is 76, I guess those are the real fans, yes? (Denver has been sold out since 69, just sayin’).

  32. The Lott group should get lost. The Raiders are moving to Las Vegas. They need to find a practice facility in or around Las Vegas.

    Please impeach Libby Schaaf. He is an idiot and a disgrace.

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