Raiders file paperwork for Las Vegas relocation

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The Raiders are moving to Las Vegas.

OK, if they get 24 owners to support the move, the Raiders are moving to Las Vegas.

OK, when they get 24 owners to support the move, the Raiders are moving to Las Vegas.

“Today, the Oakland Raiders submitted an application to relocate their franchise to Las Vegas, as is provided for under the NFL Policy and Procedures for Proposed Franchise Relocations,” the NFL said in a statement. “The application will be reviewed in the coming weeks by league staff and the Stadium and Finance Committees. The relocation of a franchise requires the affirmative vote of three-quarters of the NFL clubs (24 of 32).”

It’s just a matter of time that owner Mark Davis and at least 23 of his colleagues provide the thumb’s up for the relocation to Sin City. The notion of a move to Las Vegas was laughable when it first emerged, especially since not long ago the NFL laughed off the prospect of even playing an exhibition game there.

But with public money harder and harder to come by and Nevada ready to fork over $750 million toward a new stadium, the league is able to look the other way on its longstanding obligation to gambling, even if there will be gambling every way the Raiders look once they move.

The Raiders are expected to stay in Oakland through at least 2018, since they have a lease that allows them to do so — and since they don’t have a suitable place to play in Las Vegas.

114 responses to “Raiders file paperwork for Las Vegas relocation

  1. Props to the people involved of Las Vegas who voted to fund the stadium. If the team does move, I hope they are well supported. Raiders fans (except Joe Toronto and Raider Rob) and players deserve better than that rat nest breeding ground they have for a stadium.

  2. I am not sure this would have happened if the NHL expansion team didn’t happen first. That kind of made any “pro sports don’t belong in Vegas” arguments moot.

  3. Starting to hate the NFL for all this move nonsense. Really hope the fans finally realize their power and just stop supporting these greedy bastards.

  4. very sad when a franchise is taken from a city who loves their team. very sad. makes me hate the NFL a little more and that is not hard to do these days. BOOOOOOO greedy owners.

  5. Wow. Never thought they’d really do it. This is much harder to take than the Chargers moving.

    Owner greed never ends.

  6. The NFL is officially changing right before our eyes. It’s sad, really sad. First the Rams, then the Chargers, and now one of the most prolific franchises in league history is moving to Vegas. Crazy.. London doesn’t seem far fetched at all anymore..

  7. because owners are always looking to increase revenue at the expense of the taxpayer, look for other teams to leave their cities because the public won’t fund a stdium the owner gets all the proceeds from.
    Teams like Cincinnati, Buffalo, New Orleans, Kansas City all have aging buildings and will be in jeopardy as soon as the owners can get out of their lease

  8. I like this move. Now just move the superchargers to a new stadium in Oakland and all is well. 2 teams in LA is ridiculous. And if you dont want to public pay a little bit more tax for said stadium – some other city will since an NFL team is a money machine for a public city as well and the owners dont get any of that loot.

  9. “…the league is able to look the other way on its longstanding obligation to gambling…”

    What an awesome Freudian slip, unless it wasn’t.

  10. The NFL has made a mess out of this. LA has 2 teams they dont want and 3rd party research has proven that the Raiders needed to be in LA. They were/are the better product.

    Oakland Col. is a mess and the mayor has gone record to say she wont budge or give them prime location. I give Davis props for keeping The Nation informed.

    Im ok with the LV Raiders.

  11. I hope the move gets turned down. Las Vegas is already inundated with uneducated Raiders fans on every Football Sunday the way it is. I can’t see this move making my visits to Las Vegas more enjoyable. The truth is, Raiders fans are rude, dumb, they smell, and are not pleasant to be around. They should stay put in Oakland where uncivilized behavior is the accepted norm.

  12. Unreal.

    The Billionaires talk, the rest of us fight over whatever is left.

    Batman, where are you???

  13. If you’re a fan of the team, not the city, this shouldn’t bother you (talking to you “Dr. Death”).

    I have been a Raiders fan since 1970; Oakland, Los Angeles, Oakland 2.0, and now Vegas – doesn’t matter – I root for the team, not the city.

    And if any of you have been at a game in that TOILET BOWL they call a stadium over the last 10 years, then you know the Raiders absolutely needed a new stadium (unlike Atlanta). Oakland simply didn’t have the want, ideas, or money to make that a reality.

    Mark Davis is doing best for the team’s long term future. I am on board and won’t abandon my fandom because they’re playing in a different city.

  14. If the NFL really wanted the league to thrive in LA they would have let the Raiders move there.
    The Rams to LA is a crony deal.
    The Raiders would have been the hot ticket in LA and everyone knows it.
    League popularity is not the goal, it is to make sure Kroenke’s lousy product is not threatened by a more desirable ticket. That is why the Chargers get first dibs.
    No worries there, the Chargers won’t likely fill the 30,000 seats in their bush league temporary digs.

  15. Another desperate move by a desperate team looking for free public funding, a free stadium and a new city to go broke all over again.

    Hey Oakland Nation, way to support! Got blackouts?

  16. Kraft and Jones approve of it and I think if Blank gets on board as well that will do it because those three weild a lot of power not to mention Kronke will love it too, less Calf competition so yes, this is pretty much a done deal.

    Where can I buy a Vegas Raiders T shirt.? Ha!

    I feel for the fans in Oakland, but the money just wasnt there. great fans who will fall in line and become Vegas Raider fans for sure. The drive aint that bad.

  17. I like that there is one less team in California, but out of them all I’d rather have seen Oakland stay.

    California should have been 49ers and Raiders country, with the rams and chargers packing their bags elsewhere.

    Las Vegas missed an opportunity to be called the Chargers, highlighting how much money they take from suckers.

  18. Funny how everyone is pinning it on owner greed – yup, they all got plenty of dough, but amongst them, MD is at the very short end of the stick, and in that dump that is Oakland Coliseum, who in their right mind would buy a suite to invite business associates? That situation is a downward spiral, and MD needed to do something to break out. So yeah, it sucks for the local fans, and I can talk easily, being a Raiders fans from overseas, but I understand the man. Something needed to be done, no serious proposal came through from Oakland, he tried LA and was rebuffed, so Vegas it is. Bring it on! Looking forward for it! Raider nation IS global!

  19. Any fan that goes to that stadium in Oakland has to be a tool because everything is broken. Doesn’t matter where the Raiders play, they are a dysfunctional franchise with a weird fanbase.

  20. If I’m an NFL owner I veto BOTH the proposed moves.

    Leaving the Bay Area, 4 million people and one of the major wealthy tech hubs in the world for 1 million people… in LAS VEGAS?

    Abandoning San Diego… to be 2nd wheel in LA?.. PAYING to move, rather than investing in one of the wealthiest and most beautiful areas of the Country..

    Morons. Complete morons. I hope the NFL Owners vote that way.

  21. I hope these three teams relocating wakes everyone up. Your teams don’t care about you. You’re nothing to them. It’s all about stadiums and a larger amount of profit that’s shared between owners and not with players. This is the future of the NFL as more cities refuse to waste money on stadiums. The league is filled with birth lottery brats who have no business owning a team, and can’t afford their own stadiums. Except Kroenke. He should be an example of how it should be done. Build your own palace.

  22. going to be strange, very strange.

    Going to be tough to establish much of a home field advantage there. Every visiting team’s fans will travel en masse to see their team play in Vegas. Hell, the cost of the ticket will be the cheapest part of the trip.

    The ‘Black Hole’ is going the way of the ‘Dog Pound’. No way they get that type of feel or environment in one of these newer stadiums.

  23. There will be notified real home field advantage for any team that moves to Vegas. This is a tourist/vacation destination. The stadium will be filled with out of towers that are looking for something to do on a Sunday. But I know its always about money so it doesn’t matter.

  24. So will they market the entire state of Nevada or just Vegas? Nobody has mentioned this yet. Will Reno be in their market?

  25. As a NY resident and long time Raider fan, this doesn’t matter to me. At the very least, I can fly to a game and have a little fun after! Only way I get pissed is if logo or colors change. That’s no bueno

  26. An NFL team leaving their city of origin, deserting their lifetime fans for a new stadium?

    Gee, that never happens.

  27. Sales of Skeletor and Mad Max extras costumes are sure to spike on this news. Tin foil sales are sure to go up as well.

  28. It kills me that the troll from Toronto thinks he has a team, he doesn’t and never will. And the Raiders are no more global than any other NFL team. Love how you posted twice using different ID’s……….right Peyton.

  29. As a resident of Oakland who is not a Raiders fan, I will appreciate not being forced to watch their games on local network tv anymore. Finally some games featuring teams that matter! Now if only the 49ers would move further away as well….

  30. Hey all I know is that when I became a Raider fan they were the LA Raiders then they were the Oakland Raiders again and now hey are gonna be the Las Vegas Raiders. I’m all about Raider Nation and I do feel terrible for the Oakland Fans. But I’m gonna support no matter what. I just hope they can replicate the feel and ferocity of the Tride and True Oakland contingent

  31. I don’t care where they play. I’ll follow them no matter what. Raiders are my team and NOTHING will change that. Just the way it is.

  32. And what about Chicago and Green Bay……those are ancient relics they play in?

    because owners are always looking to increase revenue at the expense of the taxpayer, look for other teams to leave their cities because the public won’t fund a stdium the owner gets all the proceeds from.
    Teams like Cincinnati, Buffalo, New Orleans, Kansas City all have aging buildings and will be in jeopardy as soon as the owners can get out of their lease

  33. Terrible move I’ll still be a fan but I will not renew my seats in Oakland and will not buy PsLs and tix in Vegas. This move is worse than the 49ers leaving San Fran for Santa Clara. This will all blow up in the Raiders face.

  34. I can just see it now.
    There will be slot machines or maybe even a small casino in the stadium. And the gambling addicted fans will spend more time there than actually watching the game even though they paid in triple digits to get in.

  35. Is anyone giving any thought or considerations to the legal hookers?
    I mean, those poor girls will have to find a way to put up with a 300 lb plus lineman on top of her.

  36. Like I said on the Chargers move – the NFL needs to institute a policy that if these so-called BILLIONAIRES cannot afford to build a privately financed stadium, they either must sell their team or not allowed to “buy in” on a NFL team.

    Mark Davis’ (and by extension the NFL) annoying obsession with PUBLIC FUNDS has got to STOP.

    The people of Las Vegas DID NOT vote to give 750M to Mark Davis.

  37. I really don’t get it. Why should a billionaire receive public money to build a stadium? I’m glad I live in New England.
    Robert Kraft used his own money to build Gillette Stadium and the hotel and plaza around it.

    The only thing the state needed to do was to improve the infrastructure around the stadium so the increased traffic flow to and from the new stadium could be supported.

    Kraft isn’t the onley owner to build there own stadium either. If some owners can do it, then why doesn’t the NFL require all owners to finance their own stadiums?

  38. Sin City. Frisco. LA-LA Land. Tinseltown. Hollyweird. Lost Wages.

    These names have been bland, brainless and uninspired for the entirety of my life. Only the hackiest of writers or the rubiest of rubes ever use them. Please take note, Mr. Mike Florio, that you dinged your credibility in a big way today.

  39. MD didn’t really have a choice. The NFL shut him out of LA. No stadium in Oakland. He will be the winner in all of this. LA is the loser. They have to watch two of the worst organizations in football. No owner truly cares about their fans. If there is a better deal in another city , that’s where they will go. You don’t think New Orleans , Buffalo , Tennessee and Jax are licking their lips thinking about the deals they are going to get from their own city or if they don’t give them what they want, another city ? TV will become bigger as more teams move. Some fans will follow their team if they move but most fans will find another team to watch . Most will watch the best game available with really no emotional ties to either team like you have with a home team. Attendance is down at most stadiums anyway so I see no need to build 80 ,000 seat stadiums. TV will take over football watching and it wont matter if you have team in your city , you can follow any team as well as if they were in your city. I will miss watching those late afternoon games in sunny SD and Oakland when its freezing where Im at. Not really interested in watching two California teams play in a dome. That’s the NFL. Doesn’t matter what fans want. Kind of take it or leave it. This is what we are doing.

  40. Since 1997 there have been 19 stadiums partially publicly financed. These are new stadiums or renovations. Indy put in the most with $619 million. Washington the least $70 million. New England received some , Dallas received some. This does not include Atlanta , Minnesota or LV. Tells me that if you want to keep your team , taxpayers will foot the bill or your team will move.

  41. Life long Raiders fan. I live 2 hours from Vegas and will be getting season tickets. That said, this absolutely sucks for the true fans in Oakland to lose their team they’ve supported with their hard earned money.

  42. I hate to see the Raiders move to vegas. If I were a fan of theirs I’d go bonkers just like the Chargers fans did.

    It makes me wonder how the fans will react when the Bills move to Toronto, not going to be pretty.

  43. This is great news. Oakland has had 15 years or more to come up with a stadium solution. Zero results. Mark Davis should move ASAP. There is no point lingering around in Oakland as a lame duck team.

    If the Chargers can play in a 30,000 seat stadium, the Raiders can play in Sam Boyd Stadium. MOVE OUT OF OAKLAND NOW!!!!!

  44. joetoronto says:
    Jan 19, 2017 3:49 PM
    Can’t wait to see them in Vegas at least twice a year.

    The Bills are next, London in 2020
    My guess is you first have to get a job to be able to go to Vegas. You post on here from early morning to late evening under 4 IDs. You don’t have time for a job. And the Bills will never be in London troll. Joey still but hurt a big market like Toronto can’t get an NFL team, boo hoo hoo!!!

  45. Old guy, been a fan of the team and Al for many years. I hate the fact that the Raiders will no longer be Oakland Raiders.
    However, that said, they have no choice but relocate. The stadium that they call home is an open toilet! The players deserve better. The team deserves better and the fans deserve better.
    I will continue to support the team no matter where they eventually call home.

  46. By 2030 there will be NFL teams in London, Lincoln NE, Butte MT, Mexico City, Bejing, Boise, Fargo ND, Provo UT, Casper WY, Roanoke VA, Springfield (Both IL and MO), Little Rock, Tulsa, Albuquerque, Mobile AL, Wichita, Anchorage, Hartford, Marquette, Riverside CA, Wilmington DE, Evansville IN, Pike’s Peak CO, Amarillo, Yazoo City MS, and 2 teams each in LA, NY and Chicago.

    And every 3 years, one of these towns will be told to pony up $3 billion for a new stadium or their team is moving to Winnipeg.

  47. I was born and raised in Oakland, and went to Raider games with my paper route money starting when I was 12. But sorry Raiders, I’m a fan of Oakland first, you’re dead to me now.

  48. Sports gambling is great for sports. Many people do not understand that if the “handle” (total money bet) is way out of proportion to what is normal, The Nevada Gaming Commission will be notified and they will notify the FEDS who will be watching the game extremely close to see if players are tanking or something really stupid is going on. Las Vegas got it’s teeth kicked in and took a historical beating on the Alabama vs Clemson game, but it never sent up any red flags and watching the game because it was an instant classic.
    I believe sports gambling should be allowed nationwide.
    Why should Nevada get all the tax revenue?
    It’s Un American. I should be able to walk down the street and bet whatever I want for my Cleveland Browns to win.
    I Europe, they have gambling booths right outside the soccer stadiums and nobody thinks anything of it.

  49. Joey, in the last 30 years, who has been on national TV more, Oakland or Denver? You are the Broncos home coming game and you owe us big for your teams few prime time spots.

  50. widerightyouloseagain says:
    Jan 19, 2017 6:04 PM
    The greatness of the Raiders is in it’s future, thank God we’re not the Bills.

    Wide right, you lose again.
    Look boys, it’s Joey with his 3rd ID on here tonight. What a guy!! He is just so smart. Who would ever think to do what he does? Guess when you have no NFL, no job, no life, no hope, you have to figure out something to do.

  51. This one is on the fans in Oakland. IF they were REAL fans and WORKED hard then this wouldn’t have happened.

    The fans in Oakland let the Raiders down.

  52. I don’t know if this topic came up yet, not looking through 110+ comments to find out, but the aversion to sports gambling comes from the lack of understanding the gambling industry.

    People irrationally fear sports taking place in Vegas because of the proximity to gambling, however, the proximity to gambling actually makes betting on said teams safer.

    The industry is so tightly regulated in Vegas. It’s not regulated at all obviously with Joey Knuckles the local bookie taking bets on (insert local team). If you look at gambling scandals of the past they are discovered by Vegas monitoring gambling irregularities, they aren’t discovered locally.

    There would be no difference whatsoever stopping by the sports book at a Vegas casino and betting on the Raiders than the Seahawks, Patriots or Dolphins.

  53. Every NFL city should be concerned if your team needs a stadium. If your city will not come up with a way to help pay for a new stadium , chances are very good another city will . The gate is open to move for any and all NFL franchises that can make a case to move. That’s not hard to do. The NFL relocation guidelines are made as they go along by the NFL.

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