Broncos planning to give Paxton Lynch a chance to be starter

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With a new head coach and a new offensive staff in place in Denver, the Broncos have an opportunity to go in a new direction.

That direction is apparently not a trade for a veteran such as Tony Romo.

According to Mike Klis of KUSA, the Broncos are prepared to give 2016 first-rounder Paxton Lynch a chance to win the starting job this offseason, and want to push him toward that goal.

That means OTAs and minicamps will be more significant than normal, if they’re trying to determine if he’s ready to handle it.

If not, there’s some level of trust in Trevor Siemian, and his experience could still be a factor.

But if the Broncos are making it known they want Lynch to have a chance to make the job his own, it could signal that they’re not about to invest heavily in a contract such as Romo’s.


27 responses to “Broncos planning to give Paxton Lynch a chance to be starter

  1. Or it could just be Elway’s opening message to Jerrah that the Broncos aren’t gonna pay top dollar (and nor would I for a guy soon to turn 37 and injury history). But it only seems like a few months ago that Siemian was being touted (by team and fans alike) as much better than (playoff bound) Osweiler.

  2. LOL
    didnt he have a couple of chances last season and failed miserably, getting beaten out by a semian, a solid backup but not starter worthy?
    that sets pax firmly in 3rd string position, with a chance he could come up to 2nd string as his career peaks.

  3. Of course they are. They are not going to trade up to draft him and sit him forever. He was way in over his head last year. Part of that is trying to make him play under center and in a complicated offense in regards to the verbiage to call a play. But it’s time to grow up, take the job seriously and let’s see what you got Paxton!!!

  4. Siemian IS better than Brock, “playoff bound” has nothing to do with the comparison.
    AFC West versus AFC South has everything to do with “playoff bound”.
    Additionally, The Broncos with Siemian beat The Texans with Osweiler.

  5. Hopefully they give the offensive line a chance to compete. Siemian could be a decent qb, he just has no line and lacks the knowledge/experience to read defenses that quickly at this point.

  6. streetyson says:
    Jan 20, 2017 9:18 AM
    Or it could just be Elway’s opening message to Jerrah that the Broncos aren’t gonna pay top dollar (and nor would I for a guy soon to turn 37 and injury history). But it only seems like a few months ago that Siemian was being touted (by team and fans alike) as much better than (playoff bound) Osweiler.


    Siemian is better than Osweiller, and cost about $15 million less.

  7. If the O-line in Dallas couldn’t keep him healthy he won’t make it out of practice in Denver…no way in hell Elway brings Romo in. I can understand why Tony would want to come to Denver, hell whom wouldn’t want to play for the best organization in all sports.

  8. Seimian IS Brock. Better attitude but both just average backups. Go ahead and give the LA Chargers what they want for Phillip Rivers and stop the nonsense.

  9. Broncos need to Bring Cutler Back to Denver. Bears will only ask for a 1st and 3rd rounder and Denver should win a Super Bowl. Cutler 17 > Manning 15.

  10. Brock 2.0 is not going to win the job. He does not seem to be able to comprehend NFL defensive schemes and most likely will need 3-4 years to figure it out. Even after he does figure it out most likely will never be better the a mid-tier starter just like Brock. Why does Elway struggle with drafting QB’s? took Brock over Wilson and Cousins then took Lynch over Dak.

  11. Paxton is an exciting prospect. He has all the physical tools you look for, but he is a bit immature and needs development, which the Broncos knew. Probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to kick the tires regarding Tony Romo, and if he agrees to a re-construction of his contract to say two years, $15 mil plus incentives, and the Cowboys take a 4th round pick as compensation, perhaps a deal could get done. As far as Siemian is concerned, he had a better first year starting than Derek Carr or Kirk Cousins did, and had numbers comparable to Tom Brady’s first full year as a starter, so it’s not out of the question to think he could get better. I mean, the Broncos were 9-7 and eight points away from 11-5 in a transition year in the toughest Division in the NFL, so the sky isn’t exactly falling. Factor that in with the fact the best GM in the NFL, the great John Elway has the team poised to go into free agency with what will be in excess of $50 mil and a projected ten draft choices, including five in the top 100, the Broncos will be poised to bounce back huge in 2017.

  12. Elway should make a trade for Phillip Rivers for his last couple of years in the league. Phil would be a good teacher and keep the Broncos about 75% of what Peyton game them in his final year. It would also give Phil a shot at the play offs immediately. Hopefully he would throw less picks, but with him, its always a crapshoot. Also gives him a chance to stick to Spanos twice a year for moving the team.

  13. Too early to label Lynch a bust, but he appears to be on that highway. Give him an offense (and offensive line) based on his skill set and not an antiquated pet scheme the stubborn HC loves (Kubiak). The jury is still out but next season will be do or die for Lynch.

  14. Denver will not be trading for Rivers or Romo. To do so would effectively be kicking Lynch to the curb and he is Elway’s pet project and Elway is never wrong (cough).

  15. Elway doesn’t want to face the facts, his 1st round QB pick is a bust and he should have drafted Dak Prescott instead.

  16. funny how little things can change so much. if Denver would of stayed put at 32 and went D-line or O-line, Dallas most likely would of traded up for lynch which would of changed their year completely. Dak was Denver’s back-up plan at the end of 2, Dak could of push Siemian for that starting job and maybe won it by mid year. I know our o-line sucked and Dallas has one of the best but Dak would of out played Lynch and Seimian

  17. Paxton Lynch is a bust. He does not have the brain or the mechanics to be a successful QB. His throwing motion is awful. Broncos missed big time on this pick. Maybe he can be a receiver.

  18. Fix that team’s OL and Seimian is an adequate QB to lead that team. Of course you keep trying to motivate and develop your high round pick, Lynch, at the same time.

  19. Paxton Lynch is not ready to be a full time starter. I’m not sure why Elway hasn’t figured that out yet. The Broncos need to build that offense around Trevor Siemian because he did a decent job without having a offensive line. The problem with teams now days is they don’t want to wait a groom QB like Aarons Rodgers, Steve Young, and Phillip Rivers were. Each of these QB sat and learned the position until they were ready to go in a play and Elway should treat this situation the same. I don’t think Lynch was first round talent in the first place but since he has a big arm and is tall Elway jumped right on him. If the Broncos were smart trade Lynch away and go after Philip Rivers and he couple win us multpile Championships because he is very competitive. Trevor Siemian can learn from Philip Rivers for a couple of year and get the job back when he retires.

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