Pursuit of Vic Fangio says plenty about 49ers search

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The 49ers may not like their neighbors to the not-too-distant north, but they currently seem to be trying to take a page from the playbook of long-time Raiders owner Al Davis. How else can anyone explain the decision to pursue a defensive coordinator before hiring a head coach?

Well, here’s how it can be explained. It can be explained by acknowledging what’s already well known in league circles: Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan is getting the job, and the 49ers are in the process of lining up possible candidates to join Shanahan’s staff. The Falcons can hardly complain; they did the same thing two years ago, wink-nod hiring Seahawks offensive coordinator Dan Quinn while the Seahawks still were playing.

The other unusual aspect of this specific situation is that neither Kyle Shanahan nor his father have any experience working with Bears defensive coordinator Vic Fangio, who previously worked for the 49ers in that same capacity. Some are interpreting the move to interview Fangio as a dynamic driven by someone other than Shanahan. Which possibly underscores the influence of Paraag Marathe, a factor that possibly has been causing some G.M. candidates to bow out.

Regardless, it’s odd to see a team trying to interview coordinators before having a coach. The truth most likely is that the 49ers have a coach.

Meanwhile, the report of San Francisco’s interest in Fangio and Chicago’s refusal to grant permission for him to interview for the job would seem to conclusively put to rest the idea that Fangio was in trouble. The Bears had an opportunity to get out from under Fangio’s contract, and the Bears declined.

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  1. No, Baalke was the one who had control of this team. Jed York is just a puppet. Fangio should have been the head coach after Harbaugh left. And your GM story is not true. Wolf was never leaving Green Bay in the first place. It was a tact to get Green Bay to give him an extension and a new title, which they will. Wolf also bowed out because the GM of the Niners is going to be Green Bays Brian Gutekunst. He’s said to have had the job for about a week now and blew Jed York away in the interview. Jed York called Gutekunst “Scot McCloughan without a drinking problem.” Jed York is a terrible owner, but he’s doing a good job of bringing in Shanahan, who was his choice from the start, and Gutekunst.

  2. Cool story bro.

    Except the 49ers did not formally request an interview. There had been reports that Chicago and Fangio perhaps were tired of each other, and the 49ers inquired whether that would be possible.

    If that overture had been accepted, nothing says the interview would have happened before Shanahan was hired.

    Moreover, Shanahan almost certainly would have been asked about DCs he would be willing to work with in his first interview, so this almost certainly is not being done behind his back in any way.

    Besides, the list of available DC candidates is shrinking. The 49ers likely cannot wait until after the superbowl and then have Kyle BEGIN a hiring process. And its already been reported he won’t be allowed by the Falcons to poach any of their assistants.

  3. As far as the Falcon’s complaining, if you read your own website, you’d see that the Falcons head coach announced the news that Shanahan was leaving for the 49ers to his entire coaching staff and congratulated him.

  4. Why would Fangio want to go back there. Usually when a team “blocks” a guy from interviewing it comes at the request of the guy

  5. They need to hire anyone, absolutely anyone, that will take the job.

    Just the the Billdo’s did.

  6. A young coach hired BEFORE a GM is in place is asking for trouble. It’s simply inviting the possibility that they’ll either butt heads or that Shanahan will be end up the defacto GM. And the last time we saw that with a young, first-time coach was the debacle of Josh McDaniels in Denver.

  7. joetoronto says:
    Jan 20, 2017 12:00 PM
    They need to hire anyone, absolutely anyone, that will take the job.

    Just the the Billdo’s did.
    Your obsession with the Niners and Bills is just weird. Do you have posters in your parents basement of Jerry Rice and Jim Kelly or what?

  8. If only york was smart enough to demote/fire marathe.

    But he’s not and that’s why the Niners will never win another Super Bowl with york as owner.

  9. Why on earth would Fangio be interested in that job? He is still pissed at the current leadership of the niners for passing him over to hire Jim Tomsula? Its a small community and folks tend to keep grudges. I don’t think you’ll see Fangio with the niners while York is running that team.

  10. Pursuit of Fangio also tells me that Yorks and Marathe were good with that coaching staff and that it was Baalke who drove them all out of town. Or, that York is audacious enough to offer the same job to the person he fired. Either scenario is equally viable.

  11. niners816 wrote: ” Jed York is a terrible owner, but he’s doing a good job of bringing in Shanahan, who was his choice from the start, and Gutekunst.”

    Gutekunst withdrew his name this morning Einstein..

  12. Shanahan is an offensive specialist. He will definitely need a good defensive coordinator if he is the head coach. No head coach is both good at offense and defense. Dan Quinn was the defensive coordinator at Seattle. Cheat Carroll is also a defensive minded coach. Bill Walsh specialized on offense.

  13. Rob Ryan DC, Mike Singletary assistant Head Coach/Senior defensive assistany to teach players fundamentals and rebuild his 49er identity..Physical, Tough, Relentleaa, Discplined, Smart.

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