Spring League invites Johnny Manziel, Ray Rice, Vince Young

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There’s never a shortage of eventually-failed football leagues, and with two of them angling to join the list of ventures that will later pull the plug, they’re both trying to stand out for at least a little while, before the inevitable demise.

The new Spring League, which received some advance notoriety when the #fakenews of NFL involvement emerged last month, has found another way to make a headline. Via Rob Maadi of the Associated Press, Spring League CEO Brian Woods explained that the door is open for big-name players who want to get back to the NFL.

“If Johnny Manziel is serious about a future in the NFL, the Spring League is willing to provide him with a platform to prove he’s still relevant,” Woods said. (The kids and/or the adults who want to seem cool would call that throwing shade.)

Woods also mentioned Ray Rice and Vince Young as potential additional to the upstart league. Even though the goal is to employ players in their mid-20s, the Spring League realizes that any publicity is good publicity, when it comes to staving off what surely will happen within the first three or four years of the league’s launch.

Former NFL players who already have signed up for the Spring League, which will be based at the Greenbrier in my home state of West Virginia so maybe I should be a little less unrealistic about its chances of success as a gesture of hospitality, include receiver Jalen Saunders, cornerback Ellis Lankster, and safety Pierre Warren.

So, yes, the interest in Manziel, Rice, and Young is obvious. It’s surprising the Spring League also hasn’t made a pitch for a certain football player turned baseball player who definitely needs a platform to prove he’s still relevant.

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  1. It would be nice to know the cities where these guys will be playing, more about the league format, and whether they’ll be using NFL rules and officials. It doesn’t look like the league even knows these things yet, which doesn’t bode well.

  2. I do know that the Minnetonka Toys are one of the franchises being considered. Anybody hear of others?

  3. West Virginia you say? Pat White and Steve Slaton are contemplating unretiring as we speak.

  4. So they’re using the Saint’s camp facilities there at the resort? But will be playing where?

  5. It seems pretty simple. The NFL and NCAA could endorse a developmental league for players 20 years and older. NCAA will still get at least 2 years out of their talent and there’s an opportunity for fringe players to hone their skills after college. This would ultimately help put a better product on the NFL fields.

  6. I for one would like to see this league succeed. The NFL needs a development league or alternative domestic league for players. The argument that a minor league is called college is deeply flawed because you can only play there for 4-5 years. What happens after that?

    That said, any league is going to have difficulty without the financial support of the NFL

  7. The NFL could have a four team league consisting of all of the busts, dopers, drunks, wife beaters, blackguards, and knaves from the last few years, and have them travel the world promoting NFL football.

    Kensil could be the commissioner.

  8. This concept is the future of the NFL. Fewer and smaller venues, all of which provide optimum television production. Today’s big stadium live experience is provided in part to meet viewing public’s expectation of a background. Those expectations can be reframed so as to be met by much smaller arenas, thus eliminating the problems associated with managing 60,000+ people for 5+ hours.

  9. I can see it now, Johnny Manziel shows up drunk and yells….Spring League?

    I thought they said Spring Break!

  10. Four teams will compete in a total of six games, all at the Greenbrier in April. And, that’s that.

  11. Manziel and Vince Young would draw a crowd. They’re exciting football players who could compete on an NFL level. Ray Rice has lost his legs, so he’s useless. Tim Tebow already proved he could win in the NFL, he just doesn’t have a future there because teams don’t want to deal with all the religious stuff. He’s better off using his popularity in television where he is a money machine. This would be the perfect league for Deshaun Watson too. He has no NFL ability, but he would draw a nice crowd.

  12. If Manziel wants to show he can throw the ball he should tryout up in Canada. I think their style better suits him anyways as I never thought he was a NFL QB. If he is sober he could have a career playing up there and even get a Flutie type re-entry. See it more like Henry Burris though.

  13. Ray Rice would be smart to take this opportunity if he really wants to get another chance with the NFL. You get all the people freaking out that he is playing football again out of the way, letting this league take all of the heat, it allows a much easier transition to the NFL if he can still play.

  14. When they say “line up”, will Johnny be the first one to roll up a hundred dollar bill?

  15. oh no #fakenews is a thing now;

    sad because, by it’s existence, implies there is real news;

    all news is fake; media in it’s entirety is a multi-faction PR firm, #cattledrive, #controlmechanism, for the #fakedemocracy and very real #onepartysystem.

  16. tylawspick6 says:
    fire goodell now
    Terrific. Another genius that can’t or won’t read a story being leaving a pointless comment. The NFL has nothing to do with this league.

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