Dan Quinn: Shift took place after loss to Kansas City

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The Falcons played a wild game against the Chiefs in Week 13 of the regular season that saw them score 12 straight points in the fourth quarter to grab a one-point lead with over four minutes to play.

They would wind up losing by one after Chiefs safety Eric Berry intercepted Matt Ryan on the two-point try and returned it for two Kansas City points. It was a painful loss at the time, but coach Dan Quinn credited it with kicking his team to a higher level of play that helped catapult them into Super Bowl LI. They would win 42-14 in Los Angeles the next week and they have scored at least 33 points every week while winning their last six games by an average of over 19 points.

“We had a difficult loss against Kansas City and that was probably the first shift for us before we went out to L.A. as a team. We knew we could play better,” Quinn said during his postgame press conference. “The unconditional support for one another, our intent took it up a notch. I thought another shift took place our first playoff bye week. We didn’t just kinda hang around. We had real intent on getting better and finding an edge. I thought that carried over into this week.”

Quinn said his experience as a defensive coordinator hasn’t given him any empathy for coaches who have to try to slow down the Falcons offense and the defense has proven increasingly adept at making sure the Falcons stay up once they get up each week. If they kick things up another level before kickoff on February 5, it’s going to be tough on both sides of the ball for the Patriots or Steelers.

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  1. Seeing a lot of unwarranted criticism of Dan Quinn among commenters on other PFT articles, suggesting the Falcons are all about offense and have succeeded in spite of him? As a lifelong Falcons fan, I can assure you, he has totally changed the culture in Atlanta, and deserves tremendous credit. NE will obviously be a tough Super Bowl opponent, but this team is firing on all cylinders, and fears no one, thanks in large part to Coach Quinn.

  2. I am 68 years old and have been watching the Falcons every year since they started here in 1968. They have had a few good teams along the way, but none dominant like this one. I love couch Quinn and can assure you that he has made all the difference in the world for this team. He also has help by the front office and his couches, but the center piece of this turn around is DQ. I saw progress in the preseason games and was very optimistic about this season. I needed a part for my truck and while I was at the Chevy parts place I bought a real nice Falcons tag to go on this vehicle. The parts guy said this thing is $25, and it’s a Falcons tag, you sure you want it. He said look what they did last year. I told him I am an old man and have been watching them a long time, and I have seen much worse teams before this one. And look what’s happened. I am one happy Falcons fan.

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