Report: Chip Kelly could replace Kyle Shanahan in Atlanta

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Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan is slated for a second interview with the 49ers about their head coaching job this week and the expectation around the league is that he will wind up taking the job.

That would leave the Falcons in need of a new offensive coordinator and Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reported on Sunday that the team has lined up three candidates to take the job, including the man Shanahan would be replacing with the 49ers. Glazer reports that Chip Kelly is one of the potential additions to Dan Quinn’s staff.

Glazer reported that Kelly would consider a coordinator position shortly after he was fired by the 49ers and he interviewed with the Jaguars earlier this month before Jacksonville decided to keep Nathaniel Hackett as the offensive coordinator on a permanent basis. He also reportedly met with Patriots coach Bill Belichick recently, although there’s been no word about whether there was a discussion about joining the staff.

Shanahan is eligible to speak to the 49ers this week whether the Falcons win or lose, but would only be moving on to the 49ers immediately if the Packers are moving on to the Super Bowl.

26 responses to “Report: Chip Kelly could replace Kyle Shanahan in Atlanta

  1. If this is some story planted by GB just to completely demoralize the Falcons and keep the fans whisper quiet today…congrats, it might very well work.

  2. How many people know that Belichick went to Chip Kelly when he was still at New Hampshire to learn his offense? Regardless, of what people think. He is considered a true offensive guru. Notice how much Brady is in the shotgun? Geez. Research folks.

  3. Hmmmm. Sounds like a false flag story so that Arthur Blank can gain support to pay Shanahan millions to stay put in an eleventh hour desperation hail mary attempt to keep him.

  4. Somebody on this site apparently just have been worked on by someone associated with Kelly to name drop here. or maybe y’all just drop his name as click bait. Maybe a little of both.

    For all we know, Shanahan the younger may just stay put in ATL, and if he has any sense he’d do exactly that.

    If GB wins today a lot of ppl are going top blame him being a distraction…

  5. abcisezas123 says:
    Jan 22, 2017 2:45 PM
    Somebody on this site apparently…

    Uh: “That would leave the Falcons in need of a new offensive coordinator and Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reported…”

  6. Bill Belichick says Kelly is an excellent coach. PFT partisan says Kelly can’t coach.

    Who do you believe

  7. Is Chip Kelly the offensive mind that made Nick Foles a probowl QB, for one season at least, ir is he the ine that turned an 1800+ yard running back into little more than a backup. Inquiring minds want to know.

  8. What exactly does this guy bring to the table at the NFL level? Ok, he has been labeled an offensive genius…at the college level. Fair enough, but at the NFL level, his offenses have been nothing but predictable, vanilla & stale and that he never evolved his play calling as an offensive coach. And these are comments from those that have played for him and against him. Some coaches just aren’t cut out for this level of play and Kelly is one of them. He needs to go back to the college ranks where he belongs.

  9. if only all these NFL coaching staffs would LISTEN to the commenters on football websites. They’d know not to hire this man. WHAT ARE THEY THINKING?!?

  10. Just promote someone on the current staff. I dont see the point of bringing a new person at the helm when this offense is as good as you can imagine. And they certainly dont need the Chip to tell them how to play some offense.

  11. rockbot69 says:

    How many people know that Belichick went to Chip Kelly when he was still at New Hampshire to learn his offense?

    That’s why, after seeing it, Belichick decided not to run that type of offense.

  12. . . . and Atlanta will be the third team to fire Kelly after he leads the team to a 3-13 season.

  13. If the plan is to destroy an offense for the next 2 years, Chip’s your man. If your plan is to destroy your SB team for the next 5-10 years, keep him on for 2+ years.

    I’ve hated him the moment he dumped McCoy & Jackson. New system my ass. Don’t do it Falcons, don’t do it.

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