Report: Saints, Colts talked Sean Payton deal

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Manning isn’t the only Peyton the Colts wanted to hire, apparently.

The Colts also explored via back channels the possibility of obtaining the services of coach Sean Payton from the Saints, according to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports. The two teams were unable to strike a deal regarding the compensation the Saints would receive for Payton’s services.

Payton also would have been a factor in the discussions, since the procedure would have initially required the Colts and Saints to have a tentative deal in place regarding compensation before the Colts would have had direct talks with Payton as to: (1) whether he wants to coach the Colts; and (2) what it would take to get a deal done with Indianapolis.

Many in the media erroneously describe the situation as a “trade.” The transaction can’t occur without the consent of the coach, and the coach’s current contract is torn up as part of the process and replaced with a brand new deal.

If the Colts and Saints had struck a tentative arrangement, it would have been imperative for both sides to keep things quiet until the Colts fired G.M. Ryan Grigson and coach Chuck Pagano and complied with the Rooney Rule as to both positions. Per the report, Payton would have brought Jeff Ireland with him from New Orleans to serve as G.M.

The fact that the Saints were willing to consider parting ways with Payton and that, apparently, Payton was willing to go will do nothing to end the annual “Sean Payton Could Be Leaving The Saints” reports. With Saints quarterback Drew Brees under contract for only one more year and taking the position that there won’t be an extension, maybe this will raw the year when the reports are finally right.

10 responses to “Report: Saints, Colts talked Sean Payton deal

  1. This story is hard to believe. Payton and the Saints have had three losing seasons in a row, and they have a first ballot Hall of Fame QB, Drew Brees. Grigson and Pagano have never had a losing season. I would think that it would be the Saints who would have to pay the Colts in order for them to take the losing duo of Payton and Ireland off their hands.

  2. And this goes to show just what a joke the Rooney Rule is. This is what would have happened if they did get this deal worked out under the table:

    – fire Pagano
    – interview a minority candidate in a complete sham interview
    – “hire” Payton.

    Now how is that even remotely appropriate to the minority “candidate” ???

  3. Rumor has it per league sources who spoke on the condition of anonymity confirmed reports not authorized to comment that something may happened .

  4. I think most of the whodats would gladly take up a collection to buy out Mickey Loomis’ contract. I’m no fan of Jeff Ireland but he has sense enough to let Sean Payton pick the talent he needs. Instead of the clowns Loomis keeps giving him.

  5. tonebones says:
    Jan 22, 2017 7:46 PM
    Grigson and Pagano have never had a losing season.
    So 8-8 is considered a winning season?

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