Anthony Barr replaces Vic Beasley Jr. in Pro Bowl

Getty Images

When Falcons linebacker Vic Beasley visited PFT Live after the naming of the Pro Bowl rosters, he said he’d like to the play in the game — but he noted that he’d prefer to not be available for it.

With Beasley now officially not available for the Pro Bowl, the honor falls to a member of the Vikings. Linebacker Anthony Barr has made it to the NFL All-Star game for the second time in his career, filling the spot that initially went to Beasley.

Barr becomes the sixth Vikings to make it to Orlando. Last year, the Vikings sent five players to the Pro Bowl.

Maybe, one of these years, the Vikings Pro Bowlers won’t be available to play in the game due to a return to the Super Bowl. It’s now been 40 years between visits to the NFL championship game for Minnesota.