Did Steelers conceal Le’Veon Bell injury?

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Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell exited Sunday’s game with a groin injury. He admitted after the game that the he had been playing through a groin issue for weeks.

If he had a “groin issue,” it hadn’t been disclosed in the team’s postseason injury reports. Prior to the Patriots game, Bell didn’t practice on Wednesday and Thursday for reasons unrelated to injury. Prior to the Chiefs game, Bell didn’t practice on Wednesday for reasons unrelated to injury. Prior to the Dolphins game, Bell wasn’t listed on the injury report at all.

If there was a violation, it’s not nearly as clear as last week’s admission from Seahawks coach Pete Carroll that a knee injury to cornerback Richard Sherman had been concealed. If the league investigates, the question will be whether Bell received treatment on the groin. If he did, he should have been listed on the injury report.

The Steelers hardly would be the first team to violate the rules regarding the disclosure of injuries. Violating the rules and getting caught are two different propositions, however. By pointing out that he’d been dealing with a groin issue for weeks, Bell has invited scrutiny of the team’s injury-reporting practices.

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  1. Haha. Now his “look at how great I am” antics could cost his team a draft pick.

    Hilarious. Wouldn’t want this guy anywhere near my team. Broken or high, all the time.


  2. “We tried to put him on the injury report, but we just kept getting the Patriots injury feed instead” — Mike Tomlin

  3. Never mind the potential violation.

    The Steelers over-used Bell in the last four games. Bad coaching.

    Yes, they were “win or go home” games, but what good does it do you to burn up your resources in the early rounds? They needed to find another way.

    The fools should have kept Blount. No, he isn’t anywhere near Bell. He’s not as good as Dion Lewis, either.

    But he’s a competent power back who takes a lot of the load off of the featured back.

    This game was one by the personnel department.

  4. It’s weird seeing all these steeler injuries now that the rooneys have had their needles taken away.

  5. I’d say that is a pretty obvious admission. I’m not sure why Florio is trying to act as legal representation for the steelers.

  6. Steelers owned by Rooney, of the Rooney-Mara click.

    You know, deflategate part 2?

    Nothing will happen, because Fraudger loves him some Rooneys and Maras.

    If they did conceal his injury, it’s cheating, no 2 ways about it and warrants a commensurate penalty with Seattle.

    Certainly would add insult to the Steelers most recent injury

  7. He did receive treatment for his groin, but it wasn’t from the team’s trainers, and the young lady in question couldn’t be reached for comment.

  8. It’s a clear violation and the penalty should be more than double that of Pete-the-Cheat who at least fessed up himself. I’m sure Fraudger will add this to his pending pile of fining Big Ben and Trip Tomlin for both of them breaking integrity rules by casting false aspersions after their 2015 loss to the Pats, and Trip again for calling the Pats “a-holes”. And right after he FULLY investigates the Al-Jazeera report…

  9. well the team will probably send the league office an explanation via Ben’s ‘wristband’ that says they didn’t know about the injury, and the league will say “OK, good enough”

  10. If he played for the Pat’s you could bet your sweet ass that the NFL would have launched it’s investigation at half time. Saint Rooney however will receive a memo from the league office asking them to try harder to be more honest with injury’s in the future. No fines or lost draft picks.

  11. Stutter stepping won’t beat Belichick’s run defense. He would have been ineffective if stayed in the game.

  12. The answer is ‘Yes’ but, to be fair, every player on every roster in the playoffs is probably dealing with a variety of aches and pains during the post-season.

    Do we need to see the names of all 53 players on injury reports?

    I haven’t looked at the previous game box scores to see the exact number of carries, etc., but I know Bell had big games prior to the Pats. Did Tomlin overwork Bell and under-utilize Williams prior to the AFC Championship game? That might be the issue.

  13. Seems clear they hid this injury and doing so helped them not at all.

    I’m sure the Seahawks will be watching this closely.

    At some point in the not too distant future I think teams will start calling out fraudger on his double standards. They’re starting to realize that it really can happen to them next and its only a matter of time.

  14. tokyosandblaster says:
    Jan 23, 2017 10:18 AM

    Hilarious. Wouldn’t want this guy anywhere near my team. Broken or high, all the time.

    Yes you would. You would welcome him with open arms as would the fans of most teams. If the Giants got him I know I would applaud it.

  15. The best thing that happened for the Steelers was Bell getting hurt. NE game planned for Bell and was stopping him. Williams then became the wild card and the PITT offense started to come alive. They got beat by a better team.

  16. The Stealers and Mike Tomlin definitely need to be investigated. Throughout the last week, Tomlin and the Stealers have thrown aspersions, and innuendoes about the Patriots always doing something to get the upper hand. Well, two teams that are in tight with Goodell, Giants and Stealers have both been thrown into the light of wrong doing. Underinflated balls (Stealers), Giants (measuring footballs during games). And now the possible hiding of the injury.

  17. I’m beginning to wonder if the change in status (no more “Probable”) has caused this issue across teams.

  18. First I think the “leak” that the Seahawks might lose a 2nd round pick was just a trial balloon floated out there by the league to see what the public thought. When they realize that most people think it’s a ridiculous penalty it will end up being less.

    2nd, whatever penality the Seahawk end up getting, the Steeler penalty will be less. That’s just how it is in the NFL. All teams are treated equally, just some teams are just more equal than others.

    This entire injury report system is just there to aid in the NFL’s participation in the illegal and legal gambling industries. But I guess when “integrity” is your main concern, like it is for Roger, that’s OK (sarcasm)

  19. I agree with those saying “not the Pats so not a problem’. Those that will say “stop your crying” on such a statement are the same ones that would be screaming to decapitate the team if it was the Patriots.

    But right now it would be more truthful to say ‘not the Seahawks not a problem’ because thats the team thats up for possibly losing a second rounder for what appears to me anyhow, to be the same infraction. It does look like the Steelers wanted to decieve teams into game planning for a player they were less likely to face. In this case the Pats had not worked as hard on how to stop a runner like Williams and it showed. It didn’t change the game or anything but its still a form of deception to gain advantage. For the Pats life to the Superbowl goes on. But to the Seahawks, they are going to watch this very closely and compare what happens to Pittsburgh to what happens to them.

  20. What the Seahawks did is the same infraction. Don’t assume that the result will be the same.

    NFL discipline is like “cow plop bingo”. Seattle might get plopped.

  21. Steelers fan. Likely everyone is banged up, but sounds like it was a violation. The NFL came down harder on the Steelers for the Will Wolford cap violation, after the Steelers reported it. Than the did for the Broncos who tried to hide it.

    But, yeah, it’s the Steelers so probably a slap on the wrist

  22. Whatever the Steelers were doing, it obviously backfired, and badly. They got their butts handed to them in Foxboro. Still, if they committed a violation, they should be punished like the Seahawks. Take a draft pick. I wonder what the Steelers did with all the Super Bowl tickets they were selling?

  23. umm, yea. He’s obviously been injured for quite some time and they should be punished even more for making him pretend he wasn’t injured while rushing for 300+ yards & 2TDs in the first two playoff games.

  24. jxt2521 says:
    Jan 23, 2017 10:33 AM
    It’s weird seeing all these steeler injuries now that the rooneys have had their needles taken away.

    7 0
    Report comment

    Dr.Rydze left the team in 07. Since then we have appeared in two Super Bowls and won one. But please, whatever floats your boat.

  25. Besides, Bell only had 20 yards on 6 carries before
    he got “supposedly” got injured. It’s not like he was
    killing the Pats beforehand at 3.3 y.p.c.

  26. All Mike is doing here is pointing out that, by making excuses, Bell targeted the Steelers, especially seeing that the ‘hawks are about to get super-dinged.

  27. I think they should take the cell phones of the coaching staff, the trainers, and Bell, but let them know that no information will be leaked (yeah right). Probably find some text messages with Bell’s “providers” in there somewhere too. See how everyone in Pittsburgh responds to such a violation of personal privacy.

    ……but of course this thought never crosses Roger’s mind (unless of course it’s the Patriots).

  28. Does anybody know the reasoning behind being fined for not revealing an injury? Especially such a heavy fine?

    10 10

    The injury report is for the book makers and gamblers .

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