Kyle Shanahan set for second meeting with 49ers on Saturday

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The Falcons will spend this week starting their preparations for Super Bowl LI against the Patriots and they’ll be heading to Houston on Sunday, but offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan will squeeze in a little business related to another team on Saturday.

By all accounts, Shanahan is the man the 49ers want to be their next head coach and Falcons coach Dan Quinn said at Monday’s press conference that Shanahan will be free to speak with the team on Saturday. It will be Shanahan’s second interview with the 49ers.

This conversation is also expected to include candidates for the team’s General Manager job. Vikings assistant G.M. George Paton and Cardinals vice president of player personnel are believed to be the two candidates still in the running for the job.

With the Falcons playing in the Super Bowl, the 49ers obviously won’t be able to hire him as their head coach until after the game comes to an end on February 5. The way Atlanta’s offense played during their run to the Super Bowl certainly makes that wait a bit easier to take.

21 responses to “Kyle Shanahan set for second meeting with 49ers on Saturday

  1. Good, anything that distracts him from the big game for even an hour is time poorly spent. He should be postponing this till after the Super Bowl.

  2. Huge distraction for Falcons. Have you ever interviewed in real life? You have to spend so much time knowing the company and personnel and philosophy of the organization. This takes away a lot of prep time for his game plan. Figure in the travel from ATL to SF and back.
    This guy is wasting many hours when he should be focused on the next game.

  3. Watching what Falcons did to the Packers… made me SMH…. and still cannot believe Elway would not offer… and wait for this young man as HC.

  4. Don’t do it man. You seem like a great guy and the Niners used to be a great organization. We wont be great again until the parents remove York from day to day. That’s my opinion and I’m sick about it. I really hate this feeling I have but the ownership has really abandoned us fans.

  5. Do you think his Dad will be involved in the game planning since he has experience coaching against Belichick?

    This is going to be a tough game. You have a powerful offense and an aggressive defense in Atlanta, ala Seattle. They may not have the personnel Seattle has, but the style is the same and it has made for close games for the Pats. Their season long stats are not good but their stats since their bye week, over the last 6-7 games are very much improved. Brady is going to have to control this game with long possessions that result in points. You can’t make mistakes or they will be playing down hill all day.

    Go Pats!

  6. snake11s says:
    Jan 23, 2017 5:11 PM

    You have to spend so much time knowing the company and personnel and philosophy of the organization.

    It’s a football team with a terrible owner and no philosophy.

    That was easy.

  7. Don’t get your panties in a knot snowflakes.
    Maybe it’s an issue if the game was this weekend but it’s two weeks away. If the Falcons owner is ok w it…who r u to say?
    Go get a therapy dog, a crying room snowflakes. The world is not falling apart.

  8. If he can’t handle an interview during a 2 week prep for a game then he certainly can’t handle being a HC.

    This seems like a good hire. Getting rid of Paraag would be another good move before bringing in a GM.

    Then send Jed to siberia and maybe the niners start winning again…

  9. He interviewed the on his previous bye weekwith multiple teams and it didn’t look like the game plan suffered too badly yesterday.

  10. Shanahan has shown that he can focus on getting to a Super Bowl while managing head coaching job interviews which is a hell of a lot better than say Vance Joseph. I think Kyle will be fine in preparing for the Pats. Its in the bag.

  11. aaronitout12 says:
    Jan 23, 2017 7:08 PM
    Don’t get to fascinated with Kyle just from yesterdays game. Opposing teams offenses did that to my Packers defense all year long.
    In their 13 wins, ATL did that to nearly everybody. Only 4 of their 13 wins were within 1 score.

  12. Dear Jed, dont screw this up…..

    get rid of Paraag and Gamble, I think they wanted Baalke gone so they could move up. Possibly the ones leaking all the news. Gamble just looks like a used car salesman that would lie to your face.

  13. Someone tell that “niners” fan who’s saying “don’t do it”…to shut the heck up. You want to further punish the niners cuz Jed York is a wack job? He’s clearly not going anywhere so we have to hope he accidentally slips into a good coach like he did with Harb

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