Ladarius Green hopes next season “works out a lot better”

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The 2016 season didn’t go as hoped for Steelers tight end Ladarius Green as it started and ended with injuries, but he said on Monday that he wants to be back in Pittsburgh for another chance next season.

Green, who signed with the Steelers last offseason, missed eight games while recovering from offseason ankle surgery to open the season and he missed the final five games with a concussion, which made it two straight years with brain injuries for the tight end. There were reports that lingering issues from the 2015 concussion also contributed to his early absence, but Green said that the ankle was the only issue and said Monday that he is ready to start working on a more positive outcome the next time around.

“Frustrating season but everybody has one. I hope it’s the only one I have,” Green said, via “I’m going to go train as soon as I get home, and hopefully next season works out a lot better.”

Green had 18 catches for 304 yards and a touchdown in the six games he did play and seemed to fill a role in the Steelers passing game. That could be a boost in 2017, but Green will have to be healthy enough to provide it.

10 responses to “Ladarius Green hopes next season “works out a lot better”

  1. To the Steelers,

    Thanks for the big checks (from the big $igning) that you received not much back in return . “I’m going to go train as soon as I get home, and hopefully next season works out a lot better.”



    All players from the San Diego Chargers are S O F T.

    Please stop taking them on as free agents. All have been complete busts.

    Thank you.

  3. I hope it works out for him…that said…I hope it’s not with the Steelers. The supposed ankle injury was all smoke and mirrors, to hide the concussion problem. Does anyone think the Chargers, with an aging Gates, would have just let him walk?

  4. The guy is injured. Green was excellent this year when he did play, and the hit that ended up ending his season was vicious and could have injured anybody. The team doctors didn’t let him play: what’s he supposed to do? Will I be disappointed if he doesn’t play again? Of course. But a “bust” is someone who plays but whose production never lives up to their hype or paycheck. Green was an offensive weapon when he played this year, and I hope we see more of the same.

  5. Green had almost as much of an impact on this game as did James the $350K man Harrison. I’ve heard through reliable sources that $300K of his “training regimen” went Dr. Rydze’s legal fees.

  6. Green should have retire and return the money he took from the Steelers.He was damaged goods on the day he signed that contract.Hopefully he is cut in the offseason and the team moves on from this mistake. Heath had hits much more violent than Green and very seldom left the game.

  7. First it was headaches, then a foot injury, then a concussion, and then the flu. Whatever this guy has, the Steelers continue to suffer from a chronic case of Bustitis.

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