Pacman Jones to cop: “I hope you die . . . You’re gonna be out of a job”

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Bengals cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones unleashed profane tirade on the Cincinnati police officer who arrested him on charges of obstructing official business, disorderly conduct, and assault three weeks ago.

Video from the officer’s car, obtained by TMZ, show Jones repeatedly calling the officer “a b–tch a– ni—-” and seeming to try to intimidate the officer.

“I hope you die tomorrow,” Jones said. “You’re gonna be out of a job tomorrow.”

The officer is not out of a job, but Jones might be soon. The arrest in and of itself was a strike against Jones, who has a significant history of off-field trouble. But when a player’s bad act is caught on video, it makes it much harder for a team to ignore.

There’s also the reality that Jones will turn 34 this year and has a $6.3 million base salary that the Bengals can clear off their books by cutting him. Although Jones started all 16 games in 2016, the Bengals may want to cut him purely for reasons related to age and the salary cap.

So regardless of how the legal case against Jones plays out, it wouldn’t be surprising if he has played his last game in Cincinnati. The Cincinnati Police Department probably wouldn’t mind that.

75 responses to “Pacman Jones to cop: “I hope you die . . . You’re gonna be out of a job”

  1. “So regardless of how the legal case against Jones plays out, it wouldn’t be surprising if he has played his last game in Cincinnati.”

    Man I sure hope so. Need more AJ Greens on the team and less of the Jones type.

  2. Don’t worry Marvin Lewis loves these guys. Yes that Lewis, that never won a playoff game. Cincinnati has become the joke. Get rid of Jones and Lewis.

  3. I get letting the legal process running its course. However, this guy has repeatedly demonstrated a level of character worthy of dismissal. Feel good about giving him the opportunity, but cut him and be done with it.

  4. Yes because calling a cop a b*tch, racial slurs and other insults always gets the officer to cooperate with you.


    PacMan makes a piece of wood look intelligent in comparison. At least the piece of wood would have kept its mouth shut.

  5. He was looking in the prowler mirror when he said “You’re gonna be out of a job tomorrow.”

  6. Speaking of out of a job. Can’t the league ban this guy indefinitely and just be done with it? I’m all for 2nd or even 3rd chances but this guy has had enough chances for a dozen guys. Over him.

  7. Sorry folks, but it isn’t worth the salary to be a police officer any more. This cop was just doing his job, and look at stuff he deals with. No thanks, but I do appreciate the service

  8. So regardless of how the legal case against Jones plays out, it wouldn’t be surprising if he has played his last game in Cincinnati.


    Clearly you don’t understand how Mike Brown feels about a signed contract. If Jones is allowed to play, by the league, he will play out his deal in Cincy. Not saying I agree with it, that’s just how it is.

  9. We have a zero tolerance policy regarding players who threaten police officers.

    (OK, wait and count down from 10… 9… 8…)

    Adam Jones, we would like to extend your contract.

    Oh wait, this is the Bungles I’m talking about, NOT the Giants, silly me…

  10. I’m going way out on a limb and guessing that he wasn’t nominated for the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award.

  11. Aqib Talib…um..I mean Pacman needs to realize playing in the NFL is a privilege not a right.
    He needs the league, not the other way around.
    Get him out of the league.
    And it wasn’t a mistake… Both those jerks need to be 86’d

  12. Was just looking at his stats for the year… 54 tackles, 7 passes defended, 1 INT. Those stats are neither great or horrible; but then I saw that they had him on punt return duty, and out of 10 tries he muffed 3 of them. Ouch.

  13. I’m incredibly surprised and outrage. When and where is the inevitable protest planned against this despicable action against a police officer?

    Oh wait – never mind. This doesn’t fit the agenda.

    Oh wait – it may add to the argument that we may have a different problem.

    Oh wait – we may find out that this problem is a more purgative issue than the other one.

    We should probably just clear this from our consciousness as though it’s not even an issue.

    There we go – let’s continue with the dialogue as we were.

    Whew that was close – almost had to acknowledge some facts.

    That could have been a disaster.

    Carry on now.

  14. That was nothing, I liked his rant about Joey Porter much better…..dude is just a bad guy, doubt he did anything wrong or those cops would of put a beat down on him….lets wait to hear what happened….

  15. That incident, that one single moment was more important than the base salary of $6.3 million. Same culture that kills over Jordans and willing to spends life in prison for them….SMDH

  16. Owners like Jerry Jones and Mike Brown, who are hands on owners and are involved in every aspect of player personnel, seem to gravitate toward this type of character. Make no mistake about who’s calling the shots in Cincinnati.

  17. He was a good player until last year-He was HORRIBLE!!!! He was never a good human being!!! Cut him, now!!!

  18. And this how we, and the NFL say goodbye to Pacman Jones. Nice knowing you.
    The next we hear of him is when he is sentenced for his next felony

  19. How is jones allowed to be in the NFL. Any coach or organization with morals would have kicked him to the curb by now. Not marvin lewis and the Bengals. It is fine with them that jones has had multiple run in with the law.

  20. I think it’s time for the Bengals to show the league and football fans they are trying to change. They need to suspend him or cut him for good. Even though it will hurt the defense, a statement could speak volume in the locker room.

  21. I mean I can tolerate a semi dirty player on the football field, because they are paid to play at high intensity with aggression, but if these guys act like this out in society, they’ve crossed the line

  22. pftisawful says:
    Jan 23, 2017 6:12 PM
    Can u imagine a prominent white player using that language and it’s caught on tape?


    Yes I can. Happened to Riley Cooper of the Eagles if I recall, and he is still in the league. Free agent but he played for a couple of years after the incident and remains un-retired, waiting for that call.

    But to all the posters who (thankfully) didn’t make this about race and instead about the a-hole’s behavior (which it should be), I hope he doesn’t get the Riley Cooper treatment. I hope he gets cut, banned, and ridiculed. Not because of one incident, but because this guy clearly proves he cannot represent his employers in a suitable fashion. Shield needs to deal rather than worrying about excessive celebrations.

  23. Pacman Jones will soon be history for the Bengals and the NFL. No class tango hotel uniform golf.

  24. Look we all know that Bengals President Mike Brown will keep the guy. Mike Brown never has had the courage to do what is right. Which is exactly why Marvin Lewis still has a job.

  25. I as big a bengal fan as you’ll find and have always believed give these guys benefit of doubt but the audio of this is disgusting and total disrespect of authority. if the bengals and marvin lewis try to stick up for this guy i’m done supoorting the organization. The audio is out and
    he needs to be released TOMORROW MIKE BROWN AND MARVIN LEWIS!

  26. So I guess you are saying that he will be playing in Pittsburgh next year? You know the Rodney’s will get him out of any kind of trouble he might get in there.

  27. Cops don’t even get fire for murdering people, and Jones thinks he can get one fired?
    Strongest union in America, pal. Good luck!

  28. xtutx says:
    Jan 23, 2017 7:20 PM

    I still can’t get over how Pac Mans smashing of Amari Cooper’s head was brushed over so lightly by the league.
    Have you never seen a Raiders game before?

  29. Didn’t he say something to the effect of “when the truth comes out blah blah blah????

    Dude paralyzed someone with his actions.. forget football, why is he not in jail?

  30. Let’s recap…you can abuse children, women and police….but don’t you dare smoke any weed!

  31. I have to say I have seen Pacman out and about. He always is friendly and actually very patient and accommodating to fans. He always seems to enjoy talking to fans and I haven’t seen him say no.
    Obviously if true, his statements were way out of line, however, I have to say it isn’t how we fans have seen him behave here for several years.
    Perhaps a 2 game suspension and some counseling classes will be the
    best for all. In Pittsburgh, Porter seemed to get less.

  32. I am sure at the last minute, because he is an athlete, there will be a deal and charges dropped. And Mr. Jones, please make the check out to…

  33. He’s been allowed to behave like this his entire career because he used to be a good football player. Now that he’s mediocre on his best days it will be much easier to let him go. That’s the #integrity of today’s NFL.

  34. If a player can be suspended four games for an act he was never proven to have committed, what will the penalty be for such off the field behavior as this? Contract extentsion?

  35. Just wait, within 3 years of being out of the league (which will probably be before the next season starts), he’ll either be completely broke, in jail, or both. You just can’t change some Bengals stripes, the entire organization is classless and rotten to the core and it shows in their players.

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