T.J. Lang hopes he hasn’t played final game with Packers


Packers right guard T.J. Lang left Sunday’s loss to the Falcons after aggravating the broken bone in his left foot that cost him time earlier this season.

Lang said after the game that it felt similar to when he initially suffered the injury, but the pain wasn’t the only thing going through his mind when he broke down in tears on the sideline after leaving the game. Lang is set to become a free agent this offseason and the prospect of Sunday’s game being his final one with the team elicited an emotional reaction.

“That’s the first thing going through my mind after I hurt my foot again,” Lang said, via PackersNews.com. “I’m just hoping it wasn’t the last time I get to put on that helmet. It’s tough, man. Obviously, I’ll take some time, take a couple days, to rest up and recover and see what happens. I think everybody in this locker room knows that this is where I want to be. … It’s been eight years now. I don’t want to go anywhere. I’ve been saying that since the beginning. I love this team, I love Green Bay, I love everything about being a Packer. I love representing the city and the team. I want to be back. It’s not up to me. This is where I want to be.”

The Packers let Lang’s longtime partner at guard Josh Sitton go before the start of the regular season and replaced him with Lane Taylor. J.C. Tretter, who can play guard as well as center, and versatile backup Don Barclay are also set to become free agents, so the team has several decisions to make on the offensive line.

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers may have signaled his preference for how those decisions play out on Sunday when he said “keeping those guys [on the offensive line] together was a big part of our success.”

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  1. Thanks for playing, bud. TJ is welcome to join my sewing club here at 213.

  2. …rest up….heal up….take home your Green Bay Packer helmet, and be smart and get a fat juicy 2/3 year contract from another team who will over pay……..It’s what the NFL is all about these days.

  3. Lang played through all sorts of injuries this year and did it at a Pro Bowl level. TT definitely should re-sign him. Barclay they don’t need. Tretter is a useful gadget although he gets hurt a lot.
    Biggest thing is to make the draft all about the defense.

  4. Well TJ….. ultimately it is up to you. You sign on the dotted line for your next contract, nobody else. So if you want to stay in green bay, maybe you take a little less money. If not…well, it’s still your choice ultimately.

  5. The reason he was crying was because he knows TT isnt going to offer him a thing.

    His only hope is Murphy grows a set & hand TT his walking papers.

  6. Think real hard and figure if you and your family can manage on $5M instead of $7M per.
    I know it’s tough, but some people work at it and get by on even less.
    How bad you want to stay in GB Buckko.

  7. Sure the packers defense was awful but Rodgers was equally as awful. I mean 31-0 in the 3rd q. Rodgers doesn’t score until garbage time. Rodgers Played a horrendous game and absolutely choked. No question about it. If favre was playing, the game would’ve been close, alot closer. Even at 50 years old, Favre wouldn’t have got embarrassed and only scored in garbage time when the game is over. Rodgers is so overrated. It cracks me up .

  8. I hope that everything works out for you and TT re-signs you to an extension. I hope that draft and develop also means retaining core players who are not only good players but also good locker room leaders (something Sitton lacked). Besides, we have enough holes to fill without having to find a capable replacement for you. JC Tretter should also be re-signed. As for Barclay, I wouldn’t mind seeing him get his walking papers. He really hasn’t developed as hoped.

  9. Barclay was one of the best 6th linemen in the league.
    That was until he tore up his knee and he’s just never been the same player.

    It’s been over 2 seasons since the injury and it doesn’t look like he’s going to bounce back. It’s time to move on.

    As for Lang, I’m sure we will get something worked out.
    Ted likes to retain these core players at a reasonable price.
    Especially the ones who play hard and don’t abuse defenseless 4 year olds.

  10. I feel like every team has a ‘Don Barclay’. The worst player just keeps getting re-signed for some unknown reason. I believe it’s called “failing up”.

  11. meetadam says:
    Jan 23, 2017 2:31 PM
    I feel like every team has a ‘Don Barclay’. The worst player just keeps getting re-signed for some unknown reason.

    The reason he keeps making the roster is because he can play multiple spots on the OL. He will never be confused for a starter, but it does allow the team a little flexibility, even if it’s only with one extra spot vs. Needing to keep an extra guard and tackle around.

  12. Well, we all know which NFCN teams’ OL is in complete shambles and will be flashing a lot of cash around to try to fix it. Don’t even be tempted TJ. A few extra bucks in your pocket isn’t worth the nausea and heart ache that comes with it.

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