Eagles “want to make sure” Carson Wentz on board with offseason moves

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The Eagles made a big move ahead of the draft last year when they swung a deal with the Browns for the second overall pick in order to select quarterback Carson Wentz.

That move didn’t sit well with then-quarterback Sam Bradford, whose agent Tom Condon said after the deal that “it would have been nice” if the Eagles let Bradford know what was going on. Bradford demanded a trade and rescinded it before ultimately being dealt to the Vikings.

The circumstances are quite different this offseason, but the Eagles plan to consult with their current quarterback about this offseason’s moves. Vice president of football operations Howie Roseman said on WIP that he wants to hear Wentz’s voice as they move toward his second season, particularly when it comes to players who might be catching his passes.

“The way the league rules are, you’d love to be able to bring him down and throw to these guys,” Roseman said. “That would be unbelievable. It just doesn’t work that way. But from our perspective, we want to make sure that he’s on board with some of these things, and he’s looking at some … probably more in free agency than in the draft, because it’s hard for him to get caught up on the draft prospects.”

Roseman has already made it clear that the Eagles are building around Wentz, so it makes some sense to make sure the players being acquired are a good fit on his end. Given how little help he got from his receivers in 2016, Wentz may even upgrade the evaluation process.

26 responses to “Eagles “want to make sure” Carson Wentz on board with offseason moves

  1. The league rules on practice time are absurd. There is no developmental league, people complain about the preseason being too long, backup and 3rd string QBs can barely get any reps in practice, and people wonder why QB play around the league struggles?

    How are teams supposed to develop young non-starter players when they are barely even allowed to practice? How are there talks about cutting our preseason games when there is absolutely nothing to supplant the important reps those players get at that time of year?

    Majority of college programs produce gimmick system players. They get to the NFL, are barely afforded any practice time and incredibly limited in the reps they’re allowed to take in practice, then get chased out of the league because they look out of place.

    They need to change these rules. Now. It’s an absolute detriment to the quality of play we see on Sundays. It’s why mediocre QBs are given 100 million dollar contracts, because compared to the completely unprepared young backups who get next to no chance to actually develop in the league, they seem indispensable by comparison.

    Let teams practice, let players take more reps, let chemistry and development get fast tracked a little bit. The way most these guys talk about wanting to be paid more but complain about two-a-days or not getting enough days off, it’s ridiculous. What good is a practice squad when you’re barely allowed to practice?

  2. Eagles Brass: “Hey Carson what would you like us to do in the offseason?”

    Wentz: “How about a few guys that can catch!”

    Wentz “we done here?”

  3. @hello

    As an Eagles fan, I would love to see that. But if Williams falls past the Titans at 5, I could see Buffalo grabbing him at 10 to pair with Watkins and/or be their #1 when Watkins goes down. Corey Davis would probably be there when they pick and he’s a great fit as well.

  4. I’d be curious as to how many times Belichick consulted with Brady on offseason moves. This is a prime example of why teams continue to stink while others continue to win. Make decisions that are the best for the team, not a freaking second year QB! And by all means don’t be surprised by an opponent and not make one adjustment. It’s really not that hard fellas. Three simple words. DO YOUR JOB.

  5. They don’t need a wr, the need offensive line help. And emmitt, don’t worry about him not scaring you. You are a cowboys fan, and automatically no one cares about what you think.

  6. Interesting take from the Eagles. Last year when Jon Robinson was asked if he consulted with Marcus Mariota, he said “we don’t need any help from the peanut gallery”. He said it with a smile, but clearly he doesn’t need/want input from the current players.

  7. This is code for “We are bringing back Desean are you willing to deal with his antics?”

  8. @tjacks7

    Can’t be a worse GM than the Bonehead who gave up a first and fourth for Bradford

  9. irishgary says:


    Can’t be a worse GM than the Bonehead who gave up a first and fourth for Bradford

    Lol.. The Eagles better hope Wentz becomes half the QB Bradford is. He’s got a looooong way to go.

    And that’s not even mentioning the 2 firsts, the 2nd, the 3rd and the 4th they threw away for him.

  10. @tjacks

    If Wentz is as good as Bradford he will win absolutely nothing.

    The eagles got the 4th back from your foolish team

  11. Wentz is gonna be better than Prescott. You can see hes gonna be real good. Philly just needs to build around him since he literally has NOTHING around him. Dak landed in an unbelievable situation. He doesnt scare you Dallas fans? Tell me that a year or two from now lol.

    As far as running things past him… what is so wrong with this? They made him the face of the organization so… make him the face of the organization. Go all out with it. Im sure Brady, Rodgers, etc all have a little say when it comes to the recievers. Your goal is to groom and develop your qb and make him as successful as possible. You gave him nothing last year, nice to see them committed in helping him out a little bit.

  12. The rules on practice time were established as a direct result of CBA negotiations. In short, they are that way because the players, through the NFL PA, wanted them that way. Once again, you are blaming the wrong people because some story led you by the nose and you didn’t bother to find out the truth.

  13. Sadly this team is owned and run by incompetence of the highest level. Roseman is a joke and the owner is as awful as Mr.Burns on the Simpsons. These two have little credibility to make the right decisions so with that in mind your outcome will never produce a Lombardi ….EVER !

  14. Surprised at the number of Trolls on this article! I don’t think I read where he had the final say or or stamp of approval on the final decision. However, it can’t hurt to keep him included in being informed whose on the draft radar and see the types of talent he will possible be working with. Ya’ll read too deep sometimes.

  15. Howie you are fired! Carson is the new GM. This franchise is laughable. They should really be more concerned about Wentz’s non-repeatable and long mechanics that lead to a ton of INTs the latter part of the year. Kid is not as good as Philly thinks or wants him to be. you cannot thrust greatness on someone and he becomes great. Kid was average last year. Supporting cast or not. Has a ton of room to grow and get better before he is considered great. He is just good not great, but Philly you believe whatever you want to believe.

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