Jerry Jones: Cowboys need to “cool it” on Tony Romo talk

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Nine days in to the offseason, the biggest question for the Dallas Cowboys continues to be the future of quarterback Tony Romo. On Tuesday, the team’s ordinarily loquacious owner made it clear that he and the rest of the franchise are done talking about the issue in public.

I’m not going to get into that at all — whether we’ve talked or not,” Jerry Jones said at the Senior Bowl, via Drew Davison of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “We’re at a juncture now that, we need to just cool it in our public conversations about what we’re going to be doing or not doing there with Tony.”

Jones is wise to not talk about it, because the more he does the more sensible it will become to simply release Romo’s rights without trying to trade him. That’s what Romo surely will want, and that could be what Jones ultimately does — reluctantly.

Cowboys executive Stephen Jones made it clear last week that Jerry and Tony will work out the situation between them, and it remains distinctly possible that Jones and Romo will agree: (1) that the player will be released; and (2) that Romo will give his word to avoid certain teams, like Washington or other Dallas rivals. It would be unenforceable and, technically, impermissible.

Still, it would be something that Romo could either honor and preserve a relationship that will likely generate plenty of revenue for him after he retires or disregard and lose his standing with Jones.

39 responses to “Jerry Jones: Cowboys need to “cool it” on Tony Romo talk

  1. They should trade him to the Texans so he stays in Texas, but mostly so that the Houston fans don’t have to watch Osweiler again.

  2. Why wouldn’t Jones want Romo playing for an NFC rival? Poor guy gets hurt every season. If you’re not playing, you’re not a threat.

  3. Jerry will take care of him. Say what you want about the guy, but there’s a reason you never hear former players bash him.

  4. New England>Your Team says:
    Jan 24, 2017 6:19 PM
    0 playoff wins since 1994.

    Nobody cares.

    Let’s see. They won the 1995 Superbowl so that’s after 1994. And they won a few playoff games since then, most recently over Detroit. I’m not saying it’s a good record but you are just making stuff up.

    Plus you read and then commented on a Cowboys article so I’m guess YOU

  5. It’s an expensive proposition whether Jerrah keeps Romo or not, and Romo has an injury history and age that makes him less sellable than he should be. So, I’d ask him to take a mild pay-cut in return for keeping him as a backup and agreement for him to trade on his terms next season (or even preseason) when some other team’s QB goes down and they’d offer decent-ish treasure and future picks for Romo to fill-in. Jerrah appears to have figured out that now isn’t the time to sell or sound desperate to sell.

  6. It’s OK JJ. Tony and Elway were doing a photo op at a victory party for a politician, they evidently both knew 🙂 …A black-tie affair….. He won’t let any grass grow under his feet! You made your bed, now set Tony free, and good luck finding a backup q/b next season. We all saw how Dak’s BFF did in the Eagles’ game….lol

  7. Romo and his 2 playoff wins in a decade are both retiring this off season. Romo isnt going turn around his career and start winning now at the age of 37. Not happening.

  8. Tony Romo knew this day would come. Some people didn’t understand why he gave that speech he gave a couple months ago, and some even had harsh words for him. But Tony knew that he’d be at the mercy of Jerry Jones to give him his unconditional release. Tony said all the right things. Tony was mad as hell, but he came off like a team player. He’s going to continue to play nice until he’s released. Whoever gets him is going to get a very highly motivated HOF caliber QB. So if you didn’t know where Tony was coming from, or if you didn’t like his speech, there was a reason for it. He wants to go to a good team that’s just a great QB away from a super bowl, and he doesn’t want to hurt their chances by having to give away valuable draft picks.

  9. The question no one is asking: how much could the get for Dak Prescott in a trade? His stock is through the roof right now. We have all see what some teams are willing to trade for an unproven rookie in the draft. What about a guy one year into the league who looks amazing and has a small overhead cap number? What if they kept Romo another couple of years, traded Prescott for several high draft picks (guarantee you at least one if not two or three teams would do it) and they build on that defense that needs help? They could even use one of those high draft picks on a QB for replacing Romo in a year or two. Just a thought….

  10. After Brady took Drew Bledsoe’s job Drew handled it with tact and honor. Tony has done the same thing. Can Tony go on to play for another team? Maybe, but unlike Bledsoe, Tony has had some serious injuries .recently. Not sure a team would want to take such a chance. Maybe if Tony structures his contract the right way a team will bite. For example, pay him $1M per each game he starts/plays this season.

  11. Romo is way to fragile to have any significant trade value, especially with his rather high salary. On the other hand, desperate times often yield desperate actions.

  12. Jerry Jones cautioning others about what comes out of their mouths about the Dallas qbs. Wow, just wow. Time for the padded cell methinks.

  13. bert1913 says:
    Jan 24, 2017 6:21 PM
    i betcha jimmy johnson would know what to do

    Ha!!.. Which is exactly why he’s spending 4 days a week on his boat. Heck, he’s no dummy.. Jerruh couldn’t get ’em back w/the keys and a blank check.

  14. Pointy Williams says:
    Jan 24, 2017 8:33 PM
    bert1913 says:
    Jan 24, 2017 6:21 PM
    i betcha jimmy johnson would know what to do
    Ha!!.. Which is exactly why he’s spending 4 days a week on his boat. Heck, he’s no dummy.. Jerruh couldn’t get ’em back w/the keys and a blank check
    Don’t forget about Barry Switzer. He won a super bowl too with all Jerry’s talent.

  15. I fail to see why it is ‘sensible’ for Dallas to outright release Romo if they can something for him in trade. If they can find a trading partner and they want to get rid of him…the actual sensible thing to do is to get at least a little of value back for him.

  16. Romo is done. Sorry to say, but his career is over. He’s got his guaranteed money, and he’s got a wife and two young children to think of. He just doesn’t want to admit that to himself that his days of playing professional football are behind him. There are plenty of other things he can do, but being a starting quarterback on a competitive team is not one of them.
    No team is going to trade draft picks and pay a hefty salary to an oft-injured 37-year old quarterback who has only played five games in the last two years, and only won one playoff game in his career years ago before he suffered two back injuries and three broken collar bones.
    It’s just not going to happen. Better to retire, take the money and move on with life while still healthy, instead of chasing a dream that will never become a reality.

  17. Hey Jerry, remember when you said how you loved all publicity and stirring things up? Well, that is all that is happening here. Man up and admit you constantly lie Abdul cannot be trusted or resign.

  18. He’s going to trade him this offseason. The proof is in that quote.

    “What were going to be doing or not doing with Tony Romo.”

    Freudian slip, tried to save it. Too late.

  19. They would love to trade him, but no team will give up anything higher than a 6th or 7th round pick for an old, injury prone QB – it’s just too risky. There will be teams that will take the chance and pick him up, but they’re not giving up a lot for him.

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