Steelers may be sending the rest of the league a message about Antonio Brown

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Last week’s ominous remarks from Steelers coach Mike Tomlin may have been more than a warning to Antonio Brown; they may have been the first step in baiting the hook to trade the star receiver.

“That’s often why you see great players move from team to team,” Tomlin said in the wake of Brown’s Facebook Live fiasco. “Don’t want that to happen to Antonio Brown.”

Maybe Tomlin does. The recent leak to NFL Network reporter Aditi Kinkhabwala, who is embedded with the Steelers, that the team believes Brown cares too much about his statistics and that he was “pouting” after the first touchdown of Sunday’s loss to the Patriots could be regarded as a deliberate effort by the team to slide Brown toward the trading block.

Brown has one year left on a contract that he has outperformed. After the Steelers slid money from 2016 to 2015 and from 2017 to 2016, Brown now expects a market-value deal.

Before the Steelers consider that, why not see whether another team makes a call? Six years ago, the Steelers unloaded Super Bowl XLIII MVP Santonio Holmes after the league imposed a four-game suspension under the substance-abuse policy. While Brown has gotten in no trouble away from the field, the Facebook Live incident coupled with team-leaked concerns about Brown’s willingness to put personal goals behind team goals could be enough to prompt the team to give the tree a mild shake and see what happens.

Don’t be shocked if the Steelers issue a public denial of the report from a media outlet that the Steelers partially own, since they may end up having to continue the relationship with Brown. Even if they do, the message apparently is sent: If you’re interested in Antonio Brown, make an offer.

59 responses to “Steelers may be sending the rest of the league a message about Antonio Brown

  1. That makes absolutely no sense. Why would they leak negative information about him? Do teams try to minimize the trade compensation they receive? Florio logic never disappoints.

  2. *****************
    djstat says:
    Jan 24, 2017 11:45 AM

    Send him to Baltimore


    He’d never get out of Harbaugh’s doghouse to get on the field.

  3. He showed up his coach, and even worse, did it on Facebook for everyone to see. I would gain a lot of respect for Tomlin if he sent him packing. A second round pick for one year of control of Brown might be tempting to a team in need of receivers.

  4. Being a Ravens fan I would love to see him traded out of the conference, but he is the best WR in the league and there is zero change PITT deals him.

  5. Steelers looking for a story to divert the attention away from tha azzz kicking the Patriots gave them.

    Yeah it was Antonio Browns fault Chris Hogan was wide open ever play.

    He just scored another TD .


  6. Trade him and Bell use picks for next QB/roster depth. Maintain your place near the top of the conference. Overpay either/both these guys and struggle to win 9 games during good seasons.

  7. Seattle has a lot of areas to address in the off season: DB, LB, OL in particular. Spending big money on a WR doesn’t seem like a priority for them.

  8. Steelers are loaded at WR. I think this make a great deal of sense. Steelers can get a high draft pick (or two), get rid of a baby, and still have a good WR corp. Similar to what NE did with Jamie Collins. As a Ravens fans I’ll take the Steelers group of WRs, minus AB, over what we have now.

    Think about it. It’s not as dumb as it might sound.

  9. baltimoresnativeson says:
    Jan 24, 2017 12:33 PM

    As much as I hate to admit it, the Steelers replace wideouts easily.


    They will just draft another good one to replace Brown.

    You forgot Mike Wallace

  10. If the Steelers were smart, they would unload all their distractions: Brown, Bell, Shazier, Little Ben, Bryant, and all of their busts: Green, Jones, Burns, Dupree, Shamarko. They should suck it up with a few 4-12 seasons, then try to rebuild a clown free roster going into 2020.

  11. The Steelers have done a decent job of trading or not re-signing star players at the right time (especially skill-position players). None of them ever went on to stardom elsewhere (Louis Lipps, Santanio Holmes, Mike Wallace, Willie Parker, Rashard Mendenhall, etc.).
    If Pitt thinks they have young talent ready to step up, they don’t hesitate to let a Star go when it’s his time to get paid Mega-Millions. That’s how Belichick does it … the salary cap means if you’ve got an Elite QB, you can’t afford any more $80-100M contracts on your roster, so you gotta let ’em go. Get some extra draft picks along the way and you’re in business.
    Pitt is loaded with young talent at WR (please tell me they won’t re-sign Coates!!).

  12. Ten years from now, fans will be choosing the teams via Facebook Live, and calling the plays via votes the coaches pick up on their Surfaces.

    Think that’s crazy? Maybe, but in “Formula-E” motor racing fans already vote for their favorite driver who then gets an extra battery boost during the race. Ugh.

  13. This guy was a nobody when he came into the league. We heard nary a peep out of him during his first three years in the NFL. Now all of a sudden he’s an issue? A selfish, egotistical and immature player? Sounds like a a problem of their own creation.

  14. takeyourpunishmentandquitwhininglikeababy says:
    Jan 24, 2017 1:09 PM
    If the Steelers were smart, they would unload all their distractions: Brown, Bell, Shazier, Little Ben, Bryant, and all of their busts: Green, Jones, Burns, Dupree, Shamarko. They should suck it up with a few 4-12 seasons, then try to rebuild a clown free roster going into 2020.
    Dude, your Ravens love is showing. The names you listed is nearly a match to a Pro Bowl roster.

  15. Any other team would welcome this guy. You think Jerry Rice didn’t care about stats?

    I think Jerry Rice scored TDs, handed the ball to the official, and went to the bench. I think Jerry Rice never violated the privacy of the locker room. I think Jerry Rice waited until after he retired before he launched his second career in reality television. I think Jerry Rice never forgot he was playing a TEAM sport.

  16. Tomlin could have Mitchell, Harrison, and Shazier give him “heart to heart” via a blanket party next training camp or an even more harsh fate.
    Or if you really want to scare him, threaten to trade him to Frisco.

  17. If we had the $ I would love to see him in The Big D w/ Dez on a decent 1 or 2 yr deal. ut we need a DE that we may have to find in FA. But then there’s jerrod…..

  18. pats fan to rest of the nfl….don’t you get it? draft,trade,aquire sign, FOOTBALL players

  19. maybe Bens radio interview today was a subtle shot at him wanting a little change in the team……….but you only trade what i consider the best wo in football for nothing less than a top corner.

  20. Ben R. may retire early if they do not put AB in his place or trade. BR knows it takes a team effort to win against the Pats or other good teams. If they keep him and pay AB top 3 WR dollars. The Steelers may drop in wins and not make the playoffs for 2 years. AB getting paid as a top WR should = a team leader who would lead other players to greatness. Can he do that?

  21. Uh, leak had info to lower potential offers during free agency from other teams to keep him cheap. Pittsburgh never likes I pay top dollar for their free agents.

  22. Look at their history of letting troublesome WRs go elsewhere, like Wallace, Sanders and Holmes. If they are offered a high draft choice by an NFC team, or even by some AFC team outside their division, they just may let him go. A prima donna like Brown can really be a distraction, even though he is probably the best at that position right now. You just know the Facebook Live incident made the Rooney family realize they must now take a long look at Brown’s contract issue.

  23. I missed the Pitt/Pats post game locker room videos from the Steelers, like the ones that followed their K.C. win. Nothing to spout about, losers?

  24. Not a bad concept, but the question is will another team deal with those issues? There are a few teams that need another top end WR – I can think of Cleveland, Baltimore, Tampa, and maybe the NY Jets. The last two are more likely as they are not in the same division. Tampa seems to steer clear of problem children however.

  25. just think you could be the green bay canners…….. laughingstock of the NFL ………. fans TOO ……. obnoxious, over-rated, arrogant LOSERS ……..!!!!!!!!

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