With investigation still open, Jerry Jones stands by Elliott

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The NFL’s investigation into domestic violence charges against Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott remains open, but Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told reporters at the Senior Bowl Tuesday that he has believed since last summer that Elliott will be exonerated.

“I’m just aware of all the circumstances here,” Jones said, per the Dallas Morning News. “I would want our fans to know that I’m very aware of all the facts and the details and been aware of it since training camp and not one thing has come up or surfaced that in any way gives me any concern, that I actually [in] my mind put to bed at training camp.”

Jones initially went the no-comment route when he was asked about the investigation, but as we know with Jones there are various levels of “no comment,” most of which involve some comments.

Jones said Tuesday that he is “well aware of all of the circumstances involved there” and has “felt good about it since training camp. I’ve seen nothing that in any way would make me think any differently than we felt shortly after it became a point. I don’t want to get into how this comes out one way or the other.”

After the Cowboys’ season ended last week, Elliott told reporters he wanted “closure” and said there was nothing investigators would find if they continued to pursue the investigation. Elliott’s attorney made similar comments last October.

32 responses to “With investigation still open, Jerry Jones stands by Elliott

  1. The Josh Brown blow back has the normally ham fisted league office handling this with kid gloves

  2. Ray Rice 2.0 luckily for Zeke, there doesn’t seem to be any video of the incident. Even if there was, I’m sure the NFL and Jerry would find some way to squash it. There is no way they would let their highly marketed new rising super star cause any more bad press for the league. They are banking on this guy boost TV ratings, ticket sales, and merch sales . ‘Murica’s Team!

  3. What else is he going to say “I know I have millions of dollars invested in this guy, and my team lives or dies with his success. But, we will not tolerate such behavior, and suspend Ezekiel Elliott until further notice”? No, what he is going to say “This is Texas. We don’t care about that”

  4. Jerry standing by Zeke just like he did with Hardy, a team leader and Gregory who may never play in the NFL again.

  5. Another corrupt cover up from our great NFL owners. Its really sad how many players get away with domestic violence. As long as they don’t get caught on video, well then it never happened. Without the video to hurt the NFL’s image its just a slap on the wrist. Gotta love the NFL its okay to beat your girl if no one catches it on video but you get long term suspensions just for smoking weed.

  6. Like all these other she said/he said disputes–a woman can accuse a man of just about anything today and it will result in charges and an investigation–I think this whole thing is bogus. I wouldn’t put it past Goodell to slap Eliot with a fine or suspension though.
    This is my question. If Jones is so committed to Eliot, who is a generational running back of tremendous talent, why did he allow Garrett, his red-headed idiot stepchild, to rest him in the final game to keep him fresh for the playoffs and then not give him the ball in three critical short-yardage situations on crucial plays in the divisional game?
    It’s incomprehensible to me. You’ve got the biggest, strongest offensive line in the league, and the leading rusher in the league, and you don’t use him on the three plays that mattered most in the playoffs? That would have won the game, the first divisional playoff game the Cowboys have won in 21 years. Instead, you didn’t give him the ball, and you lost.
    And now you’re out there saying how much confidence you have in him, defending him against bogus charges?
    It’s beyond ridiculous. But these are Jerry Jones’s Dallas Cowboys.

  7. And one wonders why people don’t watch the NFL. Is the NFL just another flipping reality show?

  8. Reason enough to intensify the investigation.

    He must think that all of the HOF voters are idiots. And maybe they are. Or maybe just 80% of them are. But the idea that his 1 and done Cowboys didn’t do him any favors in securimg his HOF enshrinement now has his handlers trying to distance Jones from his cabal partner, domestic violence abetting Mara before they cast their votes prior to the Superbowl.

    Eddie DeBartolo must be rolling in his grave and he’s not even dead yet! No way Jones deserves to get into the HOF faster than DeBartolo when you compare the dismal record of the Cowboys under Jones’ ownership compared to the 49ers under DeBartolo’s. Let Jones wait 20 years. Then let him in.

  9. Where is the one year administrative suspension until the the case plays out in court? Isn’t that the new policy?

  10. Brown got 1 game for beating his spouse 20 times, rice got 2 for knocking his wife out, Brady got 4 for psi. Elliot will get 1 or 2, beating your wag is not as criminal as psi.

  11. Jones is usually a cheerleader for the league, going along, even when he was penalized for the “No salary cap, salary cap” violation. He seems a little different here. He seems to be getting upset about this. People used to joke about him being the new Al Davis, but he is still fully capable of going that way, and he is a lot richer than Davis ever was, and will carry votes with him. I’m not sure the commissioner really wants to pick this fight.

  12. Well, since they lost, I expect the “investigation” to find something of interest now…

  13. The way this second investigation is just sitting open forever starts to feel like after gathering and examining all evidence they cant nail him but rather than closing it on that note they are going to just keep it open in case an opportunity comes. More like they are seeking that opportunity than they are seeking to determine a truth. I’m the first to say nail anyone guilty of dv to the wall. But this is starting to smell more like witch hunt.

  14. @ greenlargo,

    “But this is starting to smell more like witch hunt.”

    Starting to? It has been for some time. The Columbus Ohio PD closed the case quite some time ago with the witness lying about the incident, and asking others to also lie for her. Zeke’s story has been consistent the entire time, and the PD’s job is to investigate. I think they would know by now if Elliott had done anything illegal.

    The Commissioner is dragging this out to give the appearance that he is being very thorough, yet no new evidence has come (because there is none).

  15. Jerrah: “My boy was just fooling around. Ah shucks, it was just rough fore-play, you know? The girl should be grateful Zeke took the time. It shows how much he cares! How bout dem Cowboys?”

  16. The league did everything it could to get the Cowboys to the promise land and they failed. It’s very difficult to take an 8-8 team to the Super Bowl, even when spotting them one of the best RB’s in the league. They will be 9-7 at best next year and blame their losses to the fact that EE was suspended for two of their losses.

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