Mike Zimmer set for another eye surgery

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Vikings coach Mike Zimmer missed a December game during the regular season after having surgery to repair a torn retina before returning to the sideline the next week wearing sunglasses and a bandage over the eye.

It was the third time that Zimmer had surgery on the eye, but it wasn’t the charm. Zimmer said on Wednesday that he still can’t see out of the eye and that he is scheduled for another operation in April.

“Hopefully that will fix it,” Zimmer said, via Brandon George of the Dallas Morning News.

Zimmer said after the season that the eye problem didn’t have a great impact on his ability to do his job, although life would surely be easier with the ability to see out of both eyes and the absence of frequent surgeries from the calendar.

23 responses to “Mike Zimmer set for another eye surgery

  1. i’ve had surgery for a detached retina – fortunately, it was caught early during a LASIK evaluation before it could fully detach and i lost my sight. it’s not a fun surgery – they needed to place a band (or a buckle as they called it) around the eye to hold it together – even all these years later it’s still trying to pull apart and just aches. it’s at least a three week recovery of light duty – i was surprised that Zimmer returned to the sidelines that quickly after the surgery. i hope the doctors can restore his sight and wish him the best of luck

  2. It has to be difficult to go thru surgery during the NFL season but even worse is to watch the two starting offensive tackles flounder around like they were wearing roller skates.

    Zimmer should tell Spielman to trade for some starters, maybe a 1st and 4th for Joe Thomas, oh wait, never mind.

  3. Regardless of what the doc tells you – 3 eye surgeries has to be scary. I mean it’s not like a broken arm – it’s your VISION!

  4. sdsmooth says:
    Jan 25, 2017 3:24 PM
    Get as many eye surgeries as you want Mr. Zimmer. Your Vikings are still gonna look like crap when those eyes are fixed.
    Cant look any worse than that pathetic display the packers put up in Atlanta. My local fox channel actually cut broadcast at halftime in favor of I Love Lucy reruns. I had to tune into Comedy Central to watch the second half. Its a shame.

  5. It’s from all those eye rolls he did everytime Bradford dumped a pass off to Asiata in the flats on 3rd & long … #GetWellSoonZim

  6. As much as I can’t stand the purple turds I can’t hate on Coach Zimmer. He seems like a stand up dude and I got mad love for him. From a Packers fan I say get well soon sir!

  7. Take the needed time after this surgery, Zim and REST and behave! No games to plan for these next few months. We need you cussin’ like before! To the cheesecakes out there – really? Making fun of this? REALLY??

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