Stephen Gostkowski breaks Adam Vinatieri’s playoff extra point record

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It didn’t get a lot of attention, but Patriots kicker Stephen Gostkowski set an all-time NFL record during Sunday’s AFC Championship Game.

Gostkowski kicked his 67th career postseason extra point on Sunday, which moved him ahead of Adam Vinatieri, who has kicked 66, for the most in NFL history.

Since replacing Vinatieri as the Patriots’ kicker in 2006, Gostkowski has played in 21 postseason games. Vinatieri has played in 30 postseason games, 17 with the Patriots and 13 with the Colts.

In third place on the all-time postseason extra point list is Packers kicker Mason Crosby, who has made 59.

29 responses to “Stephen Gostkowski breaks Adam Vinatieri’s playoff extra point record

  1. Will always remember Vinatieri’s 45 yard fg to send game into overtime vs. Raiders in a snowstorm at the Razor!

  2. HATERS UNITE,,,,what record would you really hate to see the PATS break next…..LMAO…come on we know,,you can say it….LOL

  3. two of the best ever to play that position. We are lucky in NE to have watched both of them play and win with us!!!!

  4. As a Patriots fan, this is not a record I want to be reminded about, and all Patriot fans know why.

  5. SKI!!!!
    Way to go!!! Didn’t realize he’d achieved that milestone
    Keep it up!!
    GO PATS!!!

  6. My favorite Gostkowski kick was the one he attempted after Jackson’s run against Denver in the AFC championship game last year. Oooooops.

  7. Actually, the ruled missed extra point as NE sat on 33 should have been included had anyone realized that kick had actually passed between the uprights as it was moving wickedly to the right. As it was meaningless in a then 24 pt game, NE never considered the officiating crew had erred on the “no good” ruling.

  8. marcuswelby1 says:
    Jan 25, 2017 5:50 AM
    Will always remember Vinatieri’s 45 yard fg to send game into overtime vs. Raiders in a snowstorm at the Razor!

    Was not @ the Razor…Was final game in old stadium…But WAS the greatest kick in NFL history.

    Amazing….you go from mid 90’s to present…2 kickers AV, SG….And both amongst the best ever

  9. Member when Vinatieri was nicknamed “Scary”? I remember him missing two FGs against KC one year(’99?) and they lost 16-14.

  10. Vinatieri would still be adding to his postseason records if not for the Colts dysfunction. They’ve iced their own kicker for years.

  11. I’ve planned to get a jersey for both of the kickers. To be able to go into 3 decades with TWO CLUTCH KICKERS is unheard of. outside of the 2007 super bowl blunder and the AFCCG blunder, Stevie has been automatic in succeeding Adam. And to think the pats had Robbie Gould in camp in 06… for my jersey I was going to personalize it with #43…Vinakowski

  12. Kicker is THE sweetest job in football.

    You can play for 20 years, no concussions, anyone that hits you gets a 15 yarder.
    Sounds like Tammy!

    So, this incredible, awesome record by Gost, in your minds does that make him GOAT? Be honest, sure it does. LOL!

  13. Regarding the retractable dome roof for Super Bowl 51:
    “The Conference Championships and the Super Bowl are “league games” and the commissioner or his designate has the sole authority over the status of the retractable roof, wall, and curtains”.

  14. Wow, I’m getting old.. He’s been their kicker for 10 years…

    I put $25 on Gostkowski to get SB MVP… Odds + 15,000 🙂

  15. Two great Patriots, and possibly, two greatest kickers of all time. 5 rings and counting, between them. Too bad AV will never sniff another playoff game with Indy. Enjoy the super bowl. It’s Brady and Belichick’s 7th in the last 15 years, you know. Spoiled in Patriot nation.

  16. curtj5 says:
    Jan 25, 2017 10:06 AM

    to answer your question, Id like to see them break the record for most punishments for cheating bruh

    Yes, all the Trolls would “like to see” lots of things about the Patriots and cheating. The problems come when people ask the Trolls for the proof of their crybaby claims. Then Roger’s willfully ignorant dupes default to the already proven NFL & ESPN lies.

    And then Pats’ fans laugh and laugh all the way to another Super Bowl.

    Trolls Lose Again!

  17. Gostkowski has been a great kicker. Probably better than Vinatieri, but he has not had his Vinatieri moment. He hasn’t had a chance to win a very high profile game. Perhaps had Belichick opted for a FG in the last Super Bowl with the Giants instead of going for it on a 4th down earlier in the game, he’d have been able to kick one to win the game at the end, even after Brady and Welker missed that connection, being down just 1 point instead of 4.

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