Chiefs want more work, more big plays from Tyreek Hill

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After Tyreek Hill scored 12 touchdowns as rookie, it makes sense that the Chiefs would want him to get even more involved in the offense next season.

On Sirius XM NFL Radio Thursday, Chiefs coach Andy Reid said that the team doesn’t just plan on Hill doing more. It plans on Hill being better.

“We use him a lot on special teams obviously,” Reid said on a show hosted by Alex Marvez and Kirk Morrison. “When he came to us, that’s what we originally thought we had. He then said, ‘Listen I can do this offensive thing.’ He’s innately a smart kid. We kept adding to it and he got it.

“I’d expect him to learn that whole [playbook] by the end of all the OTAs and training camp and then be even more of a threat.”

Hill went from fifth-round pick to first-team All-Pro as a return specialist. He caught six touchdown passes, ran for three touchdowns and scored three times on returns. The team lists him as a wide receiver and that’s the position at which he could probably most easily get more snaps, but opponents know the Chiefs will try to use him more.

So, he could be a decoy, he could be used on misdirection runs, and as he showed last season he’s a threat to go the distance every time he touches the ball. Five of his 12 touchdowns covered at least 68 yards.

“He was averaging 35 [snaps per game last season],” Reid said. “Maybe he can double that or at least take it up a couple notches and allow him to get in more in a starting role.”

19 responses to “Chiefs want more work, more big plays from Tyreek Hill

  1. Don’t over-rely on him Andy because you’ll risk injury. And you’ll need more from others or else, when you reach the AFCCG next year, Belichick will just take Tyreek away and make you try to win with the rest of the team – and it won’t be enough, nowhere near enough. 31-13.

  2. How about more work and big plays out of your QB.

    15 TD passes for the season?

    That is less then mediocre.

  3. A healthy Maclin and Conely is a pretty good 1-2. Add Kelce, where their money is and you easily have a top 10 WR/TE combo. Too bad Charles is as hurt but Smith has to better. Fans are calling for Nick Foles due to the lack of their deep ball.

    Screens and short passes are nice, but their defense and ST’s got them to 12-4, bit their QB.

  4. If you want more out of him? Have more pregnant women in the end zone waiting for him and he’ll make sure to get there and not only punch her in the face, but punch her in her stomach…you know, where her baby is. That would get his juices flowing.

    DUDE IS A DIRT BAG COWARD. But chiefs fans praise him. Nice work.

  5. Obviously not a KC fan but really like watching T. Hill. He’s electric with the football and is a dynamic player. Totally changed the KC offense the moment he was inserted into the offense.

  6. They want Tyreek Hill to be “more of a threat”? How? He already strangles pregnant women, how much more threatening can he get?

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