Goodell: NFL “disappointed” by Chargers move

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The NFL gave the Chargers the green light to move to L.A. more than a year ago. The NFL’s Commissioner nevertheless isn’t thrilled it came to that.

Appearing on Colin Cowherd’s show (and when not offering #alternativefacts about short-week football), Goodell admitted that the league is “disappointed” that the Chargers are moving. He added that the league “did some unprecedented things to try to keep the Charger in San Diego.”

He wasn’t asked to identify the “unprecedented things” the NFL tried to do. As one league source explained it to PFT, the options definitely included Rams owner Stan Kroenke writing a very large check (possibly over a series of years) to help the Chargers build a stadium in San Diego and to keep L.A. a one-team town.

Even with that added contribution, there wouldn’t have been enough to bridge the gap because taxpayer money was not readily available. That continues to be the main reason for the failure to get a stadium built in San Diego.

It’s a reason that Goodell didn’t expressly articulate when speaking to Cowherd, and it’s a reason that rarely is expressly articulated by anyone connected to the NFL. But that’s ultimately why the Chargers left, and if taxpayer funds would have been available, the deal would have gotten done — quite possibly with Kroenke paying for part of the new San Diego stadium in order to avoid sharing his stadium and his market with a second team.

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  1. I admire Divorce Guy’s scheme of blowing all his money on football tickets before the ex gets it.

  2. The Chargers are probably best off in . . . . . St Louis, which would be a natural rival in the AFC West with Kansas City. They would be smart to work out a deal similar to the one the Rams declined.

  3. Its going to be a disaster in LA for both those poorly run teams.

    It will be well deserved and 10 years from now both those teams will be moving elsewhere.

  4. Kroenke is making more money now with the Chargers potentially sharing his stadium than if the Rams were the only show in town. So the spin that he would have written a “very large check” to help build a stadium in SD doesn’t quite make sense.

    The money he will make from the Chargers will far exceed the “very large check” he would have cut to build a stadium in SD…

  5. So Schefter wasn’t that wrong, apparently. Right? Maybe you shouldn’t have mocked him with your sarcasm on tons and pounds, after all.
    It was obvious from the start that the league messed up badly with this. Building a stadium in SD would have meant a Super Bowl every 4-5 years in a top 3 location in the country, with obvious benefits for the league. Instead, in order to please Kroenke last year and keep the Raiders far from LA, they also had to keep that Spanos weasel happy, thinking that he would never move if the league tried “unprecedented things” to have him stay put. Now that the situation is irreversibly compromised, they can only pray that Spanos hit the jackpot and finds someone willing to fork the money that the franchise is “supposed” to value after relocation, and that this someone is also rich and smart enough to bring it back to San Diego. It will take years, but I don’t see how else the league and the Chargers franchise can fix the mess they created.

  6. “The unprecedented steps? Oh, sure, I questioned his decision – I asked Dean if he could milk anywhere near as much taxpayer’s juice and ad revenue through San Diego as he could through LA. And he said no.”

  7. The only real solution? Build a stadium in Orange County, right next to Angels Stadium. Not LA, not SD. You aren’t going to build a fanbase in LA but if you give OC their own team? You have a shot.

  8. When is someone going to ask the Serial Liar a follow up question to his filibustering horse crap?

  9. I like the idea of this franchise playing in a small 30k stadium, get rid of the drunken upper level, but after that who cares what happens to them. Sure has the makings of a documentary one day about the 2 seasons in LA with lousy attendance before they are moved to a new market.

  10. Then why did they give the Chargers the option to join the Rams? Oh yeah because they didn’t want the Raiders there, as the NFL’s corruption towards the Raiders continues!

  11. Of course he’s disappointed, who wouldn’t be!

    He wanted San Diego to cave in and fund most of the stadium with taxpayer money. San Diego didn’t offer to kick in what the NFL hoped to get, so they left.

    I’m sure every con artist is disappointed when their mark walks away.

  12. What could possibly make the league think this is a good idea?? Or the Chargers ownership for that matter?

    If you’re gonna move, don’t move to a city where another owner just moved there 12 months ago. That makes no business sense whatsoever. Especially if you aren’t even going to be the one collecting revenue from the stadium!

    If he couldn’t make it work in San Diego, I’m sure there would be several cities lining up at a shot at landing an NFL franchise…

  13. In 2015, the NFL took in $13,000,000,000 in revenue.

    That’s plenty to help keep franchises in their local markets. But why spend your own cash when there is always another market willing to scalp their citizens?

  14. The NFL easily could have fixed this: Take The Rams $500 M relocation fee, take $500 M from Spanos and there is $1 Billion to build a new stadium.

    Nobody loses out but the individual greedy NFL owners who are rubbing their collective hands together over their share of the relocation fees.

    Bolts fans this Pats fan feels sad and sorry for you. You deserved better.

  15. More of the same stupidity by the cattle here.

    Goodell does not “make” teams stay or go. If an owner decides, the rest of the owners vote. BTW, I’m not exactly sure someone can’t still move even if they don’t approve it…probable just involves paying more money to the League. Nevertheless, good job guessing wrong on who to blame.

    And now we have Kroenke not only paying for his own stadium (which St Louis residents still blame him for), but offering to foot the bill for another? If that’s true, then blaming owners for trying to blackmail cities isn’t what it used to be.

  16. If the league didn’t want the Chargers to move, they could have stopped it. They could have done more to help fiance a stadium to be built in San Diego.

    Not only do the Chargers seem to throw up on their shoes on the field, they seem to be doing just as good of job throwing up on their shows when they are off the field. No matter what they do, it ends up being an epic disaster.

    At least they are consistent. Once they move, I won’t have to try to defend their actions, I won’t be a fan any longer.

    Oh Happy Day.

  17. Goodell is such a hypocrite. He and the NFL, more than anyone, created the environment to beg/ demand/ extort, threaten/ bribe politicians that taxpayers pay for their lavish stadiums. He created the environment to make it easy for owners to move and actively encouraged them to do so when taxpayers told the owners to go to hell.

    The Chargers made the worst move possible. They’re going to be a mere tenant in someone else’s stadium and in a city who doesn’t want them.

    The Raiders are a joke for moving so many times. I like the Raiders franchise, but if they’re going to move AGAIN, I’m done.

  18. I used to love the NFL now I hate it because the owners have decided to throw away their customers and fans in long time markets for greed.

  19. Spanos had to move the team, but he should have considered San Antonio and STL. The Chargers would have been the featured team in those markets..

    That being said, fans in Los Angeles are pumped up for the return of the Chargers. The only exception being Rams fans. The blue and yellow rules L.A.! Horns and Bolts forever!!!!!!!

  20. If measure C had passed, the Chargers would have stayed put. It is San Diego voter’s fault. Taxpayers should have voted YES to measure C. After all, it would have been tourists/visitors that would have funded the public’s portion. San Diego voted their team out of town.

    Next up- Raiders moving to Las Vegas

  21. If any of this is true then it’s just one more example of how disgusting the league as a whole and a majority of the owners have become. How could Goodell not have seen the writing on the wall. Spanos was never willing nor able to do what Kraft did ie build a reasonably priced stadium and fund it himself. So giving him the option of having to build a reasonably priced stadium himself with a big check from Kroenke and staying in San Diego or moving to LA in state of the art digs he had no investment risk in developing yet will benefit by what should immediately result in a huge team value increase, what’s he going to pick. And Goodell is surprised by this?
    I’m hoping it fails for all of them. They deserve it and they deserve each other.

  22. Even with that added contribution, there wouldn’t have been enough to bridge the gap because taxpayer money was not readily available. That continues to be the main reason for the failure to get a stadium built in San Diego.

    The reason it was voted down was everyone knows how poorly the team is run by the Spanos family. Look at there history of firing and hiring coaches. After going 14-2, Spanos fired Schottenhiemer. Did Kraft fire Belichick for not making the superbowl last year? They have run off every good player they had, LT, Junior, Brees, Sproles, Weddle. Look how Bosa’s contract was handled. Anyone remember how Spanos stuck it to the city on buying up unsold tickets to avoid a black out. When the stadium was remodeled in 1998, the city is still paying for that bond and will for another ten years and that was only a couple hundred mil.
    Now Deano wants the City to pony up 2.1 billion and even more for maintenance fees down the line or he is taking his ball to another town. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out Dean! This former Charger fan has had enough and hopes the City of SD builds that monster stadium and rents it out to the Raiders!

  23. Bolts will own LA – book it!
    all of you lemmings that believe these false media reports and pretend that you made up your own mind have a serious reality check coming!
    spanos suck, no doubt – but the Bolts have pride, the players have pride and they are set for the biggest Cinderella story, comeback in NFL history!

  24. All you raider fans that think la is somehow your town… totally delusional! Don’t forget your tarp- you have little support in Oakland! Go to lv so the opposing fans can fill your stadium for you!! Lol

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