NFL says diagnosed concussions declined in 2016

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The NFL says it saw fewer concussions in 2016 than 2015.

Today the league announced that the total number of concussions in 2016, including all practices and preseason and regular-season games, was 244. In 2015, that number was 275.

The question, of course, is whether that means safety measures are working, or whether concussions are going undiagnosed.

There is at least one positive sign that players aren’t hiding concussion symptoms: According to John York, a co-owner of the 49ers who is a medical doctor and heads up the owners’ efforts on preventing brain injuries, more players are voluntarily reporting that they have concussion symptoms, without medical staffers approaching them first.

“We’ve seen an increased number in self-reported concussions this year over last year,” York said on a conference call.

The NFL also said it put a greater emphasis on preventing concussions in preseason practices, which are usually the most physical practices of the year in the NFL. In 2016 there were 26 concussions in preseason practices, which is the fewest the NFL has seen since it started tracking preseason practice concussions in 2012.

Concussions were actually down across the board in 2016: There were fewer in preseason practices, fewer in preseason games, fewer in regular season practices and fewer in regular season games than in 2015.

9 responses to “NFL says diagnosed concussions declined in 2016

  1. Oh with the NFL and the ruthless billionaires who own and operate it, I think we know whether concussions have really gone down or just been ‘undiagnosed’. I’d bet heavily that team doctors and the ‘unaffiliated’ neural experts have been given their orders about what their acceptable diagnoses are expected to be.

  2. By watching the 2016 season it would seem overall effort was down on the field of play by 35% over seasons past.

    The NFL has been turned into the NBA. Effort doesn’t begin until the 2 minute warning. Remember when there was passion in the NFL?

    “I get paid to practice. I play the games for free.”

    -Junior Seau

  3. I wonder if they’re including Cam Newton in Week 1. Or the countless other times somebody was knocked out cold or close to it but came back a play later. Probably not….

  4. “NFL says diagnosed concussions declined in 2016”

    The key word is diagnosed. Teams and TV networks are putting pressure on the alleged concussion spotter and “independent” sideline doctor to ignore concussions. Gotta protect those TV ratings and can’t have the star players or QBs go out of the game.

  5. grogansheroes says:
    Jan 26, 2017 11:33 AM

    Does anyone believe anything the NFL says?

    Yep. limakey, jbeachsidejamesstockmarketcrashchipwood, and several others.

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