Bengals undecided on what to do with Adam Jones


Adam “Pacman” Jones’ most recent run-in with the law has led to plenty of scrutiny on his future with the Bengals, but no decisions have been made.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that the Bengals have made no decisions and probably won’t any time soon.

Even if it weren’t for his off-field issues, Jones would be a candidate to get cut solely for reasons related to his age and the salary cap. He will be 34 next season and has a $6.3 million base salary. That’s not a great combination of age and money for a player.

Add in the arrest and the subsequent episode in which Jones screamed obscenities at the arresting officer, and it’s easy to envision the Bengals getting rid of Jones.

But the Bengals haven’t made that decision yet, and they may not for a few months.