Raiders propose $1 rent payment in lease submission to Las Vegas Stadium Authority

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The Raiders want to pay half the price of a standard horse racing bet for a year of rent in their potential new home in Las Vegas.

According to Richard N. Velotta of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the Raiders submitted a proposed stadium lease to the Las Vegas Stadium Authority on Thursday that calls for the team to pay one crisp dollar bill in rent every year.

The approved stadium project calls for a $1.9 billion stadium just off the Las Vegas strip with $750 million in public money.

The Raiders would be required to pay a hefty relocation fee if they are approved to move to Las Vegas and would be contributing $500 million in conjunction with the NFL for the project.

Chargers owner Dean Spanos scoffed over the idea of $1 rent at a poorly aging Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego before electing to move his team to Los Angeles earlier this month. Now the Raiders are hoping they can get an equal payment for their potential new shiny home in the desert.

The NFL is expected to vote on the Raiders relocation at the league owner’s meetings in Arizona in late March.

47 responses to “Raiders propose $1 rent payment in lease submission to Las Vegas Stadium Authority

  1. I fear that the NFL is going to make a liberal out of me. They are consistently a terrible example of abusing capitalism. Current owners try to squeeze every penny out of their consumers knowing that there is no competition.

    Either keep stadiums private or share profits directly (not just through tourism/economic impact) with the people who helped build the stadiums

  2. They could have paid ZERO rent in Toronto. Unfortunately, they would have to give all the tickets away to fill the stadium.

  3. Starting to get a feeling this vegas thing is gonna fall thru / apart.Word has been half the owners oppose it because of the possibility of a scandal will always exist with players or officials on the take.Owners are afraid of the PR nightmare and black eye it would cause.

    The fact that you cant gamble on local games would eliminate a superbowl in Vegas as well with casinos sportsbooks not willing to give up the action, easily the most gambled sporting event every year.

    The Vegas move is NOT a slam dunk!!

    Look for city of San Diego to play a factor in this.Even though they wouldnt give the chargers a downtown stadium ,the offered chargers a new stadium on the site quallcomm stadium sits and chargers didnt budge on wanting downtown.It also had alot to do with Chargers owner Dean Spanos not being a willing partner to deal with instead he made threats and hid behind spokesman Mark Fabiani.San Diego leadership has said they will do much more for a possible willing team/ partner without the stubborness of a Dean Spanos to do a stadium deal.

    San Diego city officials are monitoring the Raiders relocation situation in Vegas closely.They have contacted Raiders to let them know they are interested and would be there if Vegas doesnt go thru.The NFL didn’t want Chargers to leave San Diego as the NFL wants the San Diego market.Raiders have a fanbase there and its closer to LA Raiders fanbase than Vegas is.

    Chargers fans stopped going to the games because they could see right thru Dean Spanos as he has always had a hidden agenda to get LA market for nothing thats why he is riding kroenke’s coatails in LA now cause he doesnt have to pay to build the stadium yet he reaps having the LA ne to double his franchises value.Dean Spanos inherited the team from his father who did all the work in being able to buy the chargers.

    Dean Spanos has never worked a hard day in his life and is one of the cheapest owners in league,thus many nfl owners not wanting him in LA market.Many didnt think he would go thus they gave him option after a year from LA decision for Rams.Dean Spanos basically back stabbed Mark Davis by ditching him and leaching on to Kroenke and the Rams project which is ironic because while Spanos and Davis pushed for Carson project Chargers officials all along said Kroenkes project was horrible,but now Chargers are all excited to go there.Hypocrites!

    Most people should know by now why things went bad in San Diego was because of Spanos!Raiders are in a win win situation regardless what happens!!!

  4. Gee because these hair comments never get old, do they? Guess when your not that bright and you can’t rip on the team any more that’s best you can come up.

  5. If they get it, why not charge $1 for all season ticketholders. Pass the savings onto your brand new fanbase. Oh wait, you’re just another NFL owner looking for stadium welfare. At least pass the savings onto your next haircut :-×

  6. Okay, the Raiders start in Oakland, move to LA for 20 years, back to Oakland for a while and now want to move to Las Vegas and get a new stadium and pay a dollar rent?? Then, when another deal comes along in a few years, they move somewhere else. The people that run these cities and the people that vote for this stuff ARE IDIOTS!! Where is the loyalty to the fans? These owners are just money grubbing lechers who will milk their fans dry.

    Of course, I’m thinking that, considering what Vegas is all about, the Raiders will be a good fit.

  7. Gee, a whole dollar…
    That kind of money is going to encourage L.V. to invest a lot of time and effort in maintenance of the new place /s

    Hey Vegas, while you’re at it, *I’ll* move out there if you build me an 8 million dollar house – how about renting it to me for a box of kidney beans?

  8. Is this an intentional sign that he wants to stay in Oakland, and that Oakland still has a chance to get a deal done?

  9. Not bad for a state LAST in school funding. smh…
    The corporate welfare handouts (e.g. Taxes on regular folks) to poor NFL owners like Davis has to stop. If he can’t afford to build his own, then sale the damn team!

    And that haircut looks absolutely ridiculous!

  10. sadnessfactory says:
    Jan 27, 2017 3:36 AM

    With all these relocations; welcome to the downfall of the NFL, especially with a move to Vegas… Sad.

    It’s not like they were blue chip teams or anything. All they have done is change the location of their losing.

  11. Remember folks. That 1 dollar bill is the NFL’s way of giving back to the community. That’s what they really think about you.

    Screw you, pay me.

  12. Let the fleecing begin!! Now Vegas gets to see what Oakland went through. So now if anyone going to Vegas will be paying more money through increased taxes on hotel, restaurant and rental car fees. The greedy owners should vote NO!

  13. The amount of public money being used for these projects is outrageous. And expecting $1/year rent? The rich get richer and we are all paying for it!

  14. There are only a few teams in the NFL that could pull off a move to Vegas and the Raiders are one of them.

    They don’t need 10’s of thousands of Canadian fans at the games to keep their team alive, until they move to London in 2020.

    Just suck baby.

  15. Sounds like a fair deal to me.

    Give me $750,000,000 million to help me build my stadium.
    In return, I’ll allow you to buy tickets, just like everyone else.
    It’s a heck of a nice subsidy for ticket buyers.

    Imagine how much cheaper things would be if the local/state government subsidized them.
    The government could build restaurants, bars, movie theaters, then not charge $1 in rent. It would be great for the owners of those establishments.
    Of course the government would go broke.

  16. Lot of rich folks in that town, they should pay for it. It’s the least they can do for cleaning out people’s 401ks and grandma’s social security and pension checks.

  17. jonwill57 says:
    Jan 27, 2017 8:52 AM
    Let the fleecing begin!! Now Vegas gets to see what Oakland went through. So now if anyone going to Vegas will be paying more money through increased taxes on hotel, restaurant and rental car fees. The greedy owners should vote NO!
    If increased taxes on hotel rooms or restaurants are high on your list of concerns, perhaps Vegas should not be your vacation destination. And most people who go to LV don’t need a rental car.

  18. Las Vegas / Nevada is not stupid, as they will reap millions in profits on the weekends of home game…hotels, gaming, entertainment $$$$$ every home game

  19. It is great that the Raiders are moving to Las Vegas. But the owners still have to approve the move and construction needs to begin. Oakland isn’t an NFL city anymore. The growth opportunity is in southern Nevada, and Mark Davis knows that.

    In reality, they should play the next two seasons at Sam Boyd stadium. Remaining in Oakland as a lame duck team is a waste of time.

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