Speculation that Teddy Bridgewater will miss 2017 is off the mark

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Speculation that Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater will likely miss all of the 2017 season due to a serious knee injury suffered in August 2016 created a stir on Friday. Creating less of a stir will be the more accurate depiction of the situation.

A league source with direct knowledge of the situation called speculation that Bridgewater likely will miss all of 2017 not credible.

Mark Craig of the Minneapolis Star Tribune similarly reports that Bridgewater currently is continuing the rehabilitation process without a set timeline for returning. Which means that there’s no reason for “likely” or any similar term to be applied to Bridgewater’s status for the next season.

Could he miss all of 2017? Yes. Could he be ready for Week One? Yes. Could he return at some point in between? Yes.

The uncertainty makes it certain that the Vikings will pay quarterback Sam Bradford a $4 million roster bonus in March and another $13 million in 2017 salary. Whether the Vikings pick up the 2018 option on Bridgewater’s rookie deal by May 3 will say plenty about their faith in his ability to return, as will the question of whether the Vikings attempt to extend Bradford’s contract.

If they don’t pick up Bridgewater’s fifth-year option, the decision should be viewed as a very ominous sign regarding his future, in Minnesota or elsewhere.

69 responses to “Speculation that Teddy Bridgewater will miss 2017 is off the mark

  1. Oh boy… a good ol fashion schism. Sources in the organization have said he will not be able to play in 2017 and March 2018 is the target window…. lot of money could be tied up in mediocre QB’s with this team.

  2. During the Viking’s historic playoff run this year, Bridgewater could be seen on the sidelines congratulating AP on another 250 yard, 3 TD, 0 fumble performance…

    Sorry, had my purple glasses on for a moment. Bridgewater? Has he even learned how to walk again?

  3. Thanks to PA for playing the role of “league source” for this report. OK, I have no clue, but I hope the source is more accurate than the previous reports. Either way, I love the podcast, and I look forward to Teddy being named comeback player of the year whenever and and wherever he makes his comeback. He’s a classy guy and I’m pulling for him regardless of which team he plays for.

  4. When his injury was diagnosed it definitely seemed there was a very good chance he’d miss 2017, and even if he *could* come back, it sounded like it would probably be better if he didn’t.

    They made the trade for Bradford, which made complete sense. He was the best they could get to try to carry on the hot start they had and was signed through 2017 just in case.

    Sounds like after a few months that Sam Bradford will be their starting QB for 2017. With such an injury, the Vikings might be looking for a new starter in 2018. There’s no guarantee he’ll be mobile enough to be a starter. Hopefully he is. But they might want to draft a guy this year to get another spin of the wheel now and have a guy with a year in the system in case Bridgewater can’t come back sufficiently to start in 2018. They don’t want to be in a position where they HAVE to re-sign Bradford after this year.

    Maybe they have to, but they have the 2017 draft to give them another option, and I feel if a good enough prospect falls to them in some early round, the should take it.

  5. With the reports at the time of injury that players were puking and crying, plus trading a first round pick for Bradford, that must have been a horrific injury. It’ll be interesting to see what happens. Good luck teddy.

  6. Where’s the “cabbage” or the “blaster”? Can’t wait for “their” uneducated responses!!!!!!

  7. It won’t matter until they get EVERYONE on the same page. Freelancing gets you sent packing from quality organizations. Can’t win without following the plan.

  8. Even I, as a Lions fan, was drinking the purple Kool-Aid last summer.

    Until Teddy Two Gloves went down.

    He is (was..?) a rising talent in the league, really hope he can return to his previous form. Seems like a pretty straight minded kid.

  9. I don’t think Teddy will be more than a backup or trade bait at this point, which is a shame. He was a decent QB, and I wish the best for him.

  10. Wait, are you telling me Jason Cole of Bleacher Report, who broke this story today, was inaccurate in his reporting!?

    Say it aint so Jason, what other source will I go to that I can trust for my Vikings news!?

  11. Seems like a great guy. Genuine, respectful, hard-working, loves the game.

    Tough to see it happen to him.

    However, I wouldn’t be rushing to come back if I were him with the state of that O-line anyways.

  12. Think of all the players who’ve come back from that type of injury and returned to their previous form. Not many. It wasn’t like Teddy B was an elite QB at the time. I’m sure the Vikings will keep him around, but his job is lost.

  13. Teddy, take your time and recover to where you can walk normally first, then think about football second or even third. Google that type of injury and see how horrible it is. If you never came back, I would miss your game and skills, but I also understand how serious this is.
    Good luck and heal up!

  14. stats don’t lie Teddy is an ok at best. he plays absolutly scared.. he throws like a girl… he holds the ball way to long… he has a noodle for an arm… he’s a 150 soaking wet… he reminds me a minimal at very best Christian ponder 2.0 Vikings start Teddy and there chances will not be as good if they started Bradford or another QB vet. Teddy was passed by every team for all the reasons above. I felt terrible for Teddy getting hurt, but we seen enough of Gus ferroute,TJack,Ponder the list goes on.to know teddy is a back up in a he NFL. now injured I think it’s a wrap for him.

  15. Call me old fashion but I really don’t think that teams should be able to NOT pick up the option on a player that is hurt. Unless of course they sign a new contract.

    I mean he got injured playing for them so kicking him to the curb while he still is should not be on.

  16. So the “speculation” could be right?

    How is that “off the mark”?

    I speculate that he will miss 2017 as well. A dislocated knee is a major injury. Far worse than simply a torn ACL. It is life threatening.

  17. kerrchris65 says:

    With the reports at the time of injury that players were puking and crying, plus trading a first round pick for Bradford, that must have been a horrific injury.

    In the beginning it was reported he was in danger of losing his leg. Horrific, indeed.

  18. Speculation that Teddy Bridgewater will miss 2017 is off the mark…..until it’s actually the case.

    The injury was the type that robs a professional athlete of the skills that made him a pro in the first place. It’s just science man.

  19. What does it take for Packer fans to be classy? Clearly, not a potential career ending injury for a player.

    Any press leaks do not change TB’s rehab. He will go about his work no matter what anybody else says.

  20. Who could forget the thrills. All those 3-5 yard passes, and the heroic way he led them to that playoff game winning 27 yard field goal. But mostly, I’ll never, ever forget those tiny Smurf like hands.

    He’ll go down as one of the all time Viking greats.

  21. I really hope he recovers from the injury to the point that he can live normally, but he’s probably done in the NFL.
    And the team shouldn’t have trouble finding a kid to execute dump-offs and bubble screens while producing a dozen or so touchdowns per year.
    A kid cheaper than Bradford. Unless they want to develop an actual NFL passing game.

  22. tonebones says:
    Jan 27, 2017 10:44 PM
    It would be interesting, if both QBs are healthy, to see which one gets more trade offers.
    I think Sam Bradford has parlayed his marginal skill set into just about the last of the trade offers he can muster.

    Bridgewater, even less.
    He wasn’t even a very good quarterback when healthy and now he’s coming off a horrific knee injury.
    I doubt any team would even invest the $100 waiver wire fee at this point.

    The only team that Bridgewater would drum up any interest today is the Vikings.
    Maybe Minnesota should try trading Teddy to themselves to recoup that 1st and a 4th they lost in the Bradford trade.

  23. ariani1985 says:
    Jan 27, 2017 9:11 PM
    Just think that if he wins 3 playoff games he will tie the “great ” erin rogers for playoff wins!


    So, ariani, who is the QB for your team?

    Would you trade him for AR?

    Name him. Let’s see how many in this forum would trade AR for your QB.

  24. I feel bad for Bridgewater and the significance of his injury. He seems to be a guy you want to root for, having that youthful exuberance to play the game. If he misses two seasons and it would take a 3rd to get back to the speed of the game, this isn’t sounding positive for his future right now. I’m a suffering Eagles fan, but I wish Teddy the best and hope he can overcome this.

  25. This is an injury that requires and 18-month recovery, so the real truth likely lies somewhere in the middle. Of all the positions, QB is probably the one position where it is possible to return from this injury, and the Vikes’ training staff’s quick action made a full recovery at least possible. Had it happened in Green Bay with that quack medical team, they probably would have tried leeches as they wheeled him down to the clinic next to the Applebee’s before old Doc Carter started working on Grandma Jones’ bunyons.

  26. No doubt he’ll be back as soon as anyone could from such a gruesome injury. Say what you want about his talent, there’s no doubt this kid is a world class competitor. His leadership skills are also first rate. Wish him the best.

  27. ariani1985 says:
    Jan 28, 2017 12:38 PM
    Notice that little Erin Rogers has the same amount of rings as trent dilfer? Let that sink in!

    Having a SuperBowl ring and being named a SuperBowl MVP is a bad thing? Is that why the Vikings avoid it like a plague? I’m starting to understand.

  28. I heard Reggie McKenzie has offered the Vikings a first and fourth round draft pick for Zimmer’s eye patch. Throw in tiny Teddy’s crutch and you’ve got yourself a deal.

  29. Considering Teddy is good for about 13 TD passes per season, why is this even a topic of interest?

    The Vikings still haven’t found an answer at QB and as long as Spielman remains GM, they will never find one.

  30. ariani1985 says:
    Jan 29, 2017 9:53 AM
    Packer fans sure are some graceful playoff losers!

    Thank you! I’ve been doing a lot of Pilates.

  31. The reason this question has even come up is because there really hasn’t been much information about Bridgewater’s recovery, other than the same stale stuff we’ve heard since the fall.

    While I really hope Bridgewater can make a full recovery, its still seems like that determination is months away. That said, unless Bridgewater just comes out an retires, expect the Vikings to pick up that option on his rookie contract by May 3; they have nothing to lose by doing so.

  32. ariani1985 says:
    Jan 27, 2017 9:11 PM
    Just think that if he wins 3 playoff games he will tie the “great ” erin rogers for playoff wins!


    Once again you prove your ignorance. Aaron Rodgers is 9-7 in playoff games.
    Come to think of it, if ignorance is bliss, you must be a very happy person.

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