Buzz builds for a Mark Dominik hire in San Francisco

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Before the 49ers made John Lynch their out-of-the-blue choice for General Manager, some thought former Buccaneers G.M. Mark Dominik could be an off-the-grid candidate for the job. Dominik still may end joining the cause in San Francisco.

Per multiple league sources, buzz is building toward the hiring of Dominik by the 49ers, likely as the director of player personnel or in an equivalent role. With Lynch having no direct personnel experience, he’ll need a scout with high-level scouting experience.

Dominik worked in Tampa when Shanahan served on the coaching staff there as a quality control coordinator. It’s believed that they have a good relationship.

It’s also possible that current 49ers assistant G.M. Tom Gamble and other members of the front office formerly led by Trent Baalke will remain in place under Lynch and coach Kyle Shanahan.

While Lynch will have the role of G.M., it’s becoming more and more clear that Shanahan will be running the show from a player standpoint.

15 responses to “Buzz builds for a Mark Dominik hire in San Francisco

  1. Really — why would Dominik want this? It’s like being a bridesmaid when you’re much prettier than the bride … and they’re not BFFs.

  2. Where is York to make the announcement? Instead of leaking it to his flunkies and having them spin it.

  3. Really — why would Dominik want this? It’s like being a bridesmaid when you’re much prettier than the bride … and they’re not BFFs.


    He saw Shanahan and Lynch get lengthy contracts with millions of dollars and thought he could do the same too.

  4. If someone would have told me we would go from Trent Baalke, Kelly/Tomsula to Kyle Shanahan, John Lynch, and MD running the show I would have said your nuts. I can’t see the downside so far. Lynch is going to be a great face of the franchise and Shanahan is going to get more out of nothing on that roster. I hate Jed York. But, IF he stays out of the way. Opens the pocket book. This team will be something in 3-4 years.

  5. That move makes sense. The truth is that behind the scenes and under the radar is the fact, that the current 49ers scouting department will be largely responsible for the 2017 draft. They have been on the road scouting all draft eligible players. Even with a new coaching staff, gm and a director. You can’t change an entire scouting department in mid stream. Dominik would be tasked with using his connections and experience to rebuild that department. It just can’t happen in a grand scale in year one of the new regime. Lynch will be final say man. He’s going to have to lean on Dominik and the scouts.

  6. I will simply say Mark Dominik was the Bucs GM from 2009-2013, and, if you’re so inclined, you could look up the Buccaneers’ drafts for those years over on PFR. They are . . . aggressively not good.

    Really, really not good.

  7. longtime buc fan here i would stay as far as possible from domindork he is a terrible talent evaluator yeah he got a couple of picks right but so could have my 12 year old with where they were drafting in the draft, the revis trade was the best traded good pick for a guy coming off injury and then over paid him domindork is a disaster

  8. Please hire him 49ers.
    Lynch and Dominick will make a great pair and be shrewd evaluators of talent, bringing in great draft picks and signing good free agents.

    – the rest of the NFC West

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