Devonta Freeman is ready to get paid after Super Bowl

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Devonta Freeman’s goal is to win a Super Bowl. But right after that, he wants to get paid.

The Falcons running back told Mike Silver of the NFL Network that he’s hoping for a lucrative contract extension this offseason, in what will be interpreted by some as the first rocking of the boat within Atlanta’s high-powered offense.

“Patience and timing are everything,” Freeman said. “I’ve got a family to feed, and I don’t want to struggle anymore. Now, I can see it, feel it, taste it. But I’ve got to finish strong and not think about the money this week — we’ve got too much to play for.

“After that, well, I feel like I’ve done my part. Now, hopefully, I’ll get rewarded.”

Freeman is right about a few things, the first being he’s seriously underpaid. In the third year of a four-year rookie deal which will pay him $2.7 million total, the former fourth-round pick set to make $690,000 next year. And for a guy with 27 touchdowns the last two seasons in a job-sharing role, he knows the wear and tear on an every down running back means his window for cashing in is a short one, and that creates a source of stress.

“Of course it is,” he said, “because when you play running back, you look at your position, you look at history, and then you compare it with how you feel every week — it’s such a brutal position. We take so many hits. When you get the opportunity to get some money, you want to put yourself in position to max out, to get as much as you can, because the lifespan of a running back is not long.”

The flip side is that he’s in essence a part-time player. He splits time with Tevin Coleman in the Falcons backfield, and got fewer touches this year than last year. That could create some potential for drama, and his agent offered some quotes that will be considered inflammatory, such as: “It’s time for the Falcons to pay him like the elite back he is.”

Falcons General Manager Thomas Dimitroff said he was receptive to discussing this with Freeman this offseason, acknowledging the value he creates for their offense (which will be losing coordinator Kyle Shanahan to the 49ers next week).

The balancing act for them is keeping as many of their contributors as possible, while recognizing that having multiple cheap parts is essential when you have superstar contracts on the books. And while many will questions Freeman’s timing, he’s not wrong about the multiple forces which could diminish his market value, or the reality that players have to get it while they can.

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  1. If you don’t want to struggle any more maybe try and live like you make $100,000 a year, instead of $1,000,000. That will make your measly income of almost $700,000 a year last a little longer.

  2. .
    “I’ve got a family to feed, and I don’t want to struggle anymore.”

    $690,000 per year is the new poverty line.

  3. God, people are going to blast him for that statement about feeding his family. I’m not as much in that boat, but I got one foot on it. Wording is important, Mr. Freeman.

  4. I totally respect the Falcons and I like Freeman….Until he said he doesn’t want to struggle anymore….seriously. I would have been just fine with the statement “We take so many hits. When you get the opportunity to get some money, you want to put yourself in position to max out, to get as much as you can, because the lifespan of a running back is not long”. That shows me he’s smart enough to know that realizes that the NFL is not going to be writing checks for him forever and he’s thinking about the future, but honestly “struggle”. Maybe you need to change your lifestyle and priorities in life if you think your struggling.

  5. Honestly the “feed my family” garbage needs to go. He is “underpaid” in the NFL. Sure, you can make that argument. On the other hand, in the real world, he’s a top 1% earner. $690,000 is not struggling. C’mon man!!

  6. Ahh so this is why he’s flapping his gums about the Pats D. Trying get his name out there for that next big break. Meanwhile the Pats D will stuff him for under 50 yards this weekend.

  7. He is totally out of touch with reality, ” I don’t want to struggle anymore.” How in the heck are you struggling with a four-year rookie deal which will pay him $2.7 million total?

    Wait don’t tell me, there is a tough childhood story we are about to hear. He as to support over 10 people because they can’t take responsibility for themselves.

    I suggest all do check out Devonta’s Instagram account, loving the pics of his $226,900 S65 Amg V12n Benz and telling women that “Men are the Prize” and Women should show they are worthy. SMH

  8. Open mouth insert foot, fumble two times Sunday= ticket out of Atlanta.
    Send me his address, I will send him a Star Market gift certificate to buy some food.

  9. @tjacks7 says:
    Jan 30, 2017 6:19 PM

    How big is this guys family?

    Usually your post are so ignorant, but that was very good. Maybe there is hop

  10. He’s certainly outplayed his rookie contract and deserves to get paid. If I were him, I’d sign a 2-3 year contract and not a real long term contract because the market, at least in the NFL, is increasing and someone else will get a larger contract in the future. If his ego can’t handle that ala Derrelle Revis, then long term contracts are not good.

  11. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    Jan 30, 2017 5:52 PM
    Where was the potent offense before they drafted Freeman? Pay the man.

    The same place it was last year when he had 20% more touches. If you were really a Pats fan we would be embarrassed that one of us was using something as nebulous as the teams total offensive output as their argument rather than basing it on something a little more individually concrete.

  12. Did LaTrel Spreewell make him say this?

    Man, just when I thought I liked Freeman he goes and …….talks.

  13. Wow Devonta, Obviously you and your not so smart agent forget about the brotherhood. So, let me be the first to remind you, that should the Falcons lose SuperBowl L1, you will be the main culprit for upsetting what for most of the Atlanta fans, Falcon organization, and your teammates was something pretty special. You will be the next Eugene Robinson. Grow up, take it from those of us who have lived a little bit more life than you, $ is not everyone, and now you have jeopardized something that was more precious than you can everyone realize, something $ could never buy, that is lifelong. And how do you think your running mate Mr. Coleman feels about your selfishness regarding your playing time? When you think of only yourself, and not others, the negative media focus that will occur in the next few days is the result. Ask Victor Cruz, and the NY not so smart posse’, about their recent Miami trip. Were your comments worth the firestorm coming your way from the fans and teammates? Don’t think so!!! And, you would have probably been rewarded more $ had you not spilled the apple cart with your recent dump comments. That was STUPID!! May we suggest you stay quiet the remainder of Super Bowl week, and say a prayer to the good Lord, that you learn and grow from your mistake. P.S., and get rid of your not so smart agent!!!

  14. Sounds like this guy has a Tavon Austin entourage of moochers looking to cash in. If he didn’t say anything and let his agent talk I’d support him. But what a hypocrite, he moans about his money, which people and myself agree he’s outplaying his deal, he and his agent say he’s an elite back that doesn’t want to split carries yet he preaches he knows a RB’s NFL life is short.

    Bro you have another RB back there can take away the stress of carrying the entire workload, you’re reducing your chances of injury and you’re prolonging your career by having a Tevin Coleman split carries with you.

    Plain and simple he just wants to get paid.

  15. No chance they pay him top dollar with Coleman on the team. Freeman is good but talking about wanting to get paid the week your preparing for the Super Bowl and saying that your struggling to live on 650 Gs a year shows the depths of your ignorance. Use him up next year then tell him not to let the door hit him on the way out.

  16. I’m not sure how large his “family” is that he’s talking about, but I am sure that, like most of these guys, he has a “stable” of hanger oners that he has to feed money to as well.

  17. @ch2atl – get off your high horse about being disrespectful. What does Tevin think? I am guessing Tevin would be very understanding since his big pay-day will be coming in a few years and Freeman could raise the ceiling a bit. I understand, you are an Atl fan and you would love to keep this together but Freeman is right about one thing, he is underpaid for the position, longevity and his worth to that offense. I hate his choice of words but the point is still the same, he deserves a raise.

  18. Typical Falcon. He’s worrying about his new pay day and he hasn’t even played the SB yet. He’s still under contract for next year. This will be a major distraction for the team. When the Falcons played and lost to the Broncos in the SB years ago they had a major distraction then too. One of their players went out after curfew and attempted to purchase the services of a prostitute. Turns out the prostitute was an undercover police officer so he was promptly arrested. LOL! Falcons are in over their head again. Patriots win this one in a blowout!

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