Dwight Freeney: Key to playing Tom Brady is pressure from the front four

Getty Images

The Giants have beaten Tom Brady in the Super Bowl by getting pressure from the defensive line, and the Falcons hope they can do the same.

Falcons defensive end Dwight Freeney said today that he believes the key to stopping Brady lies in the defensive line doing its job, and not needing to bring linebackers or safeties on a blitz.

“He’s a great quarterback and it’s hard to fool him with a blitz,” Freney said. “If you have a great defensive line and you can put pressure on any quarterback with just four guys you can have success.”

Freeney is the only player on the Falcons who has played in more than one Super Bowl, and Atlanta will be counting on his veteran leadership. But more importantly, Atlanta will be counting on him getting to Brady.