Houston mayor: Protests won’t get in way of Super Bowl activities

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Protests have been going on across the country in recent days in response to President Donald Trump’s executive order barring refugees from entering the country for 120 days, refugees from Syria from entering the country indefinitely and all people from seven predominantly Muslim countries for 90 days.

One of those protests took place outside the headquarters for Super Bowl activity in Houston on Sunday and there may be more protests in the city in the coming days. In a press conference on Monday, Houston mayor Sylvester Turner said that any future protests won’t disrupt Super Bowl activities.

Turner said that people are “exercising their constitutional right to voice their opinion” and that it is possible to do that “and have good football at the same time.”

Turner added that there are no known threats to the game’s security and that the city is confident that its first Super Bowl since 2004 will proceed smoothly.

17 responses to “Houston mayor: Protests won’t get in way of Super Bowl activities

  1. Can you even imagine the trump whitehouse celebration? Half of the sports websites will shut down.
    “Brady shakes Trumps hand”
    “Belichick says he’s ‘proud’ of Donald trump”
    “Kraft indicates he supports the wall”
    “President elect slams commissioner”

  2. Even if I don’t agree with them I love seeing protesters. Being able to disagree with one and other and peacefully protest is the seeing freedom in action. They have the right to voice their displeasure in a peaceful manor. That’s the beauty of democracy.

  3. I protested for the first time in my life after that ban this weekend. If we won’t stand up for muslims it will keep going just like Hitler started with the Jews. I expect a million thumbs down for this comment but I love this country and what it stands for and this is not it.

  4. I know it is their right, but all this protesting of everything bothers me. It gets old. I can see it now, TV footage of riot police lined up with no cross barriers, people with banners (not that kind) and megaphones yelling and screaming as the protest. maybe someone throws a rock and all hell breaks loose.

    It is the kind of footage I would expect to see from third world country with at totalitarian government. I don’t like seeing it here.

  5. Ehh just paid protesters. Obama did the same thing but the news didnt report it


    If those goofballs actually want to make money doing something constructive, there will be plenty of well-paying infrastructure jobs coming on line soon. I doubt they have the skills or initiative to take them, though.

  6. A tiny fraction of the US population, many not even citizens, have the undivided attention of the left wing media in hopes they can discredit the last election. Yeah, ’cause we need more third world refugees in this country as we entitle away all the national product of the working class.

    Too late, snowflakes. Suck it up and deal with the aftermath.

  7. We NEED to know who is coming into our country and why……I see nothing wrong with the executive order.

  8. elyasm says:
    Jan 30, 2017 5:13 PM
    Nothing a few fire hoses can’t wash away.
    Because there nothing like hosing peaceful protesters, like civil rights protesters were hosed in the ’60’s.

  9. This protesting job must pay well. Do they pay overtime for weekend work? Get health coverage? Paid holidays? All I have to do is take a pre-made sign that has something vulgar on it and yell about something I don’t understand. Super Bowl, here I come!

  10. Saudi Arabia is where every 9/11 attacker but one came from.
    Saudi Arabia is not on the banned list.
    Donald Trump has extensive business interests in Saudi Arabia.
    And they sell us oil.
    All of this is of course just coincidental.

  11. I’m sure the protests will be drowned out by all the NE fans endlessly whining about the ideal gas law and poor Tom Brady. Yawn.

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