John Lynch didn’t see this coming either

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As it turns out, John Lynch is exactly as surprised as the rest of us.

The new 49ers General Manager talked to reporters Monday, and expressed the same kind of astonishment as many others had upon his getting a job no one knew he applied for.

Two weeks ago I never thought I’d be doing this,” he said, via Matt Maiocco of

Lynch was vague when discussing the division of labor in a (his) new front office, since they can’t technically say Kyle Shanahan’s going to be the coach as soon as the Super Bowl’s over.

And he knows plenty of people will be skeptical of his rapid ascension to the job, which no one even knew he was a candidate for (since the 49ers helpfully omitted him from their transparent identification of other candidates).

“I’m eager to earn their trust,” Lynch said of their fans.

There are others in the organization who could justifiably say the same thing.

19 responses to “John Lynch didn’t see this coming either

  1. In reality, he should have. In no way could the 49ers get anyone who has experience or actual qualifications. Those types would recognize the clown show they are walking into. The way they have been run since they ran Harbaugh out of town is a joke. Then firing 2 other coaches after 1 season each. It shows that the organization is mess.

  2. What was Elway’s experience before becoming broncos GM? I’m not a broncos fan or a 9ers fan just curious…. something tells me Elway didn’t work his way up through the scouting ranks the usual way—and he seems to have done pretty well. Won a super bowl with 1/2 of a Peyton manning.

  3. nflfollower says:
    Jan 30, 2017 8:06 PM
    What was Elway’s experience before becoming broncos GM?

    Being a GM isn’t only knowing football, it is operating a business as well as business strategy. Elway had many successful business ventures and still owns many successful hotels, restaurants, and car dealerships. On the football side he was the VP of football operations before he became a GM. He has a ton of experience, as opposed to Lynch who was most recently a commentator.

  4. If only we knew it was that easy. A simple phone call 3 weeks ago would have gotten any of us the job – and a 6-year contract.

    Seriously, it’s being under-reported just how looney tunes this is.

  5. Elway was the owner of the Denver ArenaBall franchise where he cut his teeth learning the behind the scenes of what to do with a football franchise.
    He was a successful car dealership owner that he sold to AutoNation for a hefty profit.
    He was brought into the management fold of the Broncos as a GM due to his years of apprenticeship with his ownership of the Colorado Crush, which he stated he wanted to do to learn that side of the wall. And the Crush won a title in the third year under his ownership. Sound Familiar?
    Elway was the always at the all the scouting combines where he would be the only GM in attendance and would hobnob with all the other scouts. He cut his teeth doing what other GMs already knew.
    I suspect Lynch, also a Stanford alum, will align himself just like his new found mentor will and dive headfirst into the deep end to make sure that his tenure isnt an embarrassment.

  6. Actually, this shows me he’s fully aware of the problems that exist behind close doors in Santa Clara and isn’t afraid to address them. I don’t know what else he brings to the table as a GM, but this is a good start.

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