Report: John Lynch has final say on 90-man roster, Kyle Shanahan on cut to 53

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When the 49ers were searching for a General Manager, one of the questions being asked was what kind of control Kyle Shanahan would have over the 53-man roster when he is officially installed as the team’s head coach.

Those questions didn’t go away when the 49ers made their hire on Sunday. John Lynch will be the G.M., but comes to the job from the broadcast booth and doesn’t have a background in personnel evaluation or roster management.

Jim Trotter of ESPN reported Monday that Lynch will have final say on the makeup of the 53-man roster and that CEO Jed York was the person who told him that’s the way things will work with the 49ers. Matt Maiocco of CSN Bay Area reported before Lynch was hired that Shanahan’s conversations with other G.M candidates included discussions about how things would break down on that front and that Shanahan wanted a voice in personnel decisions rather than total control of the roster.

The issue of final say comes up often when discussing how coaches and General Managers work together, but a good working relationship will feature the personnel department listening to and acting on input from the coaching staff into the kind of players they want to deploy on the field. If that isn’t a smooth process, it’s unlikely to result in a good product and the relationship won’t be a long-term one anyway.

UPDATE 6:15 p.m. ET: Trotter has clarified his previous report to say that Lynch will have final say on the 90-man roster, draft and free agency with Shanahan holding control of the 53-man roster.

19 responses to “Report: John Lynch has final say on 90-man roster, Kyle Shanahan on cut to 53

  1. “John Lynch will be the G.M., but comes to the job from the broadcast booth and doesn’t have a background …”

    We all know Lynch comes to the job with no experience. But let’s give him a chance, huh?

  2. I’m a bit perplexed that the 49ers didn’t call me in for an interview. I have lots of experience managing a McDonald’s which is more than Lynch can say.

  3. It would be funny though if Lynch drafts a guy early or signs a big free agent that Shanahan doesn’t want and he cuts him since he has final say of the 53 man roster.

  4. I would not be the least bit surprised if Kyle extended a camp invite to Manziel, if by some parting of the red sea style miracle that he stays clean. That’s something I will keep my eye on.

  5. Not having the same person with the same vision in charge of the roster from start to finish has huge leaks and is so typically 49er.

  6. Disaster waiting to happen. Best chance for Kyle Shanahan to succeed = experienced GM who can handle all the personnel stuff. That failing, next best shot was inexperienced GM who would surround himself with good guys to handle all the personnel stuff. But having the totally inexperienced head coach also playing GM isn’t going to work.

  7. GM in control of the 90 and draft, with HC in control of the 53, is the same balance of power that the 49ers have been using for years (including with Baalke & Harbaugh). It’s a balanced but overall GM friendly power structure.

    This means all the media people who have been talking about a desparate Jed York giving all personnel control to a power hungry Kyle Shanahan have been dishonestly insulting both men the whole time.

  8. If you read between the lines, this means Lynch is in charge of evaluating prospects,signing talent, and watching the cap, and other off field business.
    Shanahan calls the shots on the final roster. He also has say on the draft, probably trades, and free agents.
    It’s set up similarly to Seattle.
    There were a few GM candidates that pulled out just because they didn’t want that kind of an arrangement.

  9. @brettfavreisapacker4ever

    If you read between the lines, actually, this all means that Paraag Marathe is the real GM. He’s the one who will continue to work the salary cap and negotiate contracts, and continue to have a hand in all negotiations and signings. In the end, this regime change charade is nothing but wolf in sheep clothing.

  10. This will be good for Jed. Jed’s a very young man, and he’ll be running this team for many years to come. He hasn’t had any real solid football men around, or solid men in general. With Lynch you get a real solid guy. I don’t know if they’ll win, but Jed will learn a lot about football from Lynch. Jed would be better off forgetting everything he’s learned the last 7 years.

  11. Sounds good on paper, one side of the house thinks long term, one focuses on winning now. But the proof will be in how they handle the first time Shanny cuts a big Lynch signing/Lynch refuses to go after a Shanahan player (Devonta, for example) in FA.

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