Matt Millen: Similarities between me and John Lynch are kind of funny

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The 49ers shocked everyone when they hired John Lynch as their new G.M. because the move was almost unprecedented. Almost.

The one and only person to get a G.M. job with the same resume as Lynch — a long career playing defense in the NFL followed by several years as a broadcaster — is Matt Millen. And Millen was a disaster during a tenure in Detroit that culminated with the only 0-16 season in NFL history.

So what does Millen think of the 49ers hiring Lynch?

“When I heard the news, good luck,” Millen told the Free Press. “He’s a bright guy. I mean, the parallels are kind of funny, actually.”

You can forgive 49ers fans if they’re not laughing.

But Millen’s perspective is interesting because he acknowledges there was a lot he didn’t know when he took the Lions job, and he wonders whether Lynch realizes how much he doesn’t know.

“He was a defensive guy, he was a really good player,” Millen said of Lynch. “All those things, all that crap. But none of those things are factors. The things that are factors are, can you manage people? Can you get everybody on the same page? Can you handle the politics? If you got that, fine. If you don’t have it, then it’ll turn out the way it turns out.”

The 49ers can only hope it doesn’t turn out anywhere near as badly as the Lions hiring Millen turned out.

41 responses to “Matt Millen: Similarities between me and John Lynch are kind of funny

  1. It’s kind of funny that Millen thinks there are significant similarities between he and Lynch.

  2. valentino8100 says:
    Jan 30, 2017 12:56 PM
    It’s kind of funny that Millen thinks there are significant similarities between he and Lynch.
    The similarities are that both were very good players and both went straight into a GM role.

    I don’t see what’s funny, maybe you didn’t know Millen was a very good player?

  3. “The things that are factors are, can you manage people? Can you get everybody on the same page? Can you handle the politics?”

    And when Millen asks those questions of himself, the answer has to be a resounding NO!

  4. I realize this isn’t the kind of politics Millen referred to, but I do wonder how Lynch feels about the Kaepernick actions.

    It’s so odd that the 49ers were in the Super Bowl in Feb 2013, had a lot of extra draft picks in their future (some of the extras were high picks), a young and athletic QB, and it all went downhill so fast. Even if Lynch turns out to be like Millen, I doubt he can do worse than the recent mgmt.

  5. “It’s going to turn out the way it turns out” is possibly the worst platitude I have ever heard… of course!!! Not surprised Millen used it.

  6. Matt Millen: Similarities between me and John Lynch are kind of funny

    Except that as a broadcaster, you put people to sleep. You took over an organization that was rising and made it sink faster than the Titanic! Whereas, Lynch is a mediocre to good broadcaster, he picks his spots based on the game in front of him, and he is taking over an organization that is going down in flames.

  7. Just goes to show that no one with a legitimate resume to be an NFL GM wanted anything to do with the Niners. Maybe Lynch will hire Millen to be their wide receivers scout.

  8. Lynch has no chance to succeed . He’s got zero experience outside of playing which doesn’t mean much . If he truly wanted to do this he would have actually put the work in by learning the ropes by being employed by an NFL team . Give this move a couple of years for Lynch to be fired or more likely a powerless figurehead collecting a fat paycheck.

  9. The “Peter Principle” is a management concept that states people are promoted to their level of incompetence. Most often, they are promoted because of their success in their current role rather than their abilities in their intended role. Maybe that applies to Lynch. We’ll see.

    But I’d like to coin a new management principle that I’ll call the “Jed York Principle”. This describes the situation where someone is given a senior executive position while only demonstrating the decision making skills and management abilities of a spoon. And I apologize upfront to spoons everywhere as well as any other form of cutlery that may be offended by my derogatory inference.

  10. Tis the season for hiring/electing/appointing people to positions for which they know absolutely nothing about.
    John Lynch better hire a very strong assistant GM, perhaps a former GM that he trusts. He will need the help. I wonder if Sapp has asked for a job yet…

  11. I like to ridicule Millen, often and loudly.
    He didn’t have a rookie cap and all those high draft picks were far less valuable for turning a franchise around than they would be now.
    Even if you hit on a guy like Suh you were paying star free agent prices so the advatange of drafting high was lessened.

    So Lynch will have an easier job.

  12. Where is little Jed York? Make the announcement and explain things yourself Jed and stop talking with Peter King, Adam Schefter et al and letting them carry your water. It’s safe. Stand up. You’re a big boy.

  13. I really think Millen is a special kind of stupid. Kind of unfair to compare anybody to him.

    Shanahan is the one with control over the roster anyway.

  14. I haven’t heard Millen deny that his tenure was a disaster, or heard him blame others.

    I think the questions he posed are good questions. He never said he did any of that successfully.

  15. Matt Millen is the worse GM in “Sports” history. Hell of a football player, but he was like Groundhog day every year in the draft…bust, bust, bust, bust, etc.

  16. He did get the Calvin Johnson pick right, so there’s that… Of course, that was after wasting 2 high picks 2 years in a row on wide receivers. Lynch has a lot to live down to if he’s going to be the next Millen. Plus, he’s following Baalke, the inept dummy who made their best coach since Walsh leave so, unless Lynch really IS the next Millen, they got nowhere to go but up. Granted, it’s a very low ceiling, but still…

  17. Millen, just shut your pie hole!

    I’m praying that there is NOTHING that you and John have in common! You were a complete failure when you fielded a team.

    Hush now and let John do his job! Bottom line is keeping Lynch and the team off the drugs.

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