Mohamed Sanu avoids any talk of Muslim travel ban

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Mohamed Sanu was polite about not saying anything, after being given many opportunities to say something.

But the Falcons wide receiver was not interested in talking about President Donald Trump’s executive order banning immigration from seven predominantly Muslim countries.

Sanu, who was raised Muslim, said media day wasn’t the venue for the topic.

“Very tough situation,” Sanu said. “It’s really hard for me to talk about that right now. I’m not here to talk about my religious beliefs. I’m here to focus on football.”

He walked in the door prepared to not broach the subject, though a number of times he mentioned to reporters he respected they were doing their jobs by asking.

“I hope we can pray as a country for the world to be united,” he said early during his hour of availability.

“I knew it would come up,” he added later. “My name is Mohamed. I’m Muslim.”

He said there would be a time when he’d be happy to talk about the controversial move by the President, which has sparked protests nationwide.

But the week before the Super Bowl was not a time he felt comfortable inserting himself into a national debate.

48 responses to “Mohamed Sanu avoids any talk of Muslim travel ban

  1. As a Falcons fan, good for you Sanu. Our lone trip to the Super Bowl was ruined by distractions, and that’s an understatement. Seems Dan Quinn has prepared our guys well.

  2. Exactly good for him way not to take the bait.

    But I am interested in his opinion on whether high level politicians should be able to take lobbing position with foreign countries.

  3. It is not a Muslim ban. It’s a terrorist ban, and it’s temporary. Stop fanning the flames.

    you can’t be that igno…. yes you can. silly me

  4. Does ANYONE read anything anymore? It’s not a muslim ban.

    It’s actually the plan Obama drew up in 2011 in attempt to prevent terrorism in this country.

    But democrats want to find any way to critique/criticize Trump. Find something productive to do with your life.

  5. Where does it say it is a Muslim travel ban? If that were true there are many, many other countries with predominantly Muslim populations that are not on the list that would be. It really is pathetic that this site joins in on the false narrative put forth by certain segments of the population.

  6. It is not a Muslim ban. It’s a terrorist ban, and it’s temporary. Stop fanning the flames.
    Stop being obtuse.

  7. TRUMP is with GOD
    While I’m not 12 and therefore don’t believe in god, I do believe if there was a god, he wouldn’t be with anyone who thinks they can grab women by the genitals because they are famous. Or is that another liberal media construct?

  8. How is stating fact being obtuse? I am not at all insensitive. Indonesia is the most populated Muslim place on earth and they aren’t banned. Again, this is about terrorism, not faith. Goodnight.

  9. Okay…let’s talk football. We shouldn’t have to apologize for the exponential ignorance spewing out of D.C. as of late. Don’t make Trump mad, cause if he continues to turn red, he’s gonna reach spontaneous combustion!

  10. It’s not a Muslim ban….And it’s not a ban, it’s a temporary hold/stay….hack reporting at it’s finest….And I’m assuming Sanu is a US citizen do what would her have to do with it ? He’s not a terrorist

  11. ProSafeSpaceTalk

    But then again, this is a blog that won’t say “Redskins” because 6% of Native Americans don’t like the term.

    Enjoy the next 8 years snowflakes….you better start training PTSD puppies now.

  12. The Super Bowl is about competition.

    The political bull crap, needs to take a break.

    Millionaires will be playing millionaires, franchises owned by billionairs, to give us a escape for one day.

    Lady Gaga, I’m talking to you.

  13. There’s nothing I love more these days, than watching Liberals and Conservatives go at it.

    As far as I’m concerned the mere fact that you would think that either party gives a flying eff-you-see-kay about you, an average citizen, makes me think you’re probably putting a downpayment on a bridge in Brooklyn.

    Get real people. Every politician is useless. We’d be better off without them. The sheep will disagree of course.

  14. May I intrude with a little thing called a “fact” here?

    Um, no it’s not a “terrorist ban.” We already have a no fly list of people associated with terrorist organizations who are barred from entering the country and the people who ARE allowed in are very carefully vetted and made to endure a long waiting period.

    No, this is simply banning people who are Muslim from cherry-picked countries. I’m Catholic but this is absolutely and completely wrong and totally anti-Christian and against everything this country stands for. I can’t believe I’m actually agreeing with Dick Cheney on something!

    And while we’re on the subject – Trump didn’t include in his little pet list countries where some of the most extremist nutcases live: namely Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and The Philippines!

  15. Notice how the people who support our President are being polite and respectful while the people who are disagreeing with him are being rude and insulting? That says a lot…

  16. Not a muslim travel ban! Guess you didn’t read the EO. It’s a pause on immigration from 7 countries that our own nsa/cia agree we have no effective way to vet the refugees until new guidelines are created. Liberals all up in arms making this a tolerance issue just wait till an attack hits their back yard. Would a massacre at Disney Land be what’s needed to get Hollywood and the media to realize there are people out there that want to kill us and have already stated they intend to infiltrate the refugee population?

  17. Calling it a “Muslim ban” is literally fake news. Yes there is a temporary moratorium on travel from seven predominantly Muslim nations. That is not a “Muslim ban” and to state it as such is both ignorant and irresponsible.

  18. Nice to see someone famous not using their status to bully and shame people because their beliefs are different. Last I checked we’re allowed to disagree and not hate each other no matter how much the press enjoys it. Good on Sanu, nice job not taking the bait. That said, I hope Sundays game is a good one

  19. Good for Sanu! Son, concentrate on winning the SB!
    As far as the ban, it is NOT a Muslim faith ban. For those who listen, it is 7 countries that Obama identified as countries who were a danger to Americans. Indonesia is first and India is second in Muslim populations; however, I see neither country on this list. The “Fake News” liberal media refuses to let the true facts get in the way of their agenda…….

  20. It’s not a ban on Muslims….the press is in one simple term sensationalism at it’s best. Of 350,000 muslims entering the country in the last few days only 109 have been detained, is that a ban….people need to wake up and stop believing the liberally bias press. Now as far as Sanu is concerned, he is a class act and a great receiver. Probably critical to the Falcons success if they are to defeat NE. Another Rutgers grad…three in Pats secondary, these guys probably know each other very well from their collegiate days….very cool.

  21. Have they been asking him for his opinion about the acts of terrorism around the world caused by muslim extremists? Have they ever asked him about 9/11? Have they ever asked him about the Boston Marathon bombing? Have they ever asked him about the London train attacks? Have they ever asked him about the multiple muslim terrorist attacks in Paris?

    No, I didn’t think so. Media parasites need to crawl away.

  22. pkrlvr says:
    Jan 30, 2017 10:20 PM
    It is not a Muslim ban. It’s a terrorist ban, and it’s temporary. Stop fanning the flames.
    Stop being obtuse.


    A man speaks the truth, a leftist responds with name calling. Yup, thats how we roll these days.

    Its not a ban, honestly dont take my word for it, go read the actual order. Or if you need to see precedent go read the one that Obama carried out that was considerably longer. (But no one squawked, and also the sky didnt fall and the world is still here today)

  23. Come on guys. You are smarter than this. This isn’t about terrorism. If it were, Trump would have put Saudi Arabia on the list. We already admit the fewest refugees in the Western world and it takes 18 to 24 months for refugees to get visas under the current statute. This is about looking good to his political base.

  24. darcrequiem says:
    Jan 31, 2017 9:07 AM
    Come on guys. You are smarter than this. This isn’t about terrorism. If it were, Trump would have put Saudi Arabia on the list. We already admit the fewest refugees in the Western world and it takes 18 to 24 months for refugees to get visas under the current statute. This is about looking good to his political base.


    Come on guys, you are smarter than this. It isnt Trumps list, its Obama’s. They are using the existing list from the previous administration as their starting point. But to your point that it is missing most Muslim countries (and 90% of Islam is in those other countries not on the list) it must not be a Muslim ban.

  25. If you had stayed in Cincinnati, Mohamed, you wouldn’t be having to deal with this BS. Errrrr, wait. What? :/

  26. People not calling it a Muslim ban: hear Rudy Guiliani talk about its creation process on Fox news..It is fully intended to be a Muslim ban.

    Also for the dumbs comparing it to Obama’s plan. His was a temporary hold on net-new issuance of Visas for Iraqi refugees. Trump’s includes a sweeping hold on all non-citizens from a variety of countries (that Trump has no business deals in), this stupidly includes green card holders. Iranians are included even tho there hasn’t been a single terror attack by an Iranian on US soil.

  27. Iranians are included because obamas department of defense felt that the iranian goverment funded and backed a plan by a muslim american citizen to assassinate a foreign leader a few years back

  28. FIRST, it’s NOT a ‘muslim’ ban, it’s a temporary halt to ANYONE coming from those seven countries without ‘extreme vetting’ on who they are. SECOND, 73 DemocRATS voted FOR a ban on muslims AFTER 9/11 took place. THIRD, Obama BANNED IRAQI refugees from entering the U.S. in his FIRST term. Fourth–the President has a CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY and AUTHORITY to enact policies or actions to protect Americans–THAT is what he did snowflakes! Learn your Constitution and history and maybe, just maybe you will learn something other than today’s NFL players are WORST sportsmanship examples in professional sports.

  29. OMG. It’s a very limited, and temporary ban on 7 countries which, according to intel provided to Congress, have ISIS and other terrorist organizations that have attempted to inject jihadists into the immigration and refugee process. There are 40 majority-Muslim countries specifically not affected, either because there is no perceived threat or there are sufficient vetting processes in place in those countries.

    Calling this a “Muslim travel ban” is false and irresponsible, and clearly a purposeful attempt to imply hatefulness and incite unrest.

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