Patriots, Cowboys the most disliked NFL teams

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The most beloved teams in the NFL typically are also the most hated.

Via Darren Rovell of, a new poll from Public Policy Polling once again shows that the Patriots are the most disliked team in the NFL, with 21 percent of respondents selecting the AFC finalists. The Cowboys came in second, at 19 percent.

The 378 folks who responded to the poll (that doesn’t really seem like enough to develop reliable results) also generated 42 percent who have negative feelings about the Patriots. Only 19 percent feel negatively about the Falcons, who will represent the NFC in Super Bowl LI.

Not surprisingly, then, 53 percent of those polled support the Falcons in Super Bowl LI. Only 27 percent want the Patriots to win.

New Englanders who may be chagrined by the results of the poll should take some comfort in the reality that 42 percent disapprove of the job Commissioner Roger Goodell is doing, and that 37 percent view him negatively — more than the 34 percent who have a negative view of Patriots coach Bill Belichick.