Ty Law feeling nervous about Hall of Fame selection

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Ty Law is a finalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame this week, and he’ll be biting his nails as the selection committee meets on Saturday.

Law, who played cornerback for the Patriots, Jets, Chiefs and Broncos, said it means a lot to him to be viewed as one of the all-time greats.

I’ll be nervous because you want to be considered among the best who ever played,” Law told the Boston Herald. “One of the reasons you started playing, one of the reasons you worked so hard for so many years, was to become the best player you could. But I understand the reality of the process. I understand it’s my first time in the finals. It’s an honor just to be there.”

Law is competing with running back LaDainian Tomlinson, defensive end Jason Taylor, safety Brian Dawkins, coach Don Coryell, running back Terrell Davis, tackle Joe Jacoby, safety John Lynch, quarterback Kurt Warner, receiver Terrell Owens, kicker Morten Andersen, guard Alan Faneca, tackle Tony Boselli, receiver Isaac Bruce and guard Kevin Mawae. A minimum of three and maximum of five of those men will be selected.

Voted on separately will be contributors Paul Tagliabue and Jerry Jones, and veterans committee nominee Kenny Easley.

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  1. There was Dion Sanders (The absolute best cover guy of all time. But can’t tackle worth a hoot.) then Ty Law (Who could both cover and play the run like a LB)

    the line for everyone during the same era else starts after these two.

  2. It takes a long time for DB’s to get into the hall of fame. Especially in this day and age where a lot of tight ends, receivers, and QB’s will be getting in from the early 2000’s. Law is worthy but he may have to wait a few years and I would expect the same with guys like Darrelle Revis, Champ Bailey, and Charles Woodson.

  3. one of the most important pieces of our dynastys beginning. he tore mannings heart out with his 3 picks and set the tone in sb 36 w his pick 6. made play after important play for us. also among the all time leader in interceptions. so to sum it up, hes among the all time stat greats and clutch player in playoffs and super bowl w multiple sb rings. sounds like a hall of famer to me.

  4. How is this guy not in already?

    Once Deion retired and Aneas Williams got old, Law was carrying that torch through 2005, and then handed it off to Champ Bailey.

    I always laugh at borderline busts like Charles Woodson in Oakland, being let go in FA, Bailey or even Revis’s name mentioned as HOF slam dunks, and Law is superior to all of them.

    It’s amazing how the media has this power to brainwash the kiddies of today, too.

    They enhanced the 1978 Chuck Rule over his style of play, for crying out loud!

    The guy owned Peyton Manning too, and was almost singlehandedly responsible for the famous “Manning Face” we all love so much.

    He played in 3 SBs (he was in injured in 2004), has 3 rings, was a great tackler and many premier WRs of that era, called him the best in his time, for about 10 years. Isaac Bruce and Marvin Harrison come to mind immediately who are on record with that.

    If that is not a HOF resume at that position, I have no idea what is.

    For whatever reason, Pats players of the past 20 years are wildly disrespected.

    Rodney Harrison should also be in as should Tedy Bruschi.

    Each has HOF resumes as well. You can’t be that much of a cornerstone for that long, have so many postseason games with impact, under your belt and then see half baked players like Jerome Bettis cupcake in with a hack like Tony Dungy.

    If Nick Buonconti is in the HOF, then Bruschi is also a HOF LB. You can’t keep moving the goalposts, completely ignoring a huge chunk of NFL history from the books, simply because of jealousy and stupid agendas.

    It’s incredibly disrespectful.

  5. What a weak list, and some one please tell me why Terrell Davis being considered.

    Bo Jackson had a short career too, but he was way better than Davis and he’s not being considered.

  6. Doubt he’ll get in, but would love it if he did. Complete corner – great in coverage, great ball skills, and most unusual for a top corner, great tackler. Gambled to try to make plays sometimes and gave up the big one, but more often than not came up with the ball. Never got a lot of recognition when he played, hope he gets it now.

  7. .
    He would have been a lock for the HOF had he stayed in New England. Instead he became a journeyman, roaming from team to team in search of a paycheck.

  8. It is unconscionable that Coryell and Jacoby aren’t already in the HoF. As for Dawkins, Law and Lynch good luck. They are all hall worthy but the HoF voting is brutal on defensive backs.

  9. One of the best corners of the modern era. He owns my favorite play of all time, the pick 6 of Warner early in the the Super Bowl.

    And he absolutely owned Payton Manning. I’m sure Manning was ecstatic when the Pats let him move on.

  10. Absolutely deserves to be a first-ballot guy. Three picks in 1 playoff game. That Patriots win streak was an amazing feat. People who pay attention and know football understand that it was their defense that made that streak.

  11. Pats HOF players currently not in:

    Ty Law
    Tedy Bruschi
    Rodney Harrison (SD/NE)

    Soon to be in:

    Brady, Vinateri

    If this was another, more “high profile” franchise form yesteryear, these kinds of players would already be in.

    It took Andre Tippett like 10 years to get in, if not 15, and the guy was right there with LT for a decade. It’s just that he didn’t play in NY, so people acted like he was dominant like LT was.

    If there was no LT, Tippett would be considered the gold standard of OLBs along with Derrick Thomas from that general era.

    Enough already with the stupid biases.

    Learn the game or go home.

  12. drunkraider says:
    Jan 30, 2017 11:18 AM
    way over rated.

    That bro is still mad, 15 years is a long time to hold a grudge. Law was among the best of his era but that may not be enough. Coryell, Dawkins and Jacoby are no brainers. Owens should be left to sweat another year just for the entertainment value of the ensuing meltdown. It will be interesting to see if Lynch gets some bounce out of being named the Niners GM. Warner belongs in the same hall as Bruce, the hall of very good

  13. Outside of Brady and Vinatieri, Ty Law is the most Hall Of Fame worthy player from those first 3 Patriots Super Bowls.
    Made big plays and in the biggest games.

    Would be strange to have no one but Brady and the kicker in the Hall Of Fame from that dominant run.

  14. I’m no Chargers fan, but why the hell isn’t Don Coryell in the hall of fame already?….Air Coryell is the game watch today… He did it 30 years ago…

  15. Law was at his best in the biggest of games against the best of quarterbacks and receivers. Law also was great for an extended period of time and he deserves to be enshrined in the HOF.

  16. not even close to a Hall of famer, only these idiot 2001 front running chowder heads will say he does

  17. Ty Law and Rodney Harrison should be in the HOF.

    It’s amazing how disrespected they are. Harrison or John Lynch…Come on, Harrison every time.

    The Patriots have been the most dominant team for 20 years. Ty was the best corner on great defense in 96, 01, 03, 04 then with the Jets led the league in INTs

    Dude played better the bigger the game got.

    If he was a Steelers he would already be knighted a HOFer.

  18. raidernation210 says:
    Jan 30, 2017 12:25 PM
    not even close to a Hall of famer, only these idiot 2001 front running chowder heads will say he does


    It was 15 years ago get over it already. Sorry your team broke the subsequent season and our team has been one of the better ones in football doesnt make us front runners. Anyways, Ty Law isnt “close” to being a hall of famer? The guy with 53 career INTs isnt close to being a HOF? I dont even think hes better than Charles Woodson but to say he isnt close is ignorant.

  19. Amazing even when the Patriots defense was breaking records and had playmakers like Ty Law, some people still believe the myth Brady does more with less. At least 10 starting QBs could have won SBs with those 2001, 2003, and 2004 teams. This 2016 team is just as good as those in the early 2000s and they will prove it this Sunday.

  20. As a Pats fan I would love to see it but the football fan in me believes he will not. I’d vote Faneca, Boselli, Lynch, Patriot hater Tomlinson before him, and maybe even Mawae,

  21. Comments regarding Ty Law being overrated or that he’s not close to being a HOF player are misguided. He has the stats, he has the wins, he has the big plays in critical games. He also is a finalist, which means the HOF voters agree.

    At least 2 of the Patriots 4 Super Bowl wins would not have happened without Ty Law.

  22. Ty Law should be a first ballot HOF inductee. Results matter. I won’t be surprised if Rodney Harrison doesn’t make the HOF but he should as well.

  23. The Steelers won 4 Super Bowls in a six year period. The pats won 3 Super Bowls in a 4 year period. Both teams did it with defense. Pittsburg has what 8 HOFers? The Pats should have at least a few. Law, Harrison, Seymour, Bruschi, and McGinest are HOF worthy. All of thes players played their best in the biggest games. McGinest ia all time playoff sacks leader. Law had three picks of HOFer to be Manning.
    Also, Pitt never won 21 games in a row.

  24. bullcharger says:
    Jan 30, 2017 1:26 PM
    Comments regarding Ty Law being overrated or that he’s not close to being a HOF player are misguided. He has the stats, he has the wins, he has the big plays in critical games. He also is a finalist, which means the HOF voters agree.

    At least 2 of the Patriots 4 Super Bowl wins would not have happened without Ty Law.
    Law should have won Super Bowl MVP in SB 36. Brady played a very good game. Law played a great game.

  25. I know some people say these candidates are weak, but I think most of these guys should be in. For this year only five can bake it though, so I will say Tomlinson, T.O., Law, Warner and Lynch should go in. For those that say Warner was only very good, think about the fact that he brought the Cardinals and Rams into prominence. That puts him in for me because those franchises were very mediocre before he arrived. T.O’s stats speak for themselves regardless of anything else, the same goes for Tomlinson. Lynch was just the whole package at his safety position, and he deserves to be in. Law is the most questionable of my five picks, but I do think he did enough to get in.

  26. Tedy Bruschi isn’t even remotely close to being a Hall-of-Famer. He’s not even in the Top 100 linebackers to play the game.

    Andre Tippett was a great player- for four years. He shouldn’t be in either. His name shouldn’t be mentioned in the same sentence with Lawrence Taylor. Taylor had seven season of double-digit sacks- Tippett had 3.

    There are at least 6 or 7 linebackers far more Hall-worthy than Tippett.

    Rodney Harrison should be in there. So should Darren Woodson and Lester Hayes. Steve Atwater for sure-all before Ty Law gets a sniff.

  27. The Steelers won 4 Super Bowls in a six year period. The pats won 3 Super Bowls in a 4 year period. Both teams did it with defense. Pittsburg has what 8 HOFers?

    I hate Pittsburgh worse than NE but the Steelers had a defense that will never be seen again thanks to free agency.

    They also didn’t lose any Super Bowls when they were favored by 12 points either.

    Also Ty Law had 36 Interceptions in 10 years with the Patriots.

  28. Terrell Davis? Seriously? 6th rd pick, only played 7 years, not even in the top 50 in all-time rushing and was only successful when the Broncos were cheating the salary cap.

    At least Tomlinson is top 5 all-time rushing.

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