Bruce Arians hoping both Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald back

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Cardinals coach Bruce Arians has a backup plan, just in case. But he’s hoping that it can stay in a desk drawer, and that both Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald will be back.

“I’ve spoken to Carson and Larry every week since the season,” Arians said, via Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic. “Neither one has come to a decision. It’s up to them. I feel comfortable with where they’re at and what’s going to happen. Like everybody else, got my fingers crossed.

“I think when the juices start flowing and the injuries go away, they’ll both be back. But there’s nothing to confirm yet.”

His quarterback and star wide receiver have been on the fence about their futures, which are likely linked. Fitzgerald said today he has a good idea what he’s doing, while Palmer said he’s expecting to come back if his body responds the way he hopes it does.

Arians admitted Palmer “got the hell beat out of him this year,” but hopes that as he heals, he’ll be ready to return.

“Normally, it’s the teammates,” Arians said. “When they start getting around each other, knowing that ‘I can still do this and this is what I’m going to miss,’ that gets the trigger going again.”

If not, the Cardinals would be in the midst of a rebuild. They have some other talented receivers on the roster, but no heir apparent to Palmer among current options.

14 responses to “Bruce Arians hoping both Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald back

  1. He is 41-22 with the Cardinals, but this year was a disappointment. If he loses his #1 receiver and has to replace his QB, next year will be a real struggle. At least they are in the NFCW, so 2nd in the division ought to be a lock. If Larry and the statue stay I think the Cards can give the Seahawks a run for their money.

  2. AZ could be in perfect spot to draft QB this year…at 13, nobody behind them needs to potentially draft QB until Houston at 25. They could trade back, pick up a good pick(s) – get whomever they like a lot that has fallen at QB, and get WR with one of the picks they got for trading back. Perfect.

  3. Fix the OL so that Palmer, or whoever plays QB next year, doesn’t get mugged every time he goes back to pass. Same problem at Indy. Quit trying to shoehorn 4th round ham & eggers into starting OL spots – it rarely works. Commit to Palmer that the OL will be addressed, and there’s a much better chance that he’ll want to return. As for Fitz, hard to tell which way he’s leaning, but if he does retire now, he goes out with 107 receptions in his final year, which is a lot better than watching some guys hang on and stay too long (see: Jerry Rice in Seahawks or Broncos jerseys).

  4. Palmer getting sacked a ton has more to do with BA than a bad line. Big Ben was tormented for years under BA. Barely touched the last few season under Haley.

  5. If I was a cardinals fan it would be Arians that I would want to see go……well Palmer too

  6. Why come back just to get the crap beat out of you and finish 3 games behind the Seahawks again?

  7. It’s unlikely the Cards will be contention next season. The Seahawks will still be above average and theRams will somehow improve because they have Personal Seat Licenses to sell. Seems like every team in the past 10 years have had strong seasons or postseason success during the PSL sales window. The window is usually the 2 seasons leading up to the opening of the new stadium.

  8. The Cards have been fun to watch the last few years, and Fitz is a class guy and a future HOFer. Unfortunately, if this team’s window isn’t closed, its damn close.

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