Pittsburgh columnist calls for Steelers to trade Antonio Brown

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If the messages being sent by the Steelers via leaks to the media aren’t enough to prompt other teams to call about a possible trade for receiver Antonio Brown, maybe something more direct is needed. Like, for example, a column in the city’s leading newspaper arguing that Brown should be traded.

Ron Cook of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette recently opined that the Steelers should try to trade Brown, due to the salary cap and the reality that, as Brown approaches his 29th birthday, a decline could be coming. Some of the assertions contained in the column, however, should make any potential buyers wary.

“Brown’s three excessive celebrations penalties early in the season were bad enough,” Cook writes. “But there was the incident in the first Miami game when he jogged back to the line of scrimmage, delaying his teammates from running their two-minute offense. In more than one game, when he wasn’t happy with how he was being used, he frequently ran the wrong patterns, either because of a lack of focus or — worse — intentionally. It happened a week ago in the AFC championship. That’s inexcusable.”

Cook argues that it’s the quarterback who has made Brown, and that Ben Roethlisberger would have other options in the passing game if Brown leaves.

“Brown is not a bad guy or malicious person,” Cook writes. “He’s just not all that smart. It’s hard to imagine him changing now.”

The question is whether the Steelers will decide to make a change. It could hinge on whether someone makes a call.

44 responses to “Pittsburgh columnist calls for Steelers to trade Antonio Brown

  1. Obviously, the reporter was fed this story by the team, who are hoping to change Browns behaviour.
    He’s done some dumb things, but he hasn’t been suspended, so I think dumping him is counter productive unless they can get a good deal for him.

  2. One would expect the Steelers are taking a dispassionate objective long view when it comes to Brown. Premier franchises do occasionally make mistakes but it’s not because they didn’t do their due diligence. Pittsburgh’s decision on AB will factor in all points, especially the ones a reporter either does not know or can only speculate about.

  3. Antonio Brown was Antonio Brown at Central Michigan. (He was OUTSTANDING!)

    IMO he’s pretty much the modern day Jerry Rice. Any role you could ask a WR to play he not only can do it but he does it at a high level.

    It’s the off season. Let sleeping dogs lay.
    (Or trade him to NE pretty please.)

  4. Pittsburgh doesn’t have sports journalists it has lap dogs. They will write that Brown is better than Randy Moss, T.O., and Jerry Rice combined with an incredible work ethic that all the young receivers try to emulate and how he is one of the great leaders on the team ….. then the next day ….. when the Rooneys tell them to ….. they will write how Brown is a skunk who should be traded.

    It happens time after time. Never a bad word about Santonio Holmes until AFTER he was traded and then all of a sudden he was a locker room cancer and his teammates all hated him.

  5. If the columnist was that bright some NFL team would hire him.. LOL The stupidity of the media is really something.

  6. Reading between the lines, maybe Roethlisberger’s retirement comments were based in part on frustration with teammates like Brown. It’s tough to continue to get beat up physically like he does, selling out for the team, when you’ve got a me-first guy like Brown (allegedly) pouting on the field. At some point, a guy might just want to throw his hands up and ask WTF am I doing here? Tom Brady has proven that you don’t need a diva WR to be productive, just a bunch of reasonably talented guys who are willing to just do their job.

  7. How bout trading him straight up to the Bengals for AJ Green. Brown would fit right in there.

  8. realfootballfan says:
    Jan 31, 2017 10:35 AM
    How does he know that Brown ran the wrong route? Guess he’s getting game plans now.

    Journalists typically have these things called “sources” within the team. Either team officials or players who speak anonymously.

  9. Brown isn’t afraid to run routes in the middle of the field and take the hard hits. That tells me he is a team player. And, I don’t think the Steelers will take away one of their biggest weapons. Some people knocked AJ Green as being selfish, just because he wanted to play in the last couple of games. Good fans know a good/great player when they have one.

  10. What people don’t realize is that the Steelers don’t have any class. Tomlin was caught trying to trip a kick returner from the sideline. Joey Porter beat up someone in a bar fight after a football game and remained on the sideline. Almost every game you see at least 1 Steelers player starting a fight with an opponent. Tomlin does nothing and even encourages it in midgame interviews calling it passion. The Steelers are a joke and created Brown and that is the best place for him.

  11. Hard to say Ben made him, because I can’t think of any other receivers who’ve approached his production. Yeah, having a better than avg QB helps. It doesn’t make a below avg WR put up all-time stats.

  12. Hahaha. The Steelers are finally eating their own. What a mess this team is going into the next season. Can’t wait to see how many busts Tomlin drafts now that his cage is being fully rattled by all these distractions.

  13. The distraction is idiot reporters who have no other story to report. So I’m pretty sure Ben loves Brown and visa versa…But….AB would be loved in Philly!!!

  14. LOL, Ben made him.

    You have got to be kidding. Put Brown on most teams and he would still be a beast. If the team fed this story, then Rooney isn’t as smart as I thought he was.

    It is easy to see how talented this kid is. Yes, not the smartest, but neither was Randy Moss.

  15. realfootballfan says:

    How does he know that Brown ran the wrong route? Guess he’s getting game plans now.

    I’m sure it was leaked to him from the team.

  16. This is rich… Tomlin and Porter are dirt bags, Ben’s got baggage, Bryant is a druggie, Bell got popped with Blount and can’t stay healthy, Harrison is highly questionable, but yeah, Brown is just too much with his attitude and dancing.

    I don’t buy it for a minute. The team is trying to tank his market value in hopes of getting him to sign a team friendly deal.

  17. 3 weeks ago all we heard out of Pittsburgh was the three Bs – Ben, Bell, Brown. What happened?
    Bell got hurt and the defense didn’t hold up. Other then that nothing.

  18. Sounds a lot like the DeSean Jackson situation in Philly. Team sours on player and flings mud on him in the media, reducing trade value. Team loses productive player for nothing and doesn’t adequately replace him. The Steelers need to think about what they’re doing. And Brown probably could grow up a little, too.

  19. factschecker says:
    Jan 31, 2017 10:47 AM

    Antonio Brown was Antonio Brown at Central Michigan. (He was OUTSTANDING!)

    IMO he’s pretty much the modern day Jerry Rice. Any role you could ask a WR to play he not only can do it but he does it at a high level.


    ha ha! thanks so much for making me laugh!

    the goat being compared to a stat padding WR who needs to be schemed open and struggles vs press-man coverage.

    i’m not even a niners or rice fan and i think the comparison is ludicrous.

  20. I’ve just never seen a player like Brown – no matter how athletic or talented he is – be the guy who wins you a SB.

    Sure, he’ll put up numbers, maybe ake a few highlight reel plays, but at the biggest moments in the most important games he’ll be invisible.

  21. let him go no player is bigger than the team. Also cut Timmons,Harrison and William Gay/ Harrison and Timmons are runstoppers. Gay makes tackles after receiver has caught the ball. No coverage skills left.McCullars is a big fat hulk who can’t play nose tackle.

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