Report: Carson Palmer has pulled kids out of school and moved out of Arizona

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The Arizona Cardinals may have to begin preparations for life without Carson Palmer sooner than later.

According to Mike Jurecki of Fox Sports 910 in Phoenix, Palmer has pulled his kids out of school and has moved out of the state following the conclusion of the Cardinals’ season.

Neither item would necessarily preclude Palmer from returning for another season with the Cardinals in 2017. However, put together it would seem to indicate a real possibility that he won’t be playing next year.

Palmer has said he’d like to play “if my body responds the way I hope.” Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians is hoping Palmer will be back as well.

Drew Stanton is a capable, if unspectacular, backup option that the Cardinals continue to have under contract. If Palmer were to retire, Stanton could end up starting 2017 for Arizona. However, he’s 32 years old and hasn’t proven he can be a consistent starter in nine seasons in the league.

Finding a future quarterback should be a top priority for the Cardinals this offseason.

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  1. As a Dad, I can’t help but think this is it for him. To pull your kids out of school and move that quick is odd. Either he’s a terrible parent or he’s definitely retiring. I just don’t see why you’d do that, only to come back again. Seems like a total inconvenience to his family.

  2. Any sensible coach would have been preparing for Palmer’s leaving for at least the past 2 years, probably 3, because of his age, injury history, and inconsistency – especially after how he fell apart at the end of the 2015 season due to his finger, and looked bad through most of last season. Granted the last couple of QB draft classes have been hot garbage though, so it’s hard to figure what the Cards could have done – but that’s why Arians and Keim get paid millions of dollars a year.

  3. As other Cards fans know, Palmer retiring would be a huge blow to this team. Injuries to the OLine and brutal special teams cost this team a playoff berth.
    With better protection Carson is still a good qb.

    If he does retire, there’s no doubt they draft a qb. But the Cards need to bring in someone who can compete against Drew Stanton who has regressed the last couple of years. If I was Steve Keim and Bruce Arians, I would seek a trade for Mike Glennon. He’s never going to play for the Bucs and he might actually develop into a decent starting qb

  4. This is proof that teams, coaches, owners, and GMs need to do whatever they can to capitalize on a championship opportunity. Last year the Cardinals were in the NFC championship and looked poised to be in contention for the next 5 years. This year they were favorites heading into the season. Now their window looks like it has slammed shut.

  5. Maybe he is just getting ready for life after football. I can see one more season from him then i bet he hangs it up. Too much money on the table to quit now.

  6. It’s possible he forces the Cards to cut/trade him. It’s already happened twice with him.

  7. Of all the rumored destinations for Jimmy Garoppolo, Arizona seems the most logical to me. Of course, it would depend on what they would be willing to give up. With all the quarterback starved teams in the league, New England is gaining plenty of leverage. Looks like they may just have gained some more. Garoppolo is a good one, and certainly better than anyone in this draft class.

  8. Simple solution. Sign Tim Tebow and Johnny Manzel, have them battle it out in training camp and you’ve got a starter and back up. Your welcome Cardinals

  9. Palmer had always maintained a home in San Diego, and lived in it during the off season. Besides, the move takes but a half day, so what?

  10. Uh oh hope this isn’t as ominous as it sounds that would suck. He had a good second half of the season and should have a good year left in him. If he’s done it looks doubtful Larry would be back too. Ugggghhh

  11. hey, he could retire and Cincy could trade McCarron to AZ for their 1st rd #13 pick and a 4th. This would give them a viable option at QB1, while Carson retires and Cincy again makes out like a bandit on his circumstance.

  12. Well that’s not good news… Stanton is not capable of leading a team to the playoffs in my opinion. Was really hoping that Carson would come back for another year and the Cards drafted someone to sit behind him this year to learn he offense and how to be a professional and go from there. Now Larry Fitzgerald is sure not to come back as he probably will not want to struggle with Stanton or a rookie. Back to reality with my Cardinals. It was a nice little run…

  13. The article about Cutler being in play for the 49ers could also apply here. Bruce Arians wanted to take the job in Chicago, and one of the reasons was to work with Cutler. He fits what Arians wants in a QB, with a big arm, and a gunslinger mentality.

    If Palmer retires, Cutler should be in play for Arizona as well as in SF.

  14. This has nothing to do with football, but it seems kinda selfish to pull kids out in the middle of the school year like that. He couldn’t stick it out a few more months so that his children could finish out the year with their friends and classmates?

  15. Like the Bengals, the recently successful Cardinals had a down year, with Palmer playing somewhat poorly during it. At 37-years-old, it may just be him deteriorating. He’s had a good career overall, despite the lack of playoff success.

  16. Palmer did the same thing in Cincy years ago when he declared he would not longer play there – if that gives you any indication of his intentions.

  17. All these close to competitive teams in need of an All-Pro caliber QB, and yet numbskulls on seem to have the hair-brained notion that Dallas will just let him go. Cowboys need to free up cap space to keep Romo on roster, then flip him just before the draft for value. The Vikings gave up a 1st and 4th for BRADFORD, don`t tell me a team won`t give up a 1st for 3 years of Romo, at $14M, $18M and $20M. That`s ludicrous.

  18. If this happens Fitz will not be too far behind. It would be devastating to lose both (and the face of the franchise) prior to the season. But I would not blame Fitz.

  19. If the niners pick him up I will officially reign as a 49ers fan. Palmer is an ok qb for an established team. He is like Warner who came in an played well with established teams but in no way, a hall of famer

  20. The Cardinals should be praying he quits. Your window closed over a year ago, Palmer has only gotten older and weaker since then.

    The cardinals also had an anomaly in somebody as old as Larry Fitzgerald playing better than he has in 3 years.

    This is where we will find out if your coach actually knows what he’s doing or is just full of hot air like Rex Ryan.

    If last year is any indicator, you’ll be looking for a new coach in 2-3 years too.

  21. Actually I don’t see Fitz retiring, but I do think he will ask for and get a release. I think he will go to a contender, very possibly his arch rival Seahawks to play for a SB he would not be a 1st string anymore but still has great hands and is a great run blocker again I see him going to Seattle, Dallas or maybe New England at this point in his career it’s not about the money it’s about the legacy.

  22. I’d give 2 first rounders and Fitz. Our first rounds picks usually do not panned out really well. I do agree that Fitz deserves a ring!

  23. A. Pulling kids from school related only to quality of schools, plus being a resident of San Diego. At 13, I adjusted to a significant change; did so again after 1 plus years, and I was no angel or well-adjusted to everything kid.

    B. Garopollo is going nowhere. Do any of you realize that Brady is 40?

    C. Living in Dayton, Ohio, it was easy to understand Palmer’s action with the then “Mr. Cheap” of the NFL. He has done well both on left coast and Az. You think differently about his talent, try another sport.

  24. raiderdave31 says:
    Feb 1, 2017 5:34 AM
    First matter wouldn’t be that AZ schools rank about 45th in the country….now would it

    The #2 Public School in the Country, According to US News, is in Scottsdale, Basis Scottsdale. Not that Palmer’s kids could cut it there.

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