Carson Palmer: “My house in Arizona is not on the market”

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Those Carson-Palmer’s-house-is-on-the-market-unless-it-isn’t reports can be resolved once and for all, at least for now. Based on words directly from Palmer himself.

“No, my house in Arizona is not on the market,” Palmer said in a statement from the Cardinals to PFT. “And every year we have taken off for offseason family adventures so there’s nothing to read into there either.”

The latter part of that quote relates to the report that Palmer’s kids have been pulled out of school in Arizona.

Palmer has yet to decide whether he’ll play in 2017. However, it appears that two key facts suggesting that he won’t be playing for the Cardinals have no relation to that possibility.

If Palmer retires or decides to play for a different team, the Cardinals will have to scramble to replace him, either by going with Drew Stanton or finding someone from outside the team.

24 responses to “Carson Palmer: “My house in Arizona is not on the market”

  1. “If Palmer retires or decides to play for a different team, the Cardinals will have to scramble to replace him”

    AZ should have been planning for his replacement before now. Palmer is 37 and there’s some hard miles on that chassis

  2. mygirlhassuperhairymanarms says:
    Feb 1, 2017 11:37 AM
    Cutler or Romo. Kmart blue light special.

    Romo is the poster child for osteoporosis. Ain’t nobody
    got time for that.

  3. Fun Fact: Phoenix is the 12th ranked television market in the nation.

    So I guess maybe some people want to live in the desert.

  4. nycdf says:
    Feb 1, 2017 12:07 PM

    It’s Arizona….. No one wants to live on in the desert.
    Probably posted by a guy who lives in Buffalo or Cleveland.

  5. ihavenoeyedeer says:
    Feb 1, 2017 12:16 PM
    Carson obviously doesn’t know how the internet works. If it’s on the internet then it must be true. Don’t fight it.


    Didnt Trump put out some executive order or something on that? That only true stuff could be on the internet?

  6. Jurecki evidently broke the non-story, and that’s a shame – he’s very close to the team, and usually doesn’t make these mistakes.

  7. It’s Arizona….. No one wants to live on in the desert.


    Some people need to leave their mothers basements and travel a little bit more…

  8. I have nothing against the guy, but each year he becomes more of a statue in the pocket. That said, he continues to put up decent numbers – 26 TD vs 14 int and 4,200+ yards last year in 15 games. I don’t think Drew Stanton, who is signed through the end of next year and turns 33 in May is the answer though. If Palmer decides to hang it up we should just give the NFCW title to the Seahawks right now.

    I hope Palmer plays next year.

  9. i bet carson plays but we still need a qb to replace him. i don’t know if jimmy g is the answer but most of bb castoffs have not done well, so i would be leary of him.

  10. And with every story like this one, Kirk Cousins just keeps moving up the tax brackets . . .

  11. Arizona has some tough drafting decisions to make. The cardinals have the roster to do okay but the question is if they can surpass the Seahawks. The seahawks have the core to compete for years in the NFC West/ Conference. I would be surprised if they didnt draft a quarterback in the 1st/2nd round. Yes they beat the Seahawks, but the Hawks made the playoffs. The 49ers, rams, and cardinals cant have rosters that only play there best games against the hawks. But need good drafts to compete in the NFC. Maybe Watson from clemson for the Cardinals can be the anwer. Just maybe.

  12. Just a beat writer that didn’t do his job and ask Palmer before throwing the stink bomb. Of course, it spread like wild fire as if it was the truth.

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