Chris Long: I bet on New England as the place I’d win a ring

Getty Images

When Chris Long was released after eight seasons with the Rams last year, he had one primary objective when looking for a new team: Go somewhere he could win a Super Bowl ring.

Long said he thought New England would be the place where he could best get that elusive championship, and so New England is where he signed.

“I kind of bet on the fact that this is the place that would give me the best opportunity to be here in this situation,” Long said. “There’s a reason for that. I’ve learned that through the year and why these guys are in so many positions like this. They treat them as opportunities. We treat them as opportunities. You can’t take them for granted and I think that’s why we’re here. We’ve earned that.”

Patriots coach Bill Belichick compared Long to Randy Moss, Corey Dillon, Bryan Cox and other players who have left bad teams and welcomed the change in New England. Long is one game away from vindicating his decision to go to New England.