Dan Quinn: Pete Carroll gave me the model, but we’re doing it our way

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Before he became the head coach of the Falcons, Dan Quinn ran the defense for the Seahawks during their two trips to the Super Bowl after the 2013 and 2014 seasons.

The defense in Atlanta hasn’t received the same acclaim or level of performance that Seattle’s unit did in those days, but there are similarities in the way Quinn has put the unit together. Safety Keanu Neal has drawn comparisons to Kam Chancellor and Patriots coach Bill Belichick complimented the unit’s speed, which was also a hallmark of Quinn’s teams in Seattle.

On Wednesday, Quinn was asked about how much the experience working for the Seahawks under Pete Carroll influenced the way that he’s put together the Falcons over the last two seasons. He mentioned several previous bosses as coaches who had shaped him, including Nick Saban, before saying that he’s taken a bit from everywhere to plot his own course.

“Pete has given me great advice. Someone once asked me, what’s one thing you could take from there. I said I couldn’t take one thing, but it would be a real model of how you could do it,” Quinn said. “At the end he said, ‘Hey man, Q, let it rip in your own way.’ And I always remember that topic from him, because I think that is true. I never wanted to make Atlanta Seattle East or anything like that, I want to make our own Atlanta and that was really important to me. So our own philosophy, our own way, our own style of how we do it. I’m different than him in a lot of ways, but he impacted me in my career in a lot of ways as well.”

The path Quinn has charted has obviously been a successful one thus far and sustaining that success will likely leave him in the Carroll role when future coaches get asked about their influences.

15 responses to “Dan Quinn: Pete Carroll gave me the model, but we’re doing it our way

  1. #2nd&Goalfromthe1
    Yeah ask Pittsburgh how “just run it!” worked out for them. And they had it 1st and goal from 1″ away.

    3 runs later they were kicking a FG from the 6 yard line.

  2. As a Hawks Fan , im Quite jealous that he is getting revenge on the Patriots with out us. He is a great coach and brilliant defensive mind. I hope the best for him in the super bowl and many years to come. hopefully matty ice can calm the haters because even though he did it in the playsoffs, it only counts in the big game. Good luck atl, get that ring.

  3. Quinn took the model and tweaked it…. instead of having the QB and offense dig a hole and the defense bails them out…. The QB and offense are competent enough to score points where the defense doesn’t have to bail them out all the time.

  4. Oh you mean the model of the dynasty the Seahawks started back in 2012?

    Shame that awful play call ruined that for them.

    But they’ve been to 3 Super Bowl trips since 2005.

    12 Playoff trips since Mike Holmgren took over in 1999 (18 seasons)

    Other than New England and Pittsburgh who has been better over that span?

    (the Giants have also been to 3 Super Bowls in since ’99, but they have missed the Playoffs 10 times… The Packers rack up winning seasons but can’t make it to the Super Bowl)

  5. I think Quinn has improved on the model… The Falcons are more well rounded on both sides of the ball and much better pieces in key places…

    Seahawks offense has never been as loaded or talented as Atlantas is this year!

  6. Tyelee – Some poor statements on here. People forget Seattle has been the top defense and every single year besides this injury plagued year they have been ranked atleast 8th or higher on offense.

    The falcons are a great team now but they have the potential for bigtime holes very soon if they don’t keep developing. The seahawks were an elite defense special teams and offense. No need to knock Seattle to prop yourself up. Every season is about momentum and finding chemistry. There are really only about 5/7 teams that can go into the year with a real shot at winning the SB. The seahawks are still that team just injured bigtime this year with to top line talent missing or hurt.

    I’m rooting for Quinn in the SB but don’t be a retard this falcons team is NOT legendary and your using poor public perception to make a point that’s factually wrong based on most all statistics. The hawks have elite in every category except yards and pass attempts which correlate to each other. The falcons offense is great there defense is below average but has some promising pieces. That’s not the same as a top 5 offense defense and special teams In one season.

    Good luck in the SB. The falcons are a great up and coming team but of the teams this year they are the most likely to fall flat next season.

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