Goodell: NFL looking at cutting commercials, other changes to speed up games

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said during his annual pre-Super Bowl press conference that the NFL is examining how to keep games moving — and retain TV viewers — and expects some changes to be implemented for the 2017 season.

Among those changes are a potential reduction of TV timeouts from five per quarter to four. The NFL experimented with that in Week 16 of the 2016 season, and Goodell said the league is also studying how replays and replay challenges are processed, as well as how quickly teams return to the field following mandatory stoppages and TV timeouts.

“There are a number of things we think we can shorten the management of the game, to focus less on stoppages and more on action,” Goodell said.

Goodell said that, based on early input, the NFL is “leaning very heavily” towards reducing the number of commercials and expects “to see a lot of changes this offseason” in regard to the length of games.

“This is not a competition committee issue but an issue with our leadership and broadcast partners,” Goodell said. “We are trying to do it with the right balance that can improve the quality for our fans in the stadium and also the quality of the broadcast.”

While Goodell maintained his opinion that “we have seen high quality football on Thursday night,” he acknowledged that that the NFL is examining whether all 32 teams will get a Thursday night game, as they have in recent years, and could also change the structure of the schedule regarding which games CBS broadcasts, which games NBC broadcasts and which will air solely on NFL Network.

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  1. Cut ticket prices while you’re at it if you really want to make improvements, especially for those teams that haven’t made the playoffs in years.

  2. “Looking to cut commercials” – Biggest line of garbage lies I have ever heard.

    Seriously ask yourself when the NFL did something for the sporting benefit of the fans than for the financial benefit of the owners

    Lets ask the people in St. Lous and San Diego how much the Billion dollar entity which could put a stadium in any city in the world how much it really cares to benefit their fans.

  3. Hahahahahaha, Roger Goodell cutting revenue streams for the NFL! Hillarious!!!! The things that come out of this guys mouth.

  4. Sure, they will cut commercials. The commercial breaks will increase from 2 minutes to 4 minutes.

  5. Keep the 5 mandatory TO’s.

    Cut all the commercials between a score…..extra point…kickoff return….and offensive 1st down.

    With all those commercials it can be anywhere from 8-10 minutes from score until ball is put back in play.

  6. Why don’t they look at the Masters model. 56 of every minute of Masters coverage is just golf. Get 3-4 major corporations to shell out billions to just show their commercials during breaks. It could be done.

    Or show more ad space on the sidelines like in soccer.

    Or put corporate logos on the jerseys.

    I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed, but there’s 3 ideas right there.

  7. Notice all he said was they would cut the commercial breaks per quarter from 5 to 4. He said nothing about cutting the net commercial minutes per quarter.
    So they will have one less commercial break per quarter but each will now be one minute longer to compensate.

    He is a digusting liar.

  8. Cutting the amount of time spent on reviews would help a lot. 60 seconds max from the time the guy goes under the hood until he announces the decision.

    Also, don’t let teams call timeout anymore to avoid a delay of game. If they don’t have their stuff together enough to beat the play clock, they deserve the penalty.

  9. I am downgrading my cable package from a triple-play to just high speed internet with local channels and regional sports.

    NFL Network will no longer be available in my home. Neither with ESPN. So, I guess I’m not watching Monday night or those exclusive Thursday games.

  10. I record the games I am interested in and watch them later. I make sure I do not know the scores so it is like watching live. The only difference is my remote has a 30 second advance button and 6 quick clicks gets me past all those TV time outs in about 3 seconds.

  11. ^ Oh, and the 7 minutes it takes between a touchdown and when the other team takes its first snap on offense after the score is now about 30 seconds, and that includes watching the PAT and kickoff.

  12. This makes sense. But will the late broadcast window timing be affected? If the 1:00 games start ending before 4:00, that makes for 30-40 minutes of airtime the network would then have to fill before the 4:35 late kickoff. So, quicker pace of action in-game, but longer breaks between games might mean a reduction in carry over viewership.

  13. That would be awesome, which means there’s a 0% chance Goodell follows through on this.

  14. Just have Red Zone on, no commercials, constant game action while basically only showing important plays. Trying to watch 1 entire NFL game has gotten so boring.

  15. holy crap! they have 5 TV timeouts PER QUARTER??

    and goodells solution is bring it down to 4?

    How about you eliminate TV timeouts COMPLETELY!
    What a joke

  16. We don’t believe you. You have done nothing since 2006 but lose our trust in the NFL on or off the field.

    In fact, it’s the exact opposite of what you are suppose to do.

  17. Yeaaaaa about time they get rid of some of those commercials. Make sure it is a noticeable amount Rog.

  18. I think some commercials are needed. The announcers need a break and even fans need a break at times. However, they can eliminate some of these by putting up a ad bar. I’ve seen some shows do this.

  19. Not too many years ago something similar took place…
    In an attempt to address lessening viewership, the NFL made certain rule changes to reduce game time. The end result….the NFL was successful. Time of the games was reduced by Eight Minutes…..THEN ADDED 12 MINUTES OF COMMERCIALS !!! {Seems they think we will forget… Not !!}

  20. Wow, 5 commercial breaks in 15 minutes of game play.

    Really underscores how greedy this league has become.

    Cut the number of commercials in half, charge more for them, add on-screen silent ads (along the bottom of the screen) that run between plays, done. Shorten the broadcast by half an hour at least.

  21. Yeahhhh right. They’ll probably decide to start the game on sunday and finish it early Monday morning so you can watch before you leave for work. That way its less commercials per viewing and they can work with the officials at “halftime”

  22. Do what NASCAR does sometime. Split screen run a commercial but let the game continue.

  23. Get rid of the halftime report and just run 12 straight minutes of commercials. Then put advertisements on the 20 yard line on the field, and one one each jersey. That should eliminate the need for constant commercial breaks during the game. There’s no need for a break between extra points/kickoffs/new drives.

  24. Thursday night games are garbage. Players miss it because they do not have enough time to heal. Teams do not have as much time to game plan. It is usually more sloppy than the Sunday games.Sack the games altogether. And eliminate more than just one commercial .

  25. The NFL will continue to decline because they lost site of what made the them popular in the first place. The fact he thinks one commercial break will fix things shows he’s clueless.

  26. Hey, this actually sounds like a sound decision with short term pain with a long term benefit!

    Who are you and what have you done to Roger?

  27. It doesn’t really matter to me. There are usually two or three games going on at the same time that I’m interested in, and I just click back and forth between commercials. Or they’re good for a bathroom break or beer break or whatever. I have no complaints whatsoever. Between the NFL Sunday Ticket and the ability to record games, I’m loving every Sunday during football season.

  28. They’ll cut commercials, but look to see a push for ads on uniforms as in motorsports (Indy Car, NASCAR, etc). Can’t reduce that revenue!

  29. There is no way at all they are cutting commercials unless they can then charge twice as much (or more) for those that remain.

    In all likelihood, they’ll try to sell us that there are fewer commercials because there are fewer commercial breaks but each commercial break now has three more commercials than any commercial break had before. So, in actuality they have sneaked in several more commercials.

  30. micronin127 says:
    Feb 1, 2017 3:14 PM

    I am downgrading my cable package from a triple-play to just high speed internet with local channels and regional sports.

    NFL Network will no longer be available in my home. Neither with ESPN. So, I guess I’m not watching Monday night or those exclusive Thursday games

    Not having ESPN in your house is a benefit to enjoy. They are all NBA all the time anyhow so you wont be missing much.

  31. It’s about time. There is probably more time spent in commercials than in actual game time. And by the way, it’s not just the NFL. It’s the networks that are greedy too. They wanted to be able to air a billion commercials during each game. Why can’t they do something like they do with soccer to limit the amount of marathon commercial breaks?

  32. 3rd down is the penalty down. It seems more penalties on 3rd down than any other. That slows the game down especially if a review is involved.

  33. The Masters golf tournament limits the number of commercials they will allow. It is the best tournament to watch each year.Football could do the same. Goodell’s idea to reduce the number of commercials from 5 to 4 a quarter is still lacking. TV made the game of football popular. And now because of their greed TV is ruining the game. Goodell do something about their greed .

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