Jerry Jones: If I can make Romo situation work for everybody, I should be President

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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said after the season he needed to back away from the constant talk about Tony Romo. That lasted a few weeks.

During an interview with Nashville’s 104.5 FM’s Midday 180 Show, Jones echoed previous regrets about not getting Romo to a Super Bowl, and said it’s going to be hard to find an acceptable middle ground.

“Whatever really comfortable solution for all parties here, if I can come up with it, . . . if I have that answer, I should be President of the United States,” Jones said, via the Dallas Morning News.

That brings to mind a whole other set of questions (Would Tom Brady talk about Jerry Jones?), but it’s clear the issue of Romo’s future is weighing heavily on him, after a brilliant season ended with a thud against the Packers in the Divisional Round.

“One thing’s for sure, going into that playoff game, I really thought that we had the best quarterback personnel even with all the due respect to [Aaron] Rodgers,” Jones said. “We had two quarterbacks who were capable, in my mind, of playing at a level that could get us to the Super Bowl. In case you had an injury or just your depth at that position. And I felt that we had from about the sixth game on last year, a superior position at quarterback because if Dak got nicked up, we knew we had a hot hand.”

With Jones up for a vote for the Hall of Fame this weekend, there will likely be more such interviews in the coming days, and perhaps a chance to polish up a campaign speech for a bigger residence than the one in Canton.

40 responses to “Jerry Jones: If I can make Romo situation work for everybody, I should be President

  1. I would say he’d be better then the current President, but he is the one who would disprove the “ANYONE is better than what we’ve got” thought process.

  2. I don’t get what’s so complicated about this situation.

    You ask Romo where he’s willing to play and you try to trade him there. If Romo is intransigent, then it’s not your problem as GM to appease him; do what you need to do for the team. It’s only difficult if Romo won’t cooperate.

  3. For God’s sake, Jerry, shut your squeal hole.

    No one that has ever walked the Earth has ever been more in love with self than this bozo.

    If there is a God, Jerry Jones will never make the Hall of Fame.

  4. My God. I could never picture him as president. He would probably have been back to a super bowl already if he wasn’t the GM. Why in hell’s name is Jones up for the hall of fame. Being a Bafoon? Since he’s let him down so badly he should just release him outright and let him find his own team. Poor guy isn’t going to make it a whole season anyway without getting injured anyway.

  5. JJ, look no further than a mirror, as to why Romo has not been to the SB as a Cowboy!!! Wearing your GM hat, you drafted flashy skill players and multiple TEs, but no help in the trenches for Tony. While running for his life, he’s put up 30 and the D would give up 35. After Will McClay, Stephen, & JG took over the draft, things started to get better, but too little, too late for Tony Suck it up and let him go!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I hate the cowboys but JJ has shown the ability to work with others (31 other owners) in growing a very successful NFL, made his millions in oil on his own I believe (not sure) not from daddy’s loans. Some other guy was a 2nd rate owner in a failure of 2nd rate league….USFL.

  7. Furthermore, I certainly hope Dak doesn’t get injured next season. Good luck with that. Hopefully, he won’t come back too soon, to try & save the season, only to get injured again! Maybe, you can talk Jon Kitna into coming back at age 43???

  8. Jerry Jones statements are exactly why he should not be voted into the Hall of Fame. In his own words, he admits he has no viable solution as to how to deal Romo. Of course, that’s after saying there is only one person capable of making that decision, him.
    He also admits he decided that the Cowboys had what they needed to not just get to the Superbowl, but win it. No one with real football sense believed that. They knew the Cowboys didn’t have a defense and as such just needed one strong offensive opponent with a half decent defence to shut them down.
    He also bought his own high priced stadium koolaid which prevented him from seeing that before long, there would be sufficient tape on Dak and Zeke for a good team to figure them out. One and done. It couldn’t have happened any other way.

    And to top it off, even brendafortheboyz is showing that she has seen enough.
    Time to go Jerry.

  9. the problem with Jerry being president is that too many people don’t believe anything he says, unlike with our current president.

    I mean really….why even bother building the wall?…all he has to do is SAY that it has been built.

    both his supporters and non-supports will be happy.

  10. You got to the “root” of it, rootpain. Trump or Jones? A decision nobody should ever have to face much less decide.

  11. Interesting posts – I didn’t realize how many liberals were fans of football. I always thought that the treehuggers hated the violence of football – that they were most interested in the color combinations and creating safe spaces.

  12. TheDPR says:
    Feb 1, 2017 8:26 AM
    I don’t get what’s so complicated about this situation.
    The problem is why would I trade for a guy that you are going to cut anyway? That’d be pretty dumb on my part. I’ll wait until you cut him and have an open negotiation for a new contract as soon as he hits the open market.

  13. How hard can this be? Trade him, cut him, or keep him. That’s it.

    So, can I be President now?

  14. Anybody disputing the possibility of Jerry ever being in the HOF must not follow football very closely. He’s done many great things for the league. He will be in the HOF

  15. cboys4lif2014;
    No question Jones will be in the HoF some day. He just doesn’t deserve to be at this time. There are many Contributors that deserve that honor way ahead of Jones. Eddie DeBartolo just got in and he was an infinitely more successful owner than Jones and did a lot more for football than just making other owners and himself rich.
    I can see Jones getting in in 20 years or so, if he cedes the de facto GM responsibilities to son Stephen and after the Cowboys have won at least three post free agency SuperBowls.

  16. I hope Romo goes to a good AFC team, wish him the best over there.
    Cowboys might regret letting him go to a NFC team come the playoffs,,,

  17. i’d vote for jerry in a heartbeat;

    he’d give all immigrants a chance to prove themselves regardless of past discrepancies.

    he also already has experience running a drone program.

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