Report: San Diego reaches out to league about Raiders with Las Vegas deal up in air


With the Raiders stadium plans in Las Vegas showing cracks, the city of San Diego is expressing interest in the Raiders as a potential replacement for the recently departed Chargers.

According to Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune, San Diego mayor Kevin Faulconer reached out to an NFL official to let the league know they are eager to speak when the time is appropriate. Another city representative attempted to reach out to a Raiders official as well.

The Chargers left San Diego last month after 55 seasons to move north to Los Angeles. Raiders owner Mark Davis has been pushing for a move to Las Vegas. However, that plan has hit significant roadblocks due to Sheldon Adelson pulling out of the deal. Ronnie Lott has been trying to lead an effort to get a new stadium constructed in Oakland that has not received much support from the league as of yet.

Despite San Diego’s interest in the Raiders, having three teams in Southern California within a 150-mile radius would not be an ideal situation for the NFL either. Nevertheless, the league loves pitting cities against each other for the leverage it creates in stadium negotiations. A $750 million public contribution from Nevada is still in Las Vegas’ favor and the history and current residency of the Raiders in Oakland holds weight as well. But if none of that comes to fruition, then maybe San Diego will have a long shot chance to court another NFL franchise.

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  1. First off, Vegas is dead. Davis pissed off the most powerful man in the state of Nevada, Sheldon Aldeson, you know the man that has his own newspaper, bought off politicians and 30 billion in the bank. Yeah, that guy. And Davis’s backup, Goldman Sachs, bounced out cause they followed the money -which was not with Davis.

    Now word leaks out that Davis is sniffing around San Diego again. Really? I’m sure Kroenke and Spanos will have a say in that. And if they couldn’t get something done for the Chargers, no way in Hell they are getting something done for the Raiders.

    As for Oakland, well the A’s are moving downtown and the Warriors to San Francisco. The team will have the whole 120 acres to develop. There’s a plan that’s been in place, too bad Mark Davis and Raider’s president Marc Badain are sensitive little crybabies about not gettting enough love in the Bay Area and East Bay politicians making fun of them, cause the deal would’ve been done and we all could have moved on.

    Well maybe after this Vegas fíasco, people will start to see how bad this organization is run. As Jed York said “You don’t fire owners.” He’s right, so as Raiderfans we’re stuck with Davis unless he decides he wants to sell. But Davis needs to fire Marc Badain. He’s the Dennis Allen of NFL Presidents. Davis needs to hire a solid president who works to keep the team in Oakland and works with the Lott group. See Oakland A’s new president Dave Kaval.

    #firebadain #stayinoakland

  2. San Diego should be allowed to keep the Chargers name for their new team, and make the Los Angeles version change their name. Maybe something like the LA Snowflakes. Or, any other suggestions?

  3. Not sure if the Vegas deal if completely dead, but if it is that’s not a bad thing. I firmly believe that if they relocate to Vegas Mark Davis will lose control and ownership of the team. Maybe that’s not a bad thing but big money Vegas ownership would not be good for the Raiders, IMO.

    I don’t think the Raiders and San Diego have much of a chance. Dean Spanos would throw a tantrum for the ages. But if in some crazy universe they do end up in San Diego they have to go by the California Raiders.

  4. Mark Davis has stated he doesn’t want the Raiders to share a stadium with the 49ers because it’s not a good fit for the Raiders. Plus, he thinks the Raiders deserve their own stadium.
    So, why would anyone assume Davis thinks San Diego would fit if Santa Carla doesn’t?
    The Raiders, Steelers and Bears have a feel to their fan base, and towns like San Diego, Santa Carla, San Francisco, etc, don’t fit those teams.

    The San Diego Raiders? Never.

  5. Let’s see Roger….
    One city loves, lost, and now can’t replace their team because….of another city who now has two, but couldn’t care less about football…
    Good plan..

  6. Chargers fans who have spent their entire lives hating the Raiders must be utterly confused in how to feel.

  7. I understand the old phrase: “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” But, in this case, I don’t think this is a serious option. This sounds like one of those political cover type moves. In other words, it wasn’t that San Diego didn’t want an NFL team, it was that the city of San Diego didn’t want an NFL team owned by Spanos. I don’t buy that. I think many of the fans wanted the Chargers to stay with Spanos selling the team. I don’t think that many are willing to jump to support a new team and abandon their history and love for the Chargers. I think they will quit supporting any NFL team much like I have.

    The Chargers and the Raiders were/are rivals, not best buds. The idea that the Chargers move, and the enemy (the Raiders) moves in to San Diego is more than a bit ridiculous. They don’t honestly believe that Charger fans would all of a sudden become Raiders fans? No one can be that stupid.

    I get it, many Chargers’ fans are angry at Spanos for a number of reasons. Most recently for moving the team and taking their colors, name, history with them. That doesn’t mean that those fans would automatically jump ship to the Raiders. Granted, more Raiders fans show up to Chargers games than Chargers fans, but that has more to to do with the Chargers being an embarrassment to the league and their fans than anything else.

  8. One wonders what the residents of San Diego would do if their long-time divisional rival were to move into town.

  9. For the Raiders to play bridesmaid again and move into their rivals crib who abandoned it, OMG, talk about AFC West slumming. Oakland Raiders: Commitment to Homelessness. “How bout dat Nation Fan Base!!!”

  10. ihavepriors says:
    Feb 1, 2017 6:41 AM

    The Oakland Chargers! Love it!

    Why in the hell would it be the Oakland Chargers it they move from Oakland to San Diego? It would be the San Diego Raiders and SILVER AND BLACK!!!

  11. Hey Mark, swallow your pride and sit around a table with Ronnie Lott and Libby Schaff. You had your flirtation with Vegas and managed to piss off your biggest benefactor. You finally have a stadium full of season ticket holders and a team on the rise. Northern California has tons of Fortune 500 companies and with the state of your team as compared to the Niners you have a golden opportunity to tap into those dollars and make this a juggernaut.

    If you or Badain are not capable of making a deal and tapping into those dollars then hire people who are. If that means taking on another big investor, well the Maras did it with the Tisches and that worked out just fine. This going from city to city asking for a handout is a bad look and does not inspire confidence.

    When you took over the team you hired Reggie McKenzie and said, “I know what I don’t know.” You’ve done an admirable job on the football side, now do the same thing on the business side to get it done in Oakland. You’ll be the toast of the town and respected among the fan base if you do.

  12. YEAH, complete the NFL Disaster that is #relocationgate! 3 teams ripped from their fan bases just because of stadiums !!

  13. I will remain a Charger fan, unless:

    1) they re-brand

    2) another team moves to San Diego.

    Yes, as a life long Charger fan, growing up in the Fouts era, I would indeed support the San Diego Raiders over the Los Angeles Chargers. Maybe that sounds crazy. I know I’m not alone.

  14. Oh no its a crisis! really? As soon as Adelson hinted at any stake in ownership.Mark was furious! have you all forgotten that? The NFL has never wanted Adelson as a part of anything to do with the deal! have you all forgotten that?

    So now after the 750 mil from the tourist tax is sealed.
    Mark begins to do things that show that he no longer needs nor wants Sheldon as a partner. ie. the 1 dollar rent proposal that Sheldon was not aware could even be done and seem to have an issue with?

    So make this seem like Adelson backed out if that makes you feel what? like you have a shot at buying the team?Or maybe Mark will stay in or come to your city?I like how people try to spend other peoples’ money.The Raiders belong where eva the owner can find a home for them.

    ITs more like Adelson was told in not so many actions that he was no longer needed or wanted.

    Until Mark says that he has given up on Sin City?

    We’re on to Vegas.

    The Davis Raiders.

  15. the real question is if the raiders tarp would fit on the murph.
    they will most definitely need to bring it with them!

  16. Well, if Son of the Crypt Davis would put the 500M into renovating Qualcomm that he was going to use to tickle Sheldon Adelson’s short and curlies, maybe he could do something. But he won’t. He’ll try to get it for free.

  17. Hey MTLighthouse69
    Have you ever been to a Chargers vs Raiders game in San Diego? How many Chargers fans are actually there? Like 20? Raiders OWN that market. So Raiders could step right in and everything would be fine.. In fact EVERYONE wins with Raiders in San Diego

  18. Profootball Talk I told you months and months ago, get ready for the San Diego Raiders. This is the only logical solution for the Raiders. SD and the Qualcomm location is a million times better than Inglewood or sharing the Oakland Coliseum with the A’s or being under some other developers thumb like Ronnie Lott. So Cal is still the Raiders Nation capitol regardless of the Rams and/or Chargers presence.

    The Charger demands for a new stadium downtown to be used by them and SDSU was ridiculous. Where Jack Murphy sits now is the ideal location for both teams. The Q is in better shape than It really is the perfect fit for both team and fans. And the City/County are committed to fix the Q.

  19. Didn’t the Chargers decide to leave because SD wouldn’t build a stadium? Are they now going to cough up the money to build a stadium? If not, why would the Raiders move there? Sounds like the city oifficials just wanting to appease some voters.

  20. charger fans arent going to LA….many will follow raiders and rest will give up on football opting for other activities in SD

    raiders have already proven they can fill a stadium in SD….but league wont let it happen because raiders more popular than rams and bolts and they dont want to siphon fans from LA and have ywo failed franchises there again

  21. A city makes it clear its government and voters don’t support public funding stadiums, then reaches out to a team leaving its current city due to lack of public funding. Okay.

  22. As a San Diegan…why the hell not? Spanos was looking to leave San Diego for LA the moment the NBA auctioned off the Clippers for $2Billion. Right after that happened he and Fabiani were full-steam ahead for Carson and when the NFL put an agreement to room with Kroenke in his back pocket, but no stadium to play in during the interim, he invented a fictitious ‘Convadium’ that he knew was destined to fail, and never once showed up to pitch the idea to City leaders, engineered the vote to exclude San Diego County voters (who were the one’s who bought the tickets!), and turned his nose up at a joint city/county proposal to build a new stadium in Mission Valley. He’d rather give up close to a Billion Dollars to leave San Diego ($650 Million Relocation fee, and give up $300Million in loan guarantees from the NFL) than to stay. He had political specialists to tell him what was possible, and either they were incompetent, or more likely, advised Spanos how to fail so he could go up to LA, and not spend a lame-duck season in San Diego in front of 30,000-40,000 empty seats like the Oilers did in Houston and Memphis.
    The Raiders in San Diego? It would be the worst nightmare for both Spanos and Kroenke, as they’d lead all of SoCal in attendance AND TV ratings….

  23. Just stay in Oakland. NFL relocating all these teams is a joke. Way to alienate your fans NFL. NFL should probably drop the “NFL is family” nonsense. More like “NFL is all about the $$$”

  24. Davis never wanted Adelson as a partner…at least in the way Adelson wanted. His plan was to leverage ownership away from Mark Davis. They told him up front that wouldn’t be possible and he kept trying to work it into the deal. You can act like they used him, but what really happened is they won the “I’ll use you while you use me” competition.

  25. The NFL is a multi billion dollar a year industry. Every year they supposedly do profit/revenue sharing with all 32 teams. Why don’t they collectively use that revenue sharing to use NFL money to build stadiums for teams. If once every 5-10 years they put that extra money into funding a stadium the returns would be more the following years. The NFL would own that stadium and wouldn’t have to pay a city to rent it and in turn they could rent out their stadium to college events, concerts and even their own Super Bowls. I know the rich want to keep being rich but wouldn’t it seem as an investment? They wouldn’t have to split the money with the city or state and all profits go back into the NFL. The team owner would be responsible for upkeep and land fees but the NFL would own the building. 32 teams giving up potentially 31 million every 5-10 years is chump change to most of them if not all. With that revolving situation all 32 teams eventually would receive a new stadium before it becomes a situation like the coliseum or even Qualcomm. Not all team owners are like the Krafts, the Jones’s, or kroenke but they do have the NFL in common so what’s good for one would turn out to be good for all. Maybe I’m just over thinking it….

  26. Just stay away from Qualcomm stadium, 2 hours to find parking and 2 hours to leave from there, no wonder Chargers ran away from this place.

  27. GO FOR TWO SPORTS says:
    Feb 1, 2017 9:14 AM
    Hey MTLighthouse69
    Have you ever been to a Chargers vs Raiders game in San Diego? How many Chargers fans are actually there? Like 20? Raiders OWN that market. So Raiders could step right in and everything would be fine.. In fact EVERYONE wins with Raiders in San Diego
    again – more delusion from the raiders fanbase.
    i am not sure the crime rate is high enough in SD to support the “raider nation”…
    and no, you OWN a TARP + 1 winning record in 14 years!

  28. That’s great but isn’t there a stadium issue in SD ? Isnt that the reason that Spanos moved ? Why would SD now put money in for a stadium ? Davis is not going to build his own stadium anywhere.

  29. SD aint happening. Raiders are staying in the Bay one way or another. A’s will announce a move to a downtown location this year freeing up the Coliseum property around the same year the Warriors move to SF – 2020.

    The NFL will tell Mark he has 2 choices. Partner with the Lott Group or find another investor and do *whatever it takes* to get a new stadium done in Oakland *or* simply sign a lease and share Levi’s stadium – a 3 year old facility built for 2 teams thats only 38 miles from Oakland.

    NFL does *not* want to leave a top 5 media market and Mark has 2 legitimate options in the Bay for a new facility. Plain and Simple.

  30. I have a feeling with or without the owners Mark is going to do what is in his and his teams best interest not the other 31 owners. If Vegas falls through which I doubt it will with $750 million on the table the San Antonio is next or Portland but I would take a $100 bet what ever it is it won’t be Oakland and I am almost as sure it won’t be San Diego

  31. This has gotta be political BS. Why would SD be chasing the NFL now? If we’re such a great place to have an NFL franchise, let ’em come to us and make a proposal that makes economic sense. Unless the City and/or County would be making money on the deal, we don’t need them to come in and try to hang a white elephant around the taxpayers’ necks.

  32. San Diego wouldn’t approve funding for a stadium that tourists/visitors would have paid for. There is no way they are going to help build a new stadium. San Diego isn’t an NFL city anymore. Mark Davis has zero interest in San Diego.

  33. HO FO TWO SPORTS says: So Raiders could step right in and everything would be fine.. In fact EVERYONE wins with Raiders in San Diego.
    Could there be a San Diego Raiders? No. And here’s 3 reasons why:

    1. Why would Davis want to move from one dilapidated stadium into another? Certainly San Diego will promise him a new stadium, eventually, but he’s got that promise here. The city of Oakland has a deal for them, just like the city and county of San Diego had a deal to raise $275 mil toward a stadium for the Chargers. So, if Davis moves there, he’ll be in the same situation, and like the Chargers, out a $650 mil relocation fee.

    2. There is no way the NFL wants to see the LA Chargers and Rams fail, which means getting old LA Raider fans to become new Chargers or Rams fans.
    That won’t happen if LA Raider fans are spending their Sundays in SD.

    3. Davis wants a iron clad deal for a new stadium with giving up stake in the Raiders. Goodell said no casino owner will ever own stock in an NFL team, so Vegas seems dead now and Davis is back to square one. So, he needs a place to play while solving his newest stadium problem. SD or Oakland, what’s the difference? – Staying in Oakland or moving down the road to Santa Carla to play while waiting until he finds a deal for a new stadium is A LOT easier than moving 8 hours and 500 miles to SD. If he does that he’ll have to pay that relocation fee and the moving costs.
    Also, people forget that moving means uprooting not just the players and their families, but he’ll be losing A LOT of employees, some of whom are very hard to replace.

    The last thing Davis wants to do is uproot his team for SD, have a stadium deal fall through like it did with the Chargers, then have to move his team again in 3-4 years when he finds a stadium deal somewhere else.

    That’s why the San Diego Chargers will never exist.

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