Reports: Larry Fitzgerald returning to the Cardinals for 2017

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Larry Fitzgerald isn’t calling it a career just yet.

Fitzgerald told Jim Trotter of and confirmed with multiple reporters that he will return to the Arizona Cardinals for the 2017 season, which is the final year of his contract with the team.

Fitzgerald indicated on Tuesday that he had made a decision regarding his future but was not yet willing to disclose what those plans would be. A day later, he decided to let the cat out of the bag.

The Cardinals will now only have to wait on a firm decision from quarterback Carson Palmer as well. Palmer hasn’t stated for certain whether he will play or not but has expressed a desire to if his body responds well to the time off.

Next season will be Fitzgerald’s 14th year in the NFL. He’s missed just six games in 13 years and has been one of the most productive receivers the league has seen. He ranks ninth all-time with 14,389 receiving yards. He becomes the active leader in career receiving yards following the retirement of Steve Smith Sr., who ranks seventh with 14,731. He also ranks eighth all-time with 104 receiving touchdowns.

27 responses to “Reports: Larry Fitzgerald returning to the Cardinals for 2017

  1. Very rarely do we see total class acts both on and off the field. Larry Fitzgerald is one of the best receivers of his generation and arguably stacks up with some of the best of all time. He is a tremendous talent and a great role model for the kids. I wish more receivers today would emulate Larry Fitzgerald instead of acting like divas.

  2. Why? They’re going to be worse than they were in 2016. I can’t believe that Larry would stick around another year to simply pad his already Hall of Fame worthy numbers. Come get a ring, Larry. I don’t need to advise you where to go to achieve that goal, Chris Long already has.

  3. Just an amazing talent that I am sure any fan would love to have had on their team.

    Good for you Cardinal fans.

  4. I’ve been wishing he was on the Eagles since, oh, when he torched us in the 2009 NFC Championship. A wide receiver who plays the game with the selflessness of an offensive lineman. He’d still add 3 wins a year to any team that had him.

  5. Larry’s our man! Welcome back Larry. We all know Palmer will be back so the question is can management beef up the offensive line?

  6. Great news for football fans. I hate the Cardinals but love Fitzgerald. Exemplary definition of a true pro and role model.

  7. Divas like OBJ, Antonio Brown & Dez could all learn a lot from this dude. Class personified.

  8. I’ll believe it when I hear it from the Cardinals. I can’t imagine why Fitz would make this announcement to Jim Trotter at the Open, when there’s been such an uproar all week about Carson possibly not returning and even BA linking them together.
    This seems like more media circus, totally not typical Fitz!

  9. I’m not a Cardinals fan, but I think this guy should be the “face of the NFL”…he is all class, and has handled himself the ‘right way’ throughout his stellar career.

    Just don’t put him on the Madden cover tho…

  10. Not many players in any sport I feel “deserve” the top honor of a championship. Larry is one of them and I hope the team around him can somehow make it happen. Would be a great story next year…win it after all the close calls and crap QBs he’s had, then ride off into the AZ sunset.

  11. Great player.
    Too bad he’ll never win a ring unless Cardinals get a new QB or he goes to a contender.

  12. That’s funny, a bunch of arrogant scumbag Patriot fans told me he was coming there to get a ring. I guess Fitz has more integrity than that. Too bad he’s got a quitter for a QB, he deserves way better.

  13. He’s not coming back to win a Super Bowl, they’re nit even close. He’s not coming back to cement his place in the HOF, he’s already done that.

    He’s coming back for the $11 million dollars. Expect him to go on IR about two weeks after his salary becomes fully guaranteed.

  14. Come to the Vikings for your ring in 2018! The First Team to win a Super Bowl it Hosted! Skol Vikings!!!

  15. Seahawks window has closed…

    Their window was during Wilson’s rookie contract.

    Now…When you talk and watch Seahawk football, all you see is Teammates on the wrong page…

    Yelling at coaches, yelling at each other….They are a circus act.

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