Trevor Siemian not bothered by Paxton Lynch/Tony Romo talk

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The word in Denver since the end of the regular season is that the Broncos plan to have Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch compete for the starting quarterback job in 2017, although that hasn’t stopped discussion of a possible pursuit of Tony Romo this offseason from entering the conversation.

Either way, Siemian is far from assured of a second season as the team’s starter. During an appearance with Mark Schlereth and Mike Evans on 104.3 The Fan, Siemian was asked if he’s bothered by the apparent willingness to move in a different direction at quarterback.

“It doesn’t [bother me]. That’s the deal I’m in,” Siemian said. “I was a seventh-round pick. I’m not as dumb as I look, I’m going to have to fight and scratch and claw my way my whole career. I’m fine with that. Truthfully, I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

That last bit might be a stretch, but the Broncos didn’t make the playoffs despite finishing fourth in the league in both points and yards allowed and that’s almost always enough to put a quarterback’s starting job at risk whether he was drafted in the first round, seventh round or anywhere in between.

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  1. Good attitude Trevor. The offenses problems weren’t your fault. Come out swinging in camp.

  2. Siemian is a smart guy. He’s very young and he’ll be on his third offensive coordinator this year. He’s going to know every offense there is. By the time he retires as a player, coaches will probably be making $12-15 million per year. He’d probably make a good coach some day.

  3. He still has a long way to go, I think I am the only Broncos fan that thinks this way. Everyone wants to blame the line for all the problems, but there were tons of times Trevor held the ball way to long, and just like in college gets hurt way to often. I even read on some of these threads where Broncos fans have said get rid of Elway if he does not want to keep Trevor. I trust Elway so if he thinks we need to in another direction then I am good with it.

  4. “I’m not as dumb as I look, I’m going to have to fight and scratch and claw my way my whole career.”

    Man, it was looking like an all out war for the starting QB gig last summer. Luckily they made the tough decision to send Sanchez packing.

    A crash test dummy would have given Siemian a better fight…

  5. Good boy – you’re saying the right things. Sammy Bradford, are you listening to this man?

  6. “I’m not as dumb as I look”

    That’s good to know Trevor. Besides Kelce, who is as dumb as you look? Kenny Britt? Pacman Jones?

  7. Why would he care… Tony would only last a few games at best before he would be broke again…

    I say that not trying to be hating, just a fact.. If am surprised Romo isn’t hanging it up. The injuries he has had are no joke…

  8. The Broncos aren’t bringing in Romo. Elway just doesn’t want Paxton Lynch to feel like he’s laying out the red carpet for him. The bottom line is Lynch will be a superstar QB and Siemian will be an excellent backup. Kind of like the Elway/Kubiak situation of yesteryear.

  9. If Trevor Siemien beats out Paxton Lynch again this training camp, then there will be little doubt left that Lynch is a bust.

  10. You bet he’s got a way to go. However, for a first time starter with an O-line with more than a few holes and not much help in the running game. I’d say he played well enough to have earned his teammates and coaches respect…good start really.

  11. Stir the pot….Romo & mid-round pick for Paxton Lynch. Would be fun to watch that go down in Dallas.

  12. A lot of his problems had to do with Kubiak’s system, which was slower to develop than Manning’s.

    Denver needs to play an up-tempo game to take advantage of the altitude.

  13. tonebones says:
    Feb 1, 2017 5:37 PM

    The bottom line is Lynch will be a superstar QB
    I don’t think even Lynch’s parents believe this nonsense.

    If he improves a ton between this year and next he might have a future as a back up. Otherwise he’s just another washout.

  14. Trevor proved he was “serviceable” last year. Lynch, not so much. Elway has to fix that atrocious offensive line then we shall see. Thank god the Kubiak dinosaur offense is gone.

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